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3 Sessions with Beatrice

Trained in Europe and by Dr. Ameet, Beatrice helps you identify and heal emotional wounds with a gentle and dynamic advanced approach to wellbeing.

Beatrice helps you restore your wellbeing by working on your mind and body together. She specializes in emotional release and also uses Dr. Ameet’s protocols to enhance overall healing.

She uses a combination of:

  • language of organs to understand which deep tension is at the root of the issue, based on where it’s manifesting in the body,
  • iridology (analysis of your iris) to get more specific information in order to sustain the person in a unique way,
  • Bach flower remedies to release energy blocks that slow down your healing or keep you unhappy.
  • semeiotics, body language, aromatherapy, spagyric phytotherapy(available only in Europe) and much more…

…together with the practice of meditation and visualization to get in touch with your body, with your emotions linked to the root of the disorder.

Beatrice's clients Experience:

Sessions with Beatrice were again and again very insightful and productive. I am really grateful for the space she held for me in all our sessions and for her excellent intuition that guided me "through" myself. I have addressed and improved already so much in such little time thanks to that.

Anna B.

In my 11 sessions over 9 months I was never once disappointed with my time with Beatrice. Each session I would come with a particular negative pattern of thinking concerning myself and would leave the session seeing it from a completely different perspective and now realize a positive about it. This happened whether it was to do with my childhood trauma or more recent experiences. Having been in therapy for many years I cannot say I ever experienced the same benefits. Even if a session brought me to tears they were always healing ones. I truly appreciate the loving support provided by Beatrice and look forward to more sessions with her!

Nalini A.

During our sessions Beatrice taught and walked me through some of holistic health's powerful life-changing tools in such a way that I am now able to use these tools on my own. This is amazing! I've learned through my time with Beatrice how powerful and life-changing these tools can be and am grateful to her for the impact she has had on my life.

N. Lambert

After a summit, I had a personal treatment by Beatrice. She was incredibly sensitive, knowledgeable and kind. She made me aware that I was still grieving about a child I lost 26 years ago. A remarkable treatment. I shall always come back for her advice and support.

Hermine M.