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A More Complete Way To Heal Your Health & Emotions

Private consultations with Dr. Ameet are available worldwide and are conducted confidentially via a secure online platform. Due to large number of requests for appointments, priority scheduling will be given when you book below.

Voted top 43 worldwide, Dr. Ameet is one of the only naturopathic doctors who combines naturopathic medicine, functional medicine, gestalt psychotherapy, A Course in Miracles, EMDR, family constellations and homeopathy to heal your mind, body and family trauma together for your optimal healing.

Therapies that only heal your body ignore the influence of your mind. Therapies that only address emotions ignore the influence of your body. 

When you combine therapies that heal your mind, body and trauma together, you go deeper and treat the root cause, making it easier for you transform illness and emotional pain into energy, health and peace.

Some consultation packages with me also includes a popular video course with emotional healing practices and specific protocols to help you with herbs, supplements, and homeopathic remedies.

Is It Your Mind Or Body?


Apart from poor nutrition and toxicity, research also shows that you are more likely to have chronic health issues if you have gone through prolonged stress or have had adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) such as feeling neglected or threatened, being abused, witnessing violence or experiencing your parents separating. ACEs affect your nervous system, pituitary gland, hormones and metabolism.

Consultations with Dr. Ameet address ACEs, toxins, poor nutrition and trauma  to heal the root cause of:  

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Burnout
  • Low Self Esteem
  • Relationship Problems
  • Chronic Fear & OCD
  • Digestive Problems
  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • Infertility
  • Insomnia
  • Inflammation
  • Weight Gain
  • Chronic Fatigue

The longer you wait to heal, the harder it becomes. Your emotions take a toll on your organs, and your poor health takes a toll on your mind. Don't wait until you've spent thousands of dollars on supplements or hundreds of hours in therapy. Start your healing now.


Healing Both Your Body and Mind

No matter what health concern you have, there are underlying causes that need to be treated to ensure better results. Here are the 3 steps you will take with me that will make your health journey much more easier. 

Step 1: Healing Your Story

Sharing the story of your health and experiences can be scary and painful for some people. But it can also be healing. I will hold space for you to share safely, and we will begin to release emotions as they arise.

Step 2: Strengthening Your Body

Whether you struggle more with physical or emotional symptoms, we need to heal the physical body to achieve lasting results. Combining nutrition, supplements, herbs, and homeopathy, we strengthen your body to heal faster and be more resilient in the face of stress. 


Step 3: Freeing Your Mind

The body and mind are not separate. To release emotions and limiting beliefs from your body and mind, we will use a combination of homeopathy, Gestalt psychotherapy, EMDR and Family Constellations Therapy. As you go through therapy, you'll have more confidence, less emotional pain and struggle less with negative thoughts. 


Results Others Have Seen

"Dr. Ameet gives simple steps to help you recover from anxiety, depression, stress and burnout, and with long-lasting results"
- Dr. Hyla Cass MD, Bestselling Author & Holistic Psychiatrist, USA
“I thank Dr. Ameet because he doesn't want to slam pills down your throat, he really wants to know what's going on, whether it's something interior with your organs or something emotional. He really cares about his patients and wants to change the way people think of medicine."
- Valentine Holden, Switzerland
"I have had amazing results with Dr. Ameet Aggarwal. He is the first doctor I have ever had that concentrates on the mind, body and soul. If you are looking for a doctor who treats the whole person, takes time to understand the root cause then Dr. Ameet is someone you must visit. I have been very religious to follow what he outlined and have had great results so far. The changes I saw to my skin, digestion, emotions and overall health, no doctor could bring results in such a short time. Thank you Dr. Ameet"
- Geeta Dhanda
"It's a completely different form of therapy and I've been amazed at the impact it's had on my life. I started working with Ameet to address sleep issues, stress and trauma. The results have been emphatic. Whilst all those areas have improved, it's an hour a week where you also learn about life in a really positive way. His sense of intuition, understanding and insight, combined with the mind and body approach, is extremely powerful. I couldn't recommend his practice highly enough."
- Galen Crawley

What You Could Avoid

If you continue on your current path, without healing the body and mind together, you could continue to struggle with...

  • Increasing Dependence on Supplements, Medications, or Therapy
  • Negative Thoughts
  • Lack of Confidence
  • Self-Sabotage
  • Ongoing Pain
  • Worsening Health

What You Could Gain

When we address the root cause with natural medicines and emotional release, imagine what you could achieve...

  • Decreasing Dependence on Supplements, Medications, or Therapy
  • Contentment with Life
  • More Confidence
  • Self-Love
  • Energy and Calm
  • More Vibrant Health

Consultation Packages


Consultation packages include personalized naturopathic protocols and therapeutic healing sessions with Dr. Ameet

You Get All This...

  • Personalized Nutrition Plan

  • Individualized Homeopathic Advice

  • Dietary Supplement Protocol

  • Customized Herbal Medicines

  • Emotional Release With EMDR

  • Gestalt Psychotherapy Sessions

  • Family Constellations Therapy

While We Work On All This

  • Detoxifying Your Liver

  • Healing Your Gut

  • Strengthening Your Adrenal Glands

  • Optimizing Hormonal Balance

  • Rebalancing Your Metabolism

  • Releasing Negative Thought Patterns

  • Healing Past Trauma

PLUS... Your 3 and 5 week packages include complimentary access to the complete Heal Your Body Cure Your Mind Online Program - which includes supplement & homeopathic protocols and emotional healing videos to accelerate your healing at home

(valued over $1500)



($1900 VALUE)

Ideal if you are unwell or have already undergone treatment, and want a more complete health approach. We will tweak your supplements to treat the root cause, introduce homeopathy and bring awareness to unhealthy emotions from the past that are contributing to your lack of energy or negative thoughts.





($2400 VALUE)

Ideal if you are unwell and want to remove what keeps you stuck or sick, even if you've been taking supplements or going through therapy. You'll receive naturopathic & homeopathic recommendations and release personal and family trauma to support both your body and mind.





($3000 VALUE)

Ideal when you are experiencing chronic health and emotional issues. You will receive more support optimizing your naturopathic & homeopathic protocols and release multiple layers of emotional trauma and self-limiting beliefs that keep you stressed and unwell, ensuring you recover faster.




($8000 VALUE)

  • Heal the foundations of your health with Dr. Ameet's entire team to prepare yourself for more intense work with Dr. Ameet. 
  • Includes 3 personal sessions with Dr. Ameet to go deeper into personal work and ancestral healing 
  • 8 positive psychology and health coaching sessions with Dr. Ameet's coach to improve your diet, create meals plans, implement Dr. Ameet's protocols and refine your healing journey to heal faster. 
  • 3 in depth homeopathy sessions with our homeopath to go deeper for longer lasting results. 
  • Extra Discount on all supplement orders from US, Canada & UK Dispensaries for 1 Year (Massive Savings)
  • Videos to help you understand your body better, heal faster emotionally and treat the root cause. 

This Package must be used within 6 months of purchase


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The longer you wait to heal, the harder it becomes. Your emotions take a toll on your organs, and your poor health takes a toll on your mind. Don't wait until you've spent thousands of dollars on supplements or hundreds of hours in therapy. Start your healing now.