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Perfect for both practitioners and non-practitioners who want to expand their clinical toolkit and take charge of their healing journey.

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Whether it’s anxiety, depression, burnout, trauma, or chronic disease...

The best way to promote healing and optimize health is to heal both your body and mind holistically.

The problem is that almost all education does not connect the dots between the body and mind.

  • Psychotherapists excel when it comes to the mind
  • Physicians are trained to make sense of the body
  • Energy healers hone their skills in a specific craft

Even naturopathic and functional medicine fall short when it comes to bridging the gap between the body and mind.

This training program is unique in that it combines theory with experiential exercises to infuse the learning through your nervous system—so you leave ready to implement a new set of skills.

Learn to heal your patients or yourself by harnessing the body and the mind. 

Participants in this program will learn:

  • How to uncover the root cause of physical or emotional illness
  • How emotions are affected by your gut, liver, adrenals and nervous system
  • What herbs, supplements and homeopathic remedies heal emotions
  • When herbs & supplements are useful and when they are not
  • Which homeopathics and Bach flower remedies heal trauma, anxiety and depression and burnout
  • How family constellations therapy heals ancestral trauma, anxiety, depression, or burnout
  • Emotional healing techniques not even taught in top schools

Plus you’ll do this in a safe and supportive group dedicated to your success.

Module 1

Chronic Diseases and Emotions

Learn safe and effective therapies to heal the liver, gut, adrenal glands, and nervous system. These forgotten systems are often the root cause of emotional turmoil. You’ll learn:

  • How to recognize food sensitivities & triggers
  • How to heal leaky gut and quell inflammation
  • Why the liver affects mood, PMS, hormones, weight, and more
  • Steps to detoxify the liver, a root cause of chronic disease
  • How to restore the adrenal gland powerhouse for more emotional resilience
  • The best herbs & supplements to calm the nervous system
  • How to stop masking symptoms and instead prioritize the right supplements
Module 2

Homeopathic & Bach Flower Remedies

Learn energetic remedies to shift the body and mind on an energetic level to accelerate healing, while practicing how to match them to emotional patterns in group exercises. You’ll learn:

  • Homeopathic remedies for anxiety, depression, burnout, and trauma
  • Bach flower remedies for anxiety, depression, grief, irritability, indecision, and more
  • The top 5 Bach flower remedies for your specific emotional issues
  • How to recognize remedy patterns through immersive and interactive group exercises
  • Counseling and questioning skills to more deeply understand your clients
Module 3

Emotional Healing Techniques

Practice trauma and emotional healing techniques through experiential and small group exercises. You’ll learn:

  • How to hold space safely for clients
  • Exercises to recognize and work on your own fears and triggers
  • Techniques to release past trauma and develop emotional resilience
  • How ancestral and family constellations influence emotional health
  • Experiential exercises with EMDR, EFT, Art Therapy, and Family Constellations Therapy
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Health practitioners AND non-practitioners are welcome to participate in this program.

You’ll Gain

Healthcare Practitioners will leave ready to: 

  • Deliver better clinical outcomes
  • Stay neutral when coaching clients
  • Release emotions triggered by client stories
  • Know how and when to discharge the nervous system 
  • Stay grounded and clear no matter the situation
  • Feel more confident in client interactions
  • Provide a transformative client experience

Health-Seeking Individuals will leave ready to: 

  • Feel empowered when relating to others
  • Recognize triggers and how to deal with them
  • Better handle conflict and charged situations
  • Transform negative beliefs into positive thoughts
  • Experience lasting emotional well-being
  • Grow with grace and happiness into old age
  • Improve energy, skin, libido, digestion, and more

You’ll Avoid 

By learning how to protect your own emotional well-being while serving clients, healthcare practitioners can avoid:

  • Struggling to Get Results
  • Masking Symptoms with Supplements
  • Missing the Root Cause
  • Compromising Boundaries
  • Getting Drained Energetically
  • Becoming Entangled With Clients
  • Completely Burning Out

By learning techniques to heal the mind and the body together, health-seeking individuals can avoid: 

  • Overspending on Supplements
  • Becoming Anxious or Depressed
  • Developing Chronic Pain
  • Self-Medicating with Substances
  • Inflicting Self Harm
  • Struggling with Relationships
  • Declining in Overall Health

Meet Dr. Ameet Aggarwal

A Naturopathic Doctor and Psychotherapist on a mission to help more people around the globe heal their body and mind together.

Voted top 43 worldwide, Dr. Ameet is one of the only naturopathic doctors who combines naturopathic medicine, functional medicine, homeopathy, gestalt psychotherapy, EMDR, family constellations and a course in miracles to really get to the root cause and help you heal your mind, body and ancestral trauma together for long term wellbeing.

Dr. Ameet also started mobile clinics in Kenya and has supervised naturopathic doctors and students from around the world. His extensive knowledge of community medicine, emotional wellbeing and teaching means you’ll learn a truly integrative approach to healing the mind and body together.

Life Changing Reviews

"Dr. Ameet gives simple steps to help you recover from anxiety, depression, stress and burnout, and with long-lasting results"

Dr. Hyla Cass MD, Bestselling Author & Holistic Psychiatrist, USA

“I thank Dr. Ameet because he doesn't want to slam pills down your throat, he really wants to know what's going on, whether it's something interior with your organs or something emotional."

Valentine Holden, Switzerland 

“I have been having issues with trauma, energy, weight gain, and insomnia. As i proceed through the course, things are improving. Forty some years of issues all being released and flushed from my system!"

Sunny G, Vancouver

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