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Balancing Hormones Naturally: Holistic Approaches and Remedies

homeopathy for trauma hormonal imbalance improve liver function liver and anxiety naturopathic doctor and iridologist near me Mar 02, 2024

Embark on a journey to reclaim your health and vitality by delving into the intricacies of hormonal balance and holistic medicine with our in-depth blog. Dive into the world of natural remedies for hormonal imbalance, exploring a treasure trove of holistic approaches meticulously crafted to harmonize your body's delicate hormonal ecosystem. From herbal supplements and dietary adjustments to mindfulness practices and ancient healing modalities, our comprehensive guide illuminates the myriad pathways to hormonal health and vitality.

Discover the transformative power of holistic medicine as we unravel the interconnected web of factors influencing hormonal balance, from nutrition and lifestyle choices to environmental influences and emotional well-being. Harness the wisdom of traditional healing systems such as Homeopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine, uncovering time-tested remedies and holistic therapies tailored to restore equilibrium to your hormonal system.

Delve into the world of adaptogenic herbs and botanicals renowned for their ability to support endocrine function and promote holistic wellness. Learn how to cultivate resilience to stress, a key factor in maintaining hormonal balance, through mindfulness practices, breathwork, and stress-reducing techniques.

Whether you're struggling with menstrual irregularities, adrenal fatigue, thyroid dysfunction, or menopausal symptoms, our blog offers a wealth of insights and practical strategies to navigate hormonal imbalances with grace and empowerment. Empower yourself with knowledge and embrace a holistic approach to wellness that honors the innate wisdom of your body and fosters lasting vitality and resilience.

Join us on this transformative journey as we explore the intersection of hormonal health and holistic medicine, guiding you towards a life of radiant well-being and harmony.

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(00:01) Beatrice:

Welcome everyone. I am naturopath and I'm really happy to be here with this interesting topic. Today we're gonna talk about how homeopathy, liver detox and emotional healing can help you heal hormonal issues. And we're doing this with Dr. Ameet Aggarwal. Dr. Ameet Aggarwal was voted one of the top 43 naturopathic doctors worldwide, and he has helped thousands of people around the world heal from trauma, anxiety, depression, chronic disease by combining holistic medicine, psychotherapy, homeopathy, and emotional healing, as well as through his books and online course on So, welcome Dr. Ameet. I'm excited to be here with you.

(00:58) Dr. Ameet:

Thank you, Beatrice. I'm really excited to talk about how healing emotional trauma can reset people's stress response, which is throwing off their hormones. We're also gonna dive into homeopathic remedies to release emotional stress and trauma and some remedies I love using for hormonal balance when there's excessive bleeding or lack of menses or even coming off the birth control pill. And then we're gonna go talk about my favorite organ, the liver, which is a master organ for hormonal control. We're gonna see the top remedies I use to really detoxify the liver in the best way to bring hormones in balance from a root cause perspective.

(01:36) Beatrice:

So Dr. Ameet, the first question is about emotional trauma and how does it affect your hormones and hormonal issues.

(01:47) Dr. Ameet:

So emotions, emotional trauma, unhealed trauma and stress basically through off your adrenal system, right? They create a fight or flight response in your body.

This fight or flight response requires adrenaline and cortisol to be produced over time. When your trauma is unhealed and you have chronic stress in your life, what happens is your adrenal glands have to work harder to produce adrenaline and cortisol in constant amounts. And over time what happens is your adrenal glands burn out and when they burn out, your cortisol levels go out of balance, right? And when cortisol levels go out of balance, all your other hormones suffer because cortisol is very tightly connected to hormone production. So if you have a cortisol imbalance, conversions of progesterone, estrogen, testosterone, all of those suffer. They take a hit sending you into hormonal imbalance. And that's why it's important to heal childhood trauma.

(02:49) Dr. Ameet:

I use a combination of EMDR psychotherapy, homeopathy, which we're gonna talk about family constellations therapy to heal ancestral trauma. And when you release this trauma from the nervous system, whether it's abuse parents, divorcing abandonment from your mom, sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse, a sense of unsafety or even bullying or even having to perform in high performance jobs where you're not happy and you have to compete with other people, maybe with other men, for example, in some cases, or you don't feel valued for your femininity, all these things can be healed with good counseling, good emotional release. And that brings us into the next topic where I use homeopathy as well as psychotherapy to heal these emotional traumas, emotional issues. For example, if you've lost a loved one and you have a lot of grief, a lot of sadness, maybe even some headaches, a lot of crying and withdrawal, I'll often use the homeopathic called Natrum Muriaticum, which is excellent remedy for feeling betrayed, losing a loved one, you know, going through significant loss.

(04:06) Dr. Ameet:

And so the beauty of this is when you use Natrum Muriaticum or any homeopathic remedy to heal the emotional trauma, your physical body heals as well.

So if you have a hormonal imbalance after grief, sadness, loss, or even burnout, then I would suggest Natrum Muriaticum or some of these other remedies I'm talking about. The next remedy I love using is Ignatia Amara. Ignatia great also for when you've been betrayed, you have a lot of anxiety, feeling a sense of loss, especially if there's a relationship breakup or financial betrayal. And maybe you start skipping periods or menses and you're going into burnout and not sleeping well at night or crying often. Ignatia Amara is great to calm the nervous system down in this way. So when we're using homeopathic remedies, we're not suppressing symptoms. We're releasing the energy of emotional stress so that your adrenal glands come more into balance and that will naturally bring your hormones back into balance as well.

(05:07) Beatrice:

Thank you, Dr. Ameet. It's really interesting what you're sharing and I wonder if you have any story with your experience that you can share, you know, how someone with hormonal issues might have recovered or just felt better.

(05:27) Dr. Ameet:

Absolutely Beatrice. So a couple of stories come to mind. A couple of cases. One was using Ignatia Amara for somebody who had vaginal spasms. She had an argument with her partner and it was a shock to her system because the partner had been aggressive out of normal, and she'd never experienced it like that. And ever since that fight she had more vaginal pain and dryness during sex. And so we did some counseling and we found out that the dryness and the pain, the spasms, basically it started after this fight. And after giving her Ignatia, there was huge resolution, including in the vaginal spasms as well as of course emotionally. The other event that comes to mind is another patient who lost her menses after starting to work in a high stress environment, in a corporate environment. And in that job it came to be seen that she was undervalued for her, for being a woman, her femininity.

(06:28) Dr. Ameet:

So she felt that she had to hide it or suppress it, right? And had to catch up with the men or something. And so we did a lot of work around aggression, like basically allowing her aggression to come out and defending her, her womanhood, her femininity as well, and standing her ground and feeling grounded and supported by her ancestors, her family system, basically to, to really honor her female line and her femininity. Combining that with some emotional release and some homeopathy also restored her menses. And that brings me to the other homeopathic remedies that I use to help balance hormones. The most common one is Cepea. Cepea is great for women who skip their periods or are lacking menses, especially if they're coming off the birth control pill, or there've been some other hormonal interventions.



(07:23) Dr. Ameet:

Sepia seems to be like the go-to remedy for people with hormonal imbalances, also great for painful periods, painful menses, and women who are really burnt out and have trouble with their menses.

Okay. The other remedy I love using for menorrhagia or excessive bleeding is Sabina. Sabina is great when there's excessive bleeding and you know, the birth control pill is not helping or other remedies are not helping. Then this Cocculus indicus, which I love using for painful menses, but I combine that either with Sabina or Sepia depending on the unique symptoms of a person. Yeah, I cover more homeopathic remedies in the course, specifically for liver detox, which we, we, which we'll be talking about soon.

(08:11) Beatrice:

That's incredible, thank you. And it's fascinating how your approach we can go to the root cause and so, you know, the example you gave of relationship issues or issue at work or just life stresses can then be addressed through therapy, different type of therapies, and also homeopathy. And like you just mentioned, there's also liver detox. So how the liver can impact hormonal balance and so hormonal issues. So can you share more about that?

(08:55) Dr. Ameet:

Absolutely. Beatrice. So the liver's the master organ, and most people think that it's the ovaries, the testes, and the uterus that are controlling the hormones. But the liver in Chinese medicine, the liver's the master controller of hormones and most people forget to detoxify their liver or heal their liver to bring about hormonal imbalance. And they rely on herbs specifically for hormones. But they're dependent on those herbs. Vitex Agnus Castus, beautiful herb black cohosh, beautiful herbs for hormonal balance. But I tell you, you need less of these herbs over time when you really get to the root cause, which is often liver stagnation or liver toxicity. What we find is that the liver is inundated with toxins, right? Whether it's from medications, from pesticides, from alcohol, from the environmental toxins, from chemicals in the water as well, the liver takes a big hit. Also suppressed anger, suppressed emotions going and impact the liver.

(09:55) Dr. Ameet:

And all this makes the liver stagnant. That's what we call it in Chinese medicine, liver Qi, stagnation Qi energy.

And with liver Qi stagnation, we often see breast tenderness, painful periods, clotting during menses, a lot of cramping during menses, maybe some sadness, insomnia, anxiety, depression, tearfulness during menses as well. So you can see how the liver has a direct impact on the hormones. And the mistake people do is they take a lot of hormonal remedies or even the birth control pill to balance the hormones, right? And they're missing. The key point is reducing inflammation and detoxifying the liver. I talk about reducing inflammation in my online course on healing the gut with probiotics, vitamin D and certain amino acids, and of course avoiding inflammatory foods because inflammation will also make menses more painful and contribute towards fibroids, ovarian cysts and other hormonal issues.

(10:57) Dr. Ameet:

But the important organ to focus on is the liver. Some of the remedies I use are, of course are bitter foods. Bitter foods are excellent in stimulating your liver to release more bile and detoxifying the body. Then herbs like milk thistle, dandelion, these are excellent remedies to heal the liver cells, number one, as well as to improve bile flow, right? You wanna basically get the liver to squeeze out more bile to detoxify and also to heal the liver cells, which are going through a lot of oxidative damage from all the toxins they're dealing with. We need herbs to heal the liver cells as well. And when you heal the liver cells and you remove stagnation by squeezing on more vial, then all the functions of the liver improve. These functions include bile secretion, which is important for digestion. Also, people who are constipated have a lack of bile flow.

(11:50) Dr. Ameet:

So you'll see constipation will improve. Then hormonal balance will improve as well because remember the liver's the master organ for hormones.

And the beauty of this is that when we detoxify more using our liver, we, number one, we improve digestion, right? So you reduce basically leaky gut syndrome. Leaky gut is when you have a lot of damage in your intestines that's contributing to inflammation and with better bile flow, you reduce gut damage or leaky gut syndrome and therefore bring inflammation down. You also bring inflammation down because you remove the toxins in your blood. And when you bring inflammation down, your body's less stressed, right? Because your body has to make cortisol to bring down the inflammation and cortisol is made by the adrenal glands. And if you're very inflamed, your adrenal glands have to work super hard to make excessive cortisol and then they burn out. And as I talked about earlier, when your adrenal glands burnout and you have a cortisol imbalance, you go into hormonal imbalance. And that's why it's super important also to heal your liver, right, to remove the toxins, to balance the hormones, and to reduce inflammation, which also affects your hormones.

(13:13) Beatrice:

This is incredible. You have described a very complex process in the body in a very simple way, so thank you for that. I have another question for you. So you have given a lot of example of hormonal imbalances for female and female issues. So I was wondering if there is any specific hormonal imbalance, symptom or many probably for men and if so example of liver stagnation for men as well, and if whatever you said also applies for those issues.

(13:56) Dr. Ameet:

Absolutely, absolutely. We see testosterone levels dropping in men who are chronically stressed, burnt out and have inhale trauma. You know, liver toxicity speeds up aging and also reduces testosterone levels. We see that all the time. So even for men healing emotional trauma using homeopathic remedies for burnout, I cover all these in the online course. Some of these remedies include phosphoric acid, Nux Vomika. These are great remedies for stress and burnout. Ignatia is also great for certain men as well who have gone through betrayal breakups and a lot of anxiety, right? So using homeopathy to heal the emotions. Yeah, release trauma and stress using psychotherapy trauma work, EMDR family constellations, and also using homeopathic remedies to detoxify the liver, which I cover in the course. Some of the best remedies to detoxify the liver include Nux Vomica, Lycopodium, Chelidonium, yeah. These homeopathic remedies go deeper into really detoxifying the liver at a cellular level. So they enhance the work of the herbs people use to, for liver detox and hormonal balance, right? Because homeopathic remedies work energetically, they, they basically shift the frequency, the vibration of all your organs in your body, and therefore the healing goes to a much deeper level. And you need less medications and less supplements over time because you've shifted the vibration, the metabolism, the, the entire functioning of your entire body system. 

(15:37) Beatrice:

That's amazing. So, so far we have seen how we can include, and probably we should include more than one aspect into healing our hormonal imbalances.

So those determinant, I'm gonna ask you if you have any, any last message for whoever is struggling with hormonal issues right now, whether it's headaches inflammation, period pains, and so on and so forth.

(16:12) Dr. Ameet:

Yeah, I have a free ebook and a video course on my website,, where people can learn to heal their gut to reduce inflammation. There's some simple steps you can start with for liver detox. There's a great emotional healing exercise you can do to overcome negative beliefs, negative thinking, so it'll, it'll help you release your emotions much better. Then I talk about, of course, adrenal fatigue and adrenal burnout. So all this is for free. And then there's a full course with all my protocols people can use for deeper liver detox, hormonal balance, sleep issues, burnout, anxiety, depression, and trauma. And the last message I want to give is really love yourself when you're dealing with your issues, because sometimes we criticize ourselves when we're not well, or we think this, you know, we're not good enough. And I invite you to be patient with your emotions, with your heart, with your journey, because self-love is one of the biggest remedies out there that's lacking in. 



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