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5 Steps to a Healthy Circadian Rhythm cancer sleep May 14, 2021

Night should be dark.

People living where there is a high level of artificial outdoor light at night are at a higher risk for breast cancer and thyroid cancer.

Earlier studies have linked nighttime...

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Toxic metals found in baby food autoimmune cancer liver toxicity May 08, 2021

Warnings About Baby Food 

Do you have a baby or grand-baby who eats commercial baby food? Then please read on. This post will help you choose safer baby food products.

First, the breaking...

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5 Ways to Reduce Your Risk of Colon Cancer cancer colon cancer gut health Mar 30, 2021

Meat → ? Colon Cancer 

149,500 people will likely be diagnosed with colon cancer in 2021.

I think that’s too many. 

While it’s important to get screenings to detect...

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