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What is Homeopathic Medicine adrenal fatigue anxiety natural remedies depression fix gut-brain connection gut health holistic medicine homeopathy homeopathy for healthy gut homeopathy for trauma leaky gut liver root cause Jul 08, 2022

Rebalancing the Gut-brain Axis with Homeopathy 

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Guest: Dr. Ameet Aggarwal 

The contents of this presentation are for...

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What is the gut brain connection? adult abuse brain fix gut-brain connection food for gut mind health gut how to improve brain-gut connection? what is the gut-brain connection? Apr 11, 2021

"Be aware of your gut-brain connection; it may be contributing to your anxiety and digestion issues."


The gut-brain connection is no joke anymore; it can relate anxiety to...

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Brain Degeneration Disease adrenal fatigue anxiety brain depression fix gut-brain connection leaky gut liver detox trauma Oct 08, 2020

Greg: Welcome, everyone. I have my esteemed colleague, Naturopathic Doctor and guest, Dr. Ameet coming at us from Kenya. Welcome aboard today.


Dr. Aggarwal: Greetings, everyone, how are...

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