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Gut-Brain Connection: Holistic Approaches To Heal Mind And Body

body and mind fix gut-brain connection food for gut mind health mind and body naturopathic doctor and iridologist near me Feb 15, 2024

Embark on a transformative journey toward holistic healing and explore the profound Gut-Brain Connection! In our latest video, we unveil actionable strategies to overcome anxiety naturally, seek holistic approaches for depression relief, and navigate the path to trauma recovery with resilience.

Discover a treasure trove of practical tips and techniques crafted to revitalize both your emotional and physical well-being. From grounding exercises that promote emotional resilience to embracing natural remedies and personalized self-care rituals, we provide you with the indispensable tools to ignite and sustain your healing journey effectively.

Unravel the intricate interplay between gut health and mental wellness as we delve into the Gut-Brain Connection: Holistic Approaches To Heal Mind And Body. Experience a holistic integration that transcends conventional healing paradigms, empowering you to reclaim your vitality and balance.

Join us as we delve into invaluable insights on overcoming anxiety organically, unlocking the power of natural solutions for depression, and fostering profound healing from trauma. Experience the transformative potential of holistic healing practices with Dr Ameet today.


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Anxiety, depression, nutrition, homeopathy, family constellations

(00:04) Yami:

As always, my name is Yami, and I wanna extend a warm welcome to each and every one of you. And thank you for joining us for the “Somatic Trauma Healing Summit”. And before we start today, for those of us that are in the US today is June what? June 10th. And as we join together today, we want to recognize, honor and celebrate that today is June 10th. Today is a day dedicated to recognizing justice and freedom for African Americans and black people in America. And we also recognize that there is so much more work to be done, both in the US and across the world. So thank you all for taking the time out of your day and for joining us on this special occasion. Our title for today's session is “Family Constellations Homeopathic and Beliefs Healing in Mental Health Treatment with Dr. Ameet Aggarwal.”

(01:08) Yami:

I'm really excited for this lecture because I know a little bit about Family Constellation and I really wanna deep dive into it, so I'm super excited. So with that, I'm gonna introduce us to our instructor today. Dr. Ameet voted one of the top 43 neuropathic doctors. Dr. Ameet is one of the only therapists who combined Gestalt psychotherapy, EMDR, homeopathic, somatic therapy, family constellation therapy, and neuropathic medicine to help people with anxiety, depression, trauma, burnout, and chronic disease. He has a free online course book that is available on his website. You can download that course. And the intention of this is to help you heal mind body together instead of seeing it as a separate entity. So with that, I am going to pass the torch to Dr. Ameet. Welcome. Thank you for being here with us.

(02:18) Dr. Ameet:

Thank you Yami. Beautiful. Hi everyone. Greetings from Kenya. It's about four o'clock here. Just so I can orient everyone. I am very curious, well, first of all, I wanna say I'm a naturopathic doctor as well as a psychotherapist. So I'm gonna cover also some holistic remedies to heal the gut, the liver and the adrenal system because that's super important in mental health as well. And then we'll move on to experiential exercises and maybe a somatic experience of family constellations. I've got a bach flower questionnaire as well. You can practice with the link is there where you can download it from. And so we'll take moments during today's workshop to also fill those in. I will feel out whether there's enough time to do it in partners. So you can discuss with someone in a breakout room, you know, go through the exercise or if you prefer and time, time dependent you can possibly do it on your own time. Sometimes it's fun to do it with another practitioner or another person because when somebody prompts you and asks you deeper questions, you get more clarity about yourself. Before I start, I would love to know how many people here are our therapists. If you can write it in the chat, if you're a therapist and if you already practice family constellations, I would just love to know the idea so

(03:54) Dr. Ameet:

I can, I can tweak the talk based on people's experience. A coach I, Patrick, you say yes and not yet. Yes you are Family constellations or therapists? Both therapists. Wow. Awesome. Okay, these are coming in super fast. We have tons of practitioners, lovely retired therapists, some family constellations, people here excited to learn about bach flowers. Mental health, birth trauma practitioner. I've done family constellations. People have worked a lot with family constellations. So there's a mix. So some of it will be advanced and some of it will be very basic. I'll try and mix the two so everyone gets a good experience. So let's begin with a small exercise just to, just to ground ourselves and to feel connected to our own body and open the hearts to the moment of learning. So I'm gonna invite you to do one of my favorite exercises. We combine saying certain healing sentences with a technique called Tapas. Where you're gonna put one hand on your forehead, one hand behind your head, and you can close your eyes or leave your eyes open for this. Either is fine. And I invite you to take a few deep breaths

(05:33) Dr. Ameet:

Just so you can feel your nervous system come alive or settle down. Just take your time and just notice your tongue, your eyes, your throat,

(05:57) Dr. Ameet:

Bringing your awareness to other parts of your body. Lower down like your chest, your ribs, even the sensations in your arms as you hold them in that position. And your belly and your seat on the chair or your bed, or if you're lying down, that's okay as well. Just feeling connected to the surface of whatever you're laying on. And just take your time and just notice the feeling you're having in this moment, whether it's calm, peace, irritation, anxiety, impatience, curiosity, all these are okay. And I'm gonna invite you to say a sentence to yourself and you can experiment with different versions of the sentence.

(06:53) Dr. Ameet:

The key words for these sentences are the words at the end. I'm gonna add the word from time to time or once in a while at the end of the sentence. And just notice the kind of experience you get. We're just working to dissolve certain resistances or judgements we have for our own emotional experiences. So take your time, just get yourself ready with your own breath. And if your hands get tired, you can always lower them. You don't have to be up there all the time and just begin to sit. So name, notice the emotion you're feeling or the feeling you're getting. And just say, “it's safe for me to feel this way from time to time”.

(07:38) Dr. Ameet:

Good. And allow that permission to sink deeper and deeper into your mind, into your soma, into your body, into your viscera. It's safe for me to take a deep breath once in a while, or it's safe for me to resist from time to time to slow down and really experience this permission that you give yourself to allow a deeper spectrum, a fuller spectrum, of the range of sensations and emotions connected to a thought pattern. 'cause Often we get a thought pattern and we judge it very quickly and we resist feeling it fully or we label it and move on to the next sensation. Avoiding the deeper or fuller experience. Either because we're impatient or we're done with that feeling, or we judge that feeling as wrong or not good enough. So I invite you again to repeat that sentence with any new sensation, emotion, or feeling you're having now, or that you can connect to. It's safe for me to feel this way from time to time. And you can replace the word feel this way with feel anxious, or to be anxious or to be relaxed. Replace it with your own words.

(09:10) Dr. Ameet:

Excellent. I feel a lot of movement in the field right now. So some of you're sinking a bit deeper, which is nice or which is acknowledged. If I say nice, it puts an expectation on those who are not shifting. And you can notice that in people. So it is acknowledged.


(09:32) Dr. Ameet:

And I also acknowledge those of you who are waiting for further work. Acknowledgement is a key to healing as we know as therapists. And even in constellation work, being acknowledged is extremely important for the feeling of inclusion. And we'll talk about that. So I'm curious, just briefly before we go a bit deeper, if somebody can just write in the chat, how are you doing so far? Feel free to just express what that was like. Just that brief introduction. Great Tanya. Anxious, calm, feeling lighter in your arms. Reassured somebody's lori's feeling Okay, somebody's feeling anxiety.

(10:29) Dr. Ameet:

Good. So all of you can read what's happening in the chat. So there's a whole spectrum of experiences that will come in and I just want to address those who might be feeling a bit more anxious. I invite you to just shake off the exercise and say it's safe to let go of these instructions from time to time and do my own thing. I don't have to follow Dr. Ameet's voice or instructions anymore. And I invite you to look around the room and just connect to what gives you that sense of familiarity, safety, and grounding. 'cause Often what I find in therapy, sometimes we get obliged to listen to the therapist or to agree or to interject their suggestions. And we don't need to do that all the time. We need to integrate what we are ready for. So I invite you to really experience your own power and integrating whatever you are ready for and to let go of what doesn't belong to you. What is mine? Great. Nice. I feel some big movements now in the air as well. How are those who are anxious? And you don't have to answer, but just want curious, how are those who are anxious feeling now? Okay, so we'll leave it like that

(11:58) Dr. Ameet:

Now. More grounded. Okay. Thank you. Good. Yeah, I was a bit anxious or concerned about that. So now let's, We'll come and do this exercise later. I think this is a good place to pause. We'll do a bit of theory now about holistic medicine, the importance of adrenals, thyroid, gut, et cetera. Because a lot of people, they'll go through therapy, whether it's somatic experiencing, Gestalt, EMDR, but their body is inflamed or you know, toxic and that's contributing to their mental illness. And we'll go through all that. So I'm gonna share my screen now with a slide. So all what I'm, most of what I'm talking about there's a free video course on this website. Yeah, you can write that down. It's in the chat. About gut liver healing stuff. So if you get lost, just go back to those videos and write some questions down in the chat at the end of what I'm talking about. I'll go through those questions and answer as many as I can. Now I need to put this on presentation mode. Great.

(13:06) Dr. Ameet:

Okay. So what affects your client's emotions? Most of us know that life experiences trauma, beliefs from society, from our parents, what we interject will affect our mind and our emotions. You feel not good enough because of the beliefs around about success maybe or your parents' expectations? Yeah. Those all contribute to beliefs. We're gonna talk about family trauma, ancestral entanglements and family constellations therapy at the end. Right now I want to go more into the biology, talk about the gut, the liver adrenal function, et cetera, and the effect of nutrition on your mind.

(13:50) Dr. Ameet:

So most of us have a gut digestive system. The lining of your gut Yeah. Is like a barrier. It keeps the nutrition going in and keeps harmful toxins and things that we don't need into your intestines. And so it can come out in the poop. Your gut lining is kept healthy of course by good food, good nutrition, as well as good bacteria, probiotics we call them. And the environment in your gut is called the microbiome. You'll hear that term thrown around a lot. And what happens is over time when we eat a lot of junk food, you'll see the cookies and the burgers and all the that stuff when we, a lot of that, or you have a lot of antibiotics or strong medications including the birth control pill, including too much alcohol and certain foods you might be sensitive to.

(14:40) Dr. Ameet:

Typically it's gluten, dairy, some people might be sensitive to beef. Too much coffee. Those things can, number one, they can kill off the good bacteria. They can damage the intestinal lining. They can trigger inflammation when that happens. You can see it in this big circle over here. I don't know if I scroll over the picture, I don't know if you can see my mouse or not. But when that happens, the lining of your gut becomes weaker. So you get more holes or gaps in between the cells of your lining and when that happens, toxins leak into the bloodstream causing inflammation everywhere in your body. And I'll talk about how that affects your mind and inflammation's leading cause for chronic disease. So if a client comes with you with anxiety depression alongside with PMS symptoms and constipation, you know, likely their mental health issues are also coming from a physiological imbalance.

(15:40) Dr. Ameet:

And we'll talk about the gut, the liver and PMS symptoms as well. So what happens is the toxins of course create inflammation that creates disease. Going back to these good bacteria here most of your neurotransmitters are actually made in your gut. So serotonin, dopamine, GABA, a lot of that is made in your gut. So when you kill off, kill off the good bacteria and you have an unhealthy microbiome, often known as what we call dysbiosis, you'll also see that term thrown around dysbiosis that will also cause a neurotransmitter imbalance and therefore mental health symptoms. And even if you're doing therapy and therapy and therapy, if you don't remove these harmful substance from the gut or you don't avoid the gluten, the dairy, et cetera, your clients will likely continue to feel more anxious or depressed. Okay. Also, what happens is when you have this leaky gut syndrome or dysbiosis, we're absorbing the foods less your, your digestion is compromised, right? So you'll have less nutrients to make healthy amounts of neurotransmitters. Okay.

(16:58) Dr. Ameet:

So what I like doing to heal the gut one is to remove the inflammatory foods. Okay? Those are typically wheat and dairy. Too much coffee sugar is awful for most people. Too much alcohol. I'm finding a lot of people are sensitive to beef. Beef has something called  Arachidonic acid, which can trigger inflammation in many people. So those are things to keep mindful of. Of course pesticides and things like that. And certain other people are more sensitive to tomatoes or the nightshade family. You might've heard of all these the nightshade family includes like what's that thing? Zucchini, tomatoes, potatoes and eggplant. Those can be triggers for certain people. Okay? So the first step is to avoid the inflammatory foods. Then of course talking to your doctor and seeing if you can change your medications. Then what I go ahead and do is repair the gut lining.

(17:51) Dr. Ameet:

I typically use probiotics, something called glutamine powder. I avoid glutamine though when somebody has schizophrenia or bipolar. 'cause Glutamine can obviously create glutamate in the brain and that can trigger more anxiety and irritate the nerves to improve digestion. You wanna break down all those big proteins that are irritating the gut lining. Some people might need digestive enzymes. Vitamin D is excellent for repairing the gut lining. It helps reduce inflammation as well. And it also helps improve the sphincter between your small intestine. If we go back to that diagram, yeah, your small intestine joins your big intestine. Your large intestine, there's a sphincter there, the ileocecal valve. And, and that needs to be working well closed properly. Otherwise the bacteria from the large intestine mixed with the small intestine, that also causes a dysbiosis and good amounts of vitamin D have been shown to help that sphincter remain strong. Okay. So you can see and then of course omega threes, omega sixes as well can reduce inflammation and help with that gut lining repair. Once you repair that gut lining, then you have less systemic inflammation. And therefore, and obviously a proliferation of good bacteria. So that will help your neurotransmitters come more into balance. Okay. And I'll talk about why inflammation also messes up your neurotransmitters causing anxiety and depression.

(19:22) Dr. Ameet:

I'm gonna try and zip through this as fast as possible. Just so we get into more experiential work here. Now we go into the liver. Your liver's the master organ. It controls digestion, it produces bile for digestion. It detoxifies your body. It controls hormones. So many people think it's only your adrenal glands and your ovaries and your testes that affect your hormones. But liver in Chinese medicine is the master controller for hormones. It also helps with blood sugar regulation. And when you're exercising or you're using up a lot of energy, your body produces lactate or lactic acid. And high amounts of lactic acid are also connected to high levels of anxiety. And your liver helps convert the lactic acid back to glucose and glycogen is a whole cycle that it goes through. Okay. So now your liver gets unhealthy from chronic inflammation, which starts in your gut.

(20:21) Dr. Ameet:

Okay? Your liver gets toxic of course, from stress and resentment and suppressed emotions. Your liver gets toxic or stagnant from pesticides and too many drugs. And also just the toxins in the air. Okay? So the liver, most people's liver is stagnant according to Chinese medicine. And when your liver is stagnant, you'll produce less bile. When you produce less bile, you have poor digestion. So worsening of leaky gut and a dysbiosis. The bile is important because it kills off certain bad bacteria. The bile is important because it lubricates your gut, so it reduces constipation. So most people are taking laxatives for their constipation, but they're missing the point. Constipation is usually a lack of bile flow. And so instead of getting dependent on laxatives, you want to improve your bile flow by healing your liver. And we're gonna go through some remedies over there as well. Now, when your liver's toxic or stagnant, you go into hormonal imbalance, most people will have a progesterone deficiency estrogen excess. And so what I find is most women with PMS symptoms usually have a liver stagnation combined with inflammation. And the mistake most doctors do is give them the birth control pill or other hormonal remedies without healing the liver. So step one is always to heal the liver. Also, progesterone is super important for GABA your anti-anxiety neurotransmitter to work well in the brain.

(22:00) Dr. Ameet:

So when you have liver stagnation and your progesterone is low, GABA works less well in the brain. So you'll have more insomnia and more anxiety. And that's why in PMS you'll have anxiety, insomnia, sadness, all these emotions coming up usually due to the effect of low progesterone and therefore affecting the ability of GABA to work well in the brain. So you can see how your biology affects of course, your emotions and your mind through the neurotransmitter connection. So I've covered all of that. Now, some of my favorite, I cover more of these in the course in the online course. But typically you're using things like milk thistle, dandelion, bitter foods. Bitter foods are excellent to stimulate bile flow. Milk thistle is also an antioxidant. And it's, how do I say it? Antioxidants are super important to repair the liver cells because remember your liver is going through a lot of oxidative damage from dealing with toxins. So we need antioxidants to repair the liver cells as well. Okay? You, you want to repair the liver cells and you want to also stimulate bile flow. Those are key. I also use a lot of homeopathic remedies to heal the liver. Homeopathy goes much deeper. I'll see if we cover those. If I don't cover them in the slides, I'll mention them at the end. Okay.

(23:34) Dr. Ameet:

I'll mention them quickly here 'cause I don't think they're in the slides. Nux Vomica is a typical one where you have lots of constipation and maybe your poop is coming out in small, small pellets lycopodium is excellent as well. Especially when somebody has a lot of gas and bloating and those feelings of being hangry. So you get really irritated when you're hungry. Those are two of my favorite phosphorus are also excellent for stimulating bile flow. Okay? While you're detoxifying the liver, of course you want to increase your fiber intake to bind the toxins. Okay. Hope that's making sense to everyone. Any questions so far before we go further? Let me just look at the chat.

(24:20) Dr. Ameet:

Okay. You can see if the gallbladder is removed. Yes. it's still important to take liver herbs. Yeah, because your liver is still going to release the bile into the gut through the gall, through the bile duct. The second remedy was lycopodium. And then remember usually when people's gallbladders removed is either due to inflammation or gallstones and gallstones often get formed when the bile is too thick or not flowing well. And that's due to chronic inflammation, liver stagnation and a healthy diet in too much cholesterol. First remedy was Nux Vomica. Okay? The hangry connection, that's lycopodium when people are feeling irritated or emotional due to hunger. Okay, so let's quickly go through a sample case. Just to repeat everything I've said. Third remedy, I believe I said phosphorus. Phosphorus, but there's tons of homeopathic remedies and people practice homeopathy differently.

(25:23) Dr. Ameet:

Some are more constitutional. So we don't focus only on the liver, but the whole character of a person and I mix both approaches. So here's a sample case. Very simple case. Mary. I'm gonna move this chat. How do I close this chat here? Okay, I'm just gonna close the chat for a moment so I won't see any people. So she has insomnia, migraines, depression, PMS. As a child she felt abandoned by her mother. Symptoms of constipation as well. So you can see here why I chose liver remedies and milk thistle and dandelion. We made the diet changes of course, and repaired the gut with glutamine probiotics in fish oil. Now I chose a homeopathic. We'll cover the homeopathic remedies later on in this lecture. Natrum muriaticum. Typical when a person has migraine sense of abandonment and also sometimes issues with their mother.

(26:15) Dr. Ameet:

Yeah. Homeopathy goes really into the character of a person, the experience of a person, the life experience of a person. So based on how the person is telling you the story, you can choose a homeopathic remedy based on that, how they're telling that story. And that's the beauty of homeopathy. It really individualizes the person and their experience. Okay. Very simple example there. Important connection with thyroid. You have an inactive form of thyroid is T4 active form is T3. Okay? Thyroid hormone T3 stimulates the production of serotonin in the brain. Okay? Now most of you and your thyroid hormone, T3 is important for every single cell to function well in your body. Okay? Now inactive T4, most of it is converted into active T3 in the liver. So if your liver is stagnant from all those problems, you'll have less active T3.

(27:13) Dr. Ameet:

Right? So your TSH levels, those of you who are into functional medicine, often what happens is when we have enough thyroid hormones, yeah the doctor will say, oh, your TSH looks normal. Right? And they'll say your thyroid is normal. But the reason TSH is normal is because your levels of T4 are normal. They're not looking at your T3 levels, the conversion. So if you're getting your thyroid hormones checked, always look at T3 as well to see if you are activating your thyroid hormones or get your clients to check the whole spectrum of hormones. Okay? Also, some of your T3 converted from T4 to T3 in your gut as well. So there's the importance again of keeping your gut healthy as well.

(27:59) Dr. Ameet:

Okay? Now remember I talked about inflammation from leaky gut. When you have chronic inflammation, what happens is inflammation triggers your, your adrenal glands and other cells to produce cortisol. And you get into a cortisol imbalance and cortisol suppresses thyroid hormone production. Okay? Your T3 also keeps your cell lining in your gut strong. The tight, yeah. So it's, it reduces leaky gut syndrome. Okay? So people with chronic leaky gut syndrome, you can look at the thyroid function or also reduce cortisol levels by reducing inflammation and supporting the adrenal system. I'm gonna talk about that just now. Okay? And those of you who have experienced low thyroid function, some of you will see that you might have more constipation. That's usually due to reduced motility movement of your intestines because of sluggishness, because there's not enough energy. 'cause Your T3 helps your body. You use up food for energy also, it's because your liver is stagnant. Your liver cells also, even though they convert T4 to T3, your liver cells also need T3 to function well. So if T3 is low, your liver's not gonna function well, it will release less bile and you'll have more constipation. So you can see that.

(29:25) Dr. Ameet:

Now let's go to what everyone is familiar with trauma. So I'll explain this little diagram on the left. You have the little baby. Usually born free of too much trauma. But of course now we know that when you're born you can have ancestral trauma. You can have trauma for your mom when you're in the womb. So you carry a layer of trauma around you and as a toddler, as you're growing up, you might see your parents fighting or something else happens. So you create one layer of an emotional holding pattern, I would say. Yeah, your nervous system gets dysregulated. Or regulated in a certain way. And if you don't do therapy, if you don't release it, then you carry that into teenage years and then you experience something else, maybe bullying. So you form another layer. Now sometimes that second layer is obviously affected by the first layer of trauma, how your nervous system is wired. You'll interpret a teacher or a bully in a certain way based on the unsafety you felt from your father or your mother. And as you go through life, of course you create more and more layers. So the importance of therapy, whether it's somatic experiencing EMDR, gestalt is to of course release these traumatic layers. So you go to a more resilient, authentic, vibrant nervous system. Okay? So you have less compensation and homeopathy, which we'll talk about, has the ability to also dispel a lot of these layers.

(30:59) Dr. Ameet:

Okay? What happens is when we don't resolve the trauma Yeah. Or whenever you're feeling traumatized, you go into an adrenal response. The fight or flight response. And there is when you start making excessive cortisol, excessive adrenaline, et cetera. And when you don't resolve the trauma, this stimulation continues in life. And then as an adult, when you're stressed again, you go into that fight or flight mode faster, right? 'cause Those old emotions are triggered. So your production of adrenaline and cortisol is heightened all the time. And over time then you go into a cortisol imbalance. And when you go through a cortisol imbalance, the slides are not working again. Okay. When you go into a cortisol imbalance that also suppresses serotonin, dopamine, GABA, melatonin. So brain chemicals are starting to drop with adrenal fatigue and cortisol imbalance. So that's why you see people with burnout that have a lot of anxiety, depression, and even if you're doing the trauma release, we need to rebuild the adrenal system.

(32:10) Dr. Ameet:

Yeah. 'cause They're just feeling too fragile and vulnerable. And I'll give you some homeopathic remedies to help with that burnout. Okay. the other things that you need to do to protect your adrenal glands from burnout is of course reducing inflammation. 'cause You saw inflammation also stimulates your adrenal glands to make cortisol. So emotional trauma life experiences as well as your biology both burn out your adrenal glands. So you need to heal the emotions your life as well as your biology. If you're having a lot of sugar and high carb diet, you're also gonna stress your adrenal glands. If you're drinking too much caffeine, you're driving your adrenal glands to produce adrenaline. And some people who are so burnt out, they'll always take caffeine or  coffee to keep them going. But the thing is they're worsening the cycle 'cause they're burning out the adrenal glands further without nourishing them back to health. And then they go into insomnia and all those chronic conditions.

(33:11) Dr. Ameet:

Are we okay so far? Can I just get any information from in the chat? How are people doing? I don't want to give dosages because everyone's individual. Okay, thanks. So everyone is doing okay. Any burning questions? So depend. Okay. I will give a bit of dosages. Usually I dose between 3000 to 5,000 IU of vitamin D. Okay. but it depends on the vitamin D levels of a person. But I don't only dose supplements. You really need to look at the root cause where, where's the problem starting from. Okay. Okay, great. Pituitary tumor will of course trigger an imbalance of different hormones and that can create a myriad of symptoms. So depending on what medication you're taking, you can balance that out of course by what is the tumor caused by? Is it from inflammation? Is there ancestral trauma? Is it purely biological?

(34:18) Dr. Ameet:

So there's different interventions you can do there. High thyroid function that is often due to autoimmunity. So if we go back to leaky gut, let me go back to that slide of leaky gut. Basically your gut lining has a lot of immune cells. And if you're always inflamed and triggering those immune cells, your immune system gets hyper responsive and suddenly you start making antibodies to many proteins. And some of those proteins mimic your body's cells. This is the, is the biological explanation. And now you have antibodies against your own body cells. So you start attacking your own tissue. Okay. That's one. With autoimmunity of course, from the, from the spiritual or psychosomatic or constellation or language of the organs approach that autoimmunity could be attacking the self. So self-hatred or also being overwhelmed, not being able to cope with so many stresses in life. So you collapse inwards, so you go into self-attack mode. Okay. Long-term effects of trauma on the body. So if it's unresolved, the body breaks down. Sometimes you're go into adrenal fatigue, you go into a lot of muscle tension, jaw tightness. Each person's different depending on your vulnerable areas. Okay. Okay. Let me move on. I'll, I think the next slides will answer some people's questions.



(35:38) Dr. Ameet:

Yeah. And also, yeah, there's a question about pregnancy. A lot of the liver herbs are contraindicated in pregnancy, so please check with your practitioner which ones you can take. Okay. So so we saw how I've mentioned this, right. Cortisol imbalances affect your neurotransmitters when you're in adrenal fatigue. Also you'll get imbalance of hormones. Low testosterone has have been connected to depression, anxiety, low progesterone. We talked about the effect of GABA on your brain. And of course melatonin when it goes low due to cortisol imbalance as well, you'll have problem with sleep. So sometimes you need to both reduce cortisol to help with your sleep and also increase your melatonin and of course reduce inflammation, detoxify your liver instead of only taking sleeping pills.

(36:39) Dr. Ameet:

Now how do we resolve emotional trauma? Most of you are practicing many of these therapies, whether it's psychotherapy, gestalt, emotional freedom technique, EMDR, family constellations, and also positive psychology. So positive psychology, journaling and grounding yourself in positive experiences, of course calms down your adrenal system, gives you a sense of safety, familiarity at frequent moments during the day and through the week. So talking about positive things distracts your mind from the negative thoughts. And when you are, so this is different from affirmations. Affirmations can be stressful for people because they don't sometimes resonate with what the person's has experienced in their life. But remembering positive, real, positive experiences. Your nervous system can connect to those positive experiences. So it starts to release endorphins and dopamine and that helps rewire your brain through our ability. It's called neuroplasticity. The ability of your brain to rewire itself based on experiences. Okay. So I like therapies that get you to connect with familiar experiences that felt safe rather than just force yourself to think positive. 'cause if you force yourself to think positive and you cannot, you get a sense of failure, which is also a trigger for some people. Mindfulness, meditation. Yes. Observation and being kind with yourself. Compassion with compassion inquiry or just being compassionate with yourself as you're observing yourself is excellent as well. So yeah, people are mentioning a lot of good practices in the chat. You can check that out.

(38:23) Dr. Ameet:

Alrighty. So nourishing the adrenal system. Homeopathy and bach flowers can help release trauma and regulate emotion and we'll go into details on that. Then of course, people who are so burnt out, they might need to nurse the adrenal systems back to health. And that's where good food comes in. A good diet we talked about. So reducing carbs and maybe increasing your protein intake so you don't stress your adrenal system. I use certain herbs. Now, please do not just use these herbs without checking with your practitioner. Because some of these herbs can stimulate hormone production and if you have cancer or if you have bipolar and stuff, they can aggravate those conditions. I just wanna mention some of them here. Rhodiola, ginseng, astragalus. Astragalus is very nourishing, very good for the immune system. As you're nourishing the adrenal glands back to health. Health, it's also good to calm your nervous system down. Let's say homeopathy is not working or the therapy's not going fast enough, you still want to calm your nervous system down so it doesn't.

(39:20) Dr. Ameet:

Live in fight or flight mode. So Chamomile tea, passionflower hops, these are things that can calm your nervous system down. Lavender, the essential oils as well when you rub them on your skin and you inhale them. It can also calm your nervous system down in addition to herbs, certain vitamins also nourish your adrenal system, vitamin C, the B vitamins, B5, B6, B1, and zinc as well can nourish your adrenal system. Okay,

(39:54) Dr. Ameet:

Great. So another case. Yeah, somebody comes in with fear, insomnia and fatigue. So in Kenya we had a terrorist attack and I was treating a lot of these people combining psychotherapy and homeopathy. Now in this case, you'll notice I didn't go and do gut healing. I didn't do liver detox. Because it's more an acute situation. So that's where you need more trauma release, right? First of all, I used the aconite from the shock and trauma, but the Ignatia also helped this person. These are certain homeopathic remedies. I'll cover them in more detail shortly. Now, Bach flower remedies, some of you have heard of rescue remedy, right? Rescue remedies a combination of about five or six bach flower remedies. And these homeopathy and bach flower remedies are energetic remedies. So they help, they can work on the, if you think of your body as physical, then your emotions at an energetic level.

(40:55) Dr. Ameet:

Yeah. Going into more fine vibrations, bach flowers and homeopathy work on those levels so they can release the vibrations, the negative vibrations of emotional experiences. Okay? Then we combine psychotherapy and emotional freedom technique. Now you'll notice at the bottom there, I also brought in Rhodiola and B complex. And why is that? Right? Why is that? Because the stress in the trauma Yeah. That stimulated the adrenal glands. And their life, their work was also burning them out. So combination of the stress and trauma and their life work send them further into burnout. So they needed some more nourishment. And that's where we brought in the adrenal herbs and the B complex. I hope this is making sense. Everyone okay so far? Great. Thank you.

(41:54) Dr. Ameet:

Gosh, there's a lot of questions about liver detox. For liver detox, you do not start with the herbs. You start with diet. Diet is super important 'cause you wanna reduce the inflammation and all the toxins being sent to your liver. So diet first and then you can introduce the herbs. And hydrotherapy of course stimulates a lot of lymphatic flushing that helps liver detox. I will try and answer all these questions at the end. Yeah, please save them. And then if I haven't answered them during their, just repop them into the chat again. So we're end of the biology here. Let us go into the next slides. Okay, let me answer some questions now before we go into the homeopathic remedies. This is a good place to stop. Liver detox, hydrotherapy, endometriosis. I saw questions somewhere about endometriosis. I find endometriosis combination of emotional issues. And 'cause I use constellation work and belief systems and then of course liver as well as inflammation for endometriosis. Okay? Those are important. And then you can work on the hormonal imbalance after you heal the pillars. So the gut, the liver, the adrenal system and the emotions are really the four pillars of health, as you can see. 'cause then everything else goes out of balance when one of those pillars are out of balance. Okay.

(43:22) Dr. Ameet:

How do I look at this chat? Okay, any other questions OCD? OCD is generally serotonin and dopamine deficiency. I've often used homeopathy for that. And sometimes OCD in a family constellation sense, there's a secret that's not revealed in the family. And the person with OCD is representing that secret biologically speaking or supplement wise. I've often used inositol to help with OCD depending on what kind of OCD the person has. Some people's OCD is fear of germs. Some people's hand washing, some people is putting things in the right places. Keeping things in order. I had a client who could not put their feet on the ground 'cause of fear of germs. So depending on their presentation of the OCD I will choose a particular remedy. The remedies I've used for OCD homeopathically include Nux Vomica, carcinosin, Arsenicum. Those you can also find in the online course as well. Fear of hurting someone, gosh I think Arsenicum is there. And also there's a bach flower remedy of fear of losing control. I'm gonna give a link for downloading your Bach flower questions. And there is a fear of losing control and part of that fear of losing control is fear of hurting someone. Okay, great. Cherry plum for losing control. Thank you. Whoever sent that.

(44:55) Dr. Ameet:

Now, let us move into the homeopathic remedies. I'm gonna just change the PowerPoint slide.

(45:09) Dr. Ameet:

Okay? Now, I am going to go a bit fast in this one because we'll take too much time going through, you know, all the remedies. I hope you understand. So homeopathy is excellent to treat the emotional state, anxiety, depression, et cetera, as well as the trauma. A lot of people don't know that you can actually use homeopathy, treat trauma that you've experienced in the past, not only your emotional situation in the present. Homeopathy, of course, is excellent also for treating physical diseases as well. Okay? now those of you who are not familiar with homeopathy, let me explain it. Homeopathy was discovered by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. He basically found that by using very diluted amounts of a substance, you can cure what the toxic amount of that same substance creates in a healthy person. What does that mean? If you sniff an onion, you will likely get runny nose and watery eyes.

(46:11) Dr. Ameet:

Correct? So now what he found out that if you, if somebody, if you dilute that onion multiple times, yeah, there's a certain dilution process we use to create a homeopathic remedy till you get homeopathic onion. If somebody comes to you now with watery eyes and a runny nose, and you give them homeopathic onion, which is known as Allium cepa, the watery eyes and runny nose will disappear. Okay? So you're like stimulating the vital force if you look at it in terms of somatic experiencing or therapy, right? When somebody comes to you crying that they lost their grandmother or something, and you, you acknowledge them, you acknowledge the pain, that acknowledgement, right? You mirror them and they feel acknowledged, they feel seen, their nervous system calms down, right? Their vital force, their self-healing mechanisms kick into place. So I like to look at homeopathy in a similar way.

(47:07) Dr. Ameet:

Yeah. The diluted remedy, the homeopathic remedy is the vibrational mirror or the acknowledgement of the vibration that exists in the disease state of a person. So you're giving the person energetic acknowledgement now, which calms their system down and stimulates what we call the vital force, okay? And you can read up on homeopathy, of course, online and see how exactly how the remedies are created. Okay? so most of these remedies, okay, so there's, I gave you my website, right? There's this I don't wanna promote anything, I just wanna clarify something here. There's the free online course, which covers gut, liver, et cetera. Now, these remedies are in the full online course, which you don't have to get, but it's available there as well. In homeopathy, we use certain books, okay? One is called the repertory. Repertory is a collection of all the symptoms you can imagine, okay? And next to each symptom, there's a list of different remedies that belong to that symptom. Okay?


(48:15) Dr. Ameet:

In this repertory, there's a chapter of the mind. Yeah, there's chapters on the gut, there's chapters on constipation. There's chapters on skin. There's many chapters because we're doing trauma therapy. We're gonna talk about the chapter of the mind. Now, we talked about the chapter in the repertory, the mind chapter. I'm gonna focus on the mind chapter. There is a symptom. Yeah, there's a whole chapter for called a subchapter. Let's say subchapters are called rubrics. And in there you can find different kinds of trauma. A person is experienced. So it's like ailments from abuse, ailments from sexual abuse, ailments from feeling shame, ailments from experiencing violence. I'll go through the different ones. If you notice on the right now there's letters like ign, aurum, these are all short forms of different remedies names. So ailment from abuse, the different remedies are ignatia, Aurum, which is homeopathic gold. Staphisagria is a plant, and there's multiple other remedies. And you can see for sexual abuse, there's carcinosin, Ignatia, Nux Vomica, Staphisagria. From shame there's other remedies. So there's multiple remedies for different symptoms or different kinds of trauma. How do you choose what remedies fitting for the person? We're gonna talk about that just now.

(49:42) Dr. Ameet:

Okay? You choose the remedy based on the symptoms of a person. So if you're a seasoned homeopath, you'll see is the person crying a lot? Have they withdrawn? Are they angry? Are they resentful? Are they suicidal? For example, use Aurum Metallicum often when there's a lot of suicidal ideation. Okay? If they have a poor memory and really burnt out, there's a remedy called phosphoric acid. Hopefully I'll cover the details on these soon. The other way of choosing the remedies, how did they react initially to the shock? So I had a client who basically was stunned, numb. Was just like, couldn't process the shock and was go, went into a real freeze response. And bizarrely the remedy, opium, homeopathic opium work really well for them. And if you look at opium, it's that stunned state, right? You're just doped up and just immobile, right? So you can see when you're shocked. You can also look like you've taken too much opium, right? And so the homeopathic version of opium can undo the shock if it matches the picture correctly. Does that, can you see how the law of similarities is working in that example?

(50:52) Dr. Ameet:

Other homeopaths, of course, will just find all the different remedies. But myself and many other homeopaths do really do not approve of this method where they'll, they'll select like five or six different remedies mentioned for that shock, and they'll give them all the remedies and of course, one is going to work. Okay? And some people, of course, DAOs, they use energetic testing, muscle testing, et cetera, to find the best remedy for a person. Let's go through a few examples of what homeopathy can help with. And this repertory covers so much. I just wanna show you different examples of different shocks and trauma. Love disappointed, right? So through a breakup of a relationship, et cetera, ailments from disappointment, any kind of disappointment. Another one is friendship deceived. I often use ignatia for that. When somebody's really anxious, they have a lump in their throat.

(51:40) Dr. Ameet:

They're very tearful. Another beautiful rubric. Death of a loved one. Right? Now let's go through an example how I'll choose a remedy here from Gelsemium, Ignatia, Natrum Muriaticum, Nux Vomica, phosphoric acid, right? Gelsemium, really anxiety. Thinking about the event will give them more anxiety, a sense of weakness in the body. Ignatia, lots of tearfulness, lump in the throat, some anxiety. Natrum Muriaticum that will be more withdrawn, maybe resentful, closed up more of a depressive state. Nux Vomica might have some anxiety, might have some aggression, some anger. And you might see some digestive symptoms. Phosphoric acid might have trouble sleeping. Yeah, some sense of burnout. Really grief, long standing grief. And phosphoric acid. Some, some people who their hair changes or they lose a lot of hair after grief episode. You can also think about phosphoric acid. Phospho. The acid remedies are really a state of burnout. Okay? ho Yeah. So you can see how a homeopath understands the remedies as well and chooses the remedy based on the presentation of a person. Okay? So there's ailments from bad news, the site of an accident. So if you've seen an accident and you get a lot of palpitations and fear, aconite is great. If you're stunned and unable to process more of a freeze response, you might choose homeopathic opium. Okay?

(53:12) Dr. Ameet:

Other ailments from mental exertion. So you're stressed and burnt out here. You can see phosphoric acid there. Nux Vomica is excellent. 'cause Nux Vomica is great for people who are really stressed out. Okay? there's ailments from failure, business failure ambitions. So homeopathic remedies, some of you might be asking, okay, how do I integrate this into my practice? Of course, you can refer to a homeopath. Also, when I use homeopathy combined with psychotherapy, I find that the person cures or heals much faster, right? 'cause in therapy, of course, you're doing one symptom or one sensation experience at a time. Homeopathy really covers the whole spectrum. The whole frequency or the experience of a person and their nervous system gets a lot of resolution a lot faster. So I combine the two. Okay? If there's problems between parents, a lot of fighting in their parents, I've often used some of these remedies here. Okay? When somebody's dominated too much by their parents I might give them Carcinosin, which is a homeopathic remedy made outta cancer tissue. The person's often rebellious, et cetera. So homeopathic remedies are made out of almost everything in life. From either minerals animal secretions, body parts and plants. Okay.

(54:40) Dr. Ameet:

Any questions so far? Animal secretions like snake venom. That is correct. I decide how to choose a remedy based on their presentation and the collection of symptoms. So they might not only have mental symptoms, they have physical. So for example, Nux Vomica, for a person who's super stressed and aggressive and has constipation and heartburn. So you can see there's physical symptoms and mental symptoms. And those collection points me to Nux Vomica. Okay, great. Okay. There's some clinical studies on homeopathy. You can look at that. I think JAMA and all those collections have some of them. Alright. Let us go on to more. Now I cannot give individual remedies. How about dosing and stuff? Please check with your homeopath. Okay? Let's go into some remedies now. Aurum Metallicum is great for people who feel super depressed, have gone through a big loss sense of shame. Often connected to suicidal thoughts or a sense of failure. Okay? Now, it doesn't mean if somebody has suicidal thoughts, you only give them Aurum and ignore like the emergency procedures. So this is just on the side with Aurum, it's homeopathic gold. So imagine gold, you, they're standing on the throne, right? And suddenly they, they lose their position. So their sense of failure. And self-criticism and guilt.

(56:24) Dr. Ameet:

Calcarea carbonica, also people who are overwhelmed, they worry too much. They go into burnout. They have a lot of exhaustion. Sometimes a person might be overweight, craving a lot of carbs, and maybe they're working too hard because of a sense of insecurity. They're, they're afraid of the future. They're afraid of failing. So they burn themselves out. And so you can see how the character of a person can also be addressed, you know, by homeopathic remedies. It calms the intensity of that character.


(57:00) Dr. Ameet:

Ignatia we've talked about a lot. Cali phos great for nervous exhaustion. They're burnt out, they've suffered from a lot of stress and trauma for a long time. Somebody asked, how does, you know, trauma affect the body? So they go into total burnout and they become sensitive to loud noises or, or light as well. And they can have a lot of insomnia due to that sensitivity. So with Cali phos, you think about wrong nerves. Okay? Okay. Of course. Now when somebody needs Cali phos I'll also think how do we nourish the adrenal system? Do I use Ashwagandha? Do I use B vitamins? Yeah. Do I use Rhodiola or Ginseng? So think about nourishing the nervous system back to health. Natrum Muriaticum a lot of grief. If you're being betrayed and you have a lot of resentment and you don't trust people, maybe with headaches, I will think of Natrum Muriaticum. Of course, there's tons of different remedies. I just want to give examples of how we, you know, decide on remedy based on the collection of symptoms. Okay? So if somebody's betrayed, I only, I don't automatically give Natrum Muriaticum. I look at what is the presentation after the betrayal? How are they presenting themselves?

(58:12) Dr. Ameet:

Nux Vomica, we've talked a lot about Phosphoric acid. Again, a lot of stress burnout, poor memory. Complete fatigue. Poor concentration as well. Lots of anxiety. Okay? some people, if they've gone through grief, et cetera, they might lose their hair or their hair might turn white. You can look at using phosphoric acid for that. It might not necessarily turn their hair black again or whatever color it may be. But it might reduce the loss of hair and of course calm down their anxiety. And so you are using the extra symptoms to help decide how to heal the anxiety, even though those extra symptoms might not fully recover, but at least the anxiety reduces. And of course, the adrenal glands get a break. Pulsatilla are very commonly prescribed to a lot of people who are super emotional, maybe feeling, you know, they need a lot of emotional support, crying a lot.

(59:05) Dr. Ameet:

They feel pity about their situation. A very needy person. They're clinging to the therapist. That could be either Calc. carb or Pulsatilla. CPR great remedy for hormones. And also often used in females who have really burnt out towards in their menopausal years. Yeah, but not necessarily only in menopause. With CPR, you have a lot of resentment towards your partner hormonal imbalances. So again, I'm looking at the physical symptoms as well as the mental to decide if CPR is the remedy for them, but also saying that they might not necessarily have hormonal symptoms, but they still might need CPR. Okay? I, I don't want to confuse you, I just want to give you a taste of how homeopathy is applied.

(1:00:00) Dr. Ameet:

Staphisagria often due to if you're being shamed or you've suppressed your anger Yeah. And you're being humiliated and you're really holding things back. Staphisagria people all find a fear pleasant. They're, they're very kind because they want that safety. They don't want to express their aggression. So really suppressed emotions Staphisagria, can be used there. Now with all these remedies I've mentioned, you, they don't have to have emotional symptoms for you to use them for physical situations as well. Right? Somebody comes to me with constipation and their poop is like little sheep pellets and they're fine mentally. I'll still give Nux Vomica, okay? ADHD again can be of course I often treat a calm down the adrenal system, reduce carbs and it could be trauma and an imbalance in the family system, right? Parents are fighting a lot, but each person's different homeopathic remedies, not necessarily short-term, it depends on the person. So homeopathic remedies short-term for an acute shock in trauma to heal the symptoms. But some people need ongoing, and that's where I'll give ongoing, but at a much lower dose. Okay? And people are on homeopathy for their whole life. I, I take remedies almost every, every month.

(1:01:25) Dr. Ameet:

Sleep apnea. So sleep apnea interrupts your sleep. You don't get a restful sleep. You might not go into, I can't remember which wave it was, Delta or beta waves, et cetera. So your adrenal glands might not rest fully. And also when you're not producing enough melatonin, melatonin also helps with glutathione production in your liver. Stimulus, liver detox. So your liver might become more stagnant. Your adrenal glands will not rest as well. So you might feel very fatigued during the day. Because of the sleep apnea with schizophrenia, I've combined sometimes with schizophrenia, especially if like there was schizophrenia after too much too many drugs, like too much LSD or marijuana, et cetera. If there's a trigger, then I'll use the homeopathic version of that drug with schizophrenia. It could be due to a secret or a murder in the family.

(1:02:18) Dr. Ameet:

And, and this is not always the case, but then you wanna look at family constellations as well. Okay. Association and Bulimia as well. Each one is different of course, with Bulimia, maybe not being able to take in life as well. So you're vomiting it out, not able to accept nourishment from your mom. One is that sometimes it's related to a secret or a trauma of your mom or your or a parent. Yeah, we'll talk about constellations soon. When you can let go to rest, you're burnt out but still cannot rest or sleep. Yes, Cali phos is excellent for that. And so some people are so burnt out and anxious and nervous all the time. I'll allow you to use phosphoric acid or Cali phos. Okay. Five minutes to bring to a close. Are we ending? Are we at the end? Yami? Yes. Oh God. Okay. Let us zip through it. So I will not go through more Bach flower remedies. Just go to that link. Yami, we will put it there. For people wanna download the questionnaire and look at the different remedies, please. Yeah, let's talk about constellations really quickly. 'cause I know a lot of people came here for that. Family constellations looks. I don't have any slides. I'm gonna stop sharing the screen.

(1:03:40) Dr. Ameet:

I really, really apologize everyone. I didn't realize time flies that fast. Okay. hopefully this was helpful as well though. So family constellations developed by Bert Hellinger, he noticed and he studied with the Zulu people in South Africa and he noticed that these people have certain traditions and they look at certain imbalances in the system. They're known as the orders of love. Okay? I've written them down here. One order is the order of hierarchy. So if, if, let's say your mom has been traumatized by your father. And suddenly you rescue your mother, you change the hierarchy, you are protecting the mother. So you step out of the child position. Okay? So now what happens by stepping out of child position, you go into an imbalance in your family system, you make the mother the small person, and you yourself the bigger person, right?

(1:04:38) Dr. Ameet:

That can create a sense of over-responsibility, resentment, unfulfillment in life. 'cause your soul and your vibration, your characters engage in protecting and rescuing your mother. Okay? And you might not have this availability to other relationships 'cause you're not free to enjoy your life 'cause you have this responsibility to protect a broken parent. I'm just giving very small snippets of examples. The other thing that's happening in that situation is that you're rejecting your father. Right? by rejecting your father, you're also rejecting a source of life. 'cause you came from, in most cases, people come from two parents. That life force you're rejecting. And I've often seen people with immune system issues or fatigue or liver issues because they're rejecting one parent. I'm not saying that you have to agree to what the parent did. If he was super abusive. But the act of rejection Yeah.

(1:05:31) Dr. Ameet:

Creates an imbalance in your nervous system and your field, your emotional field. Okay? And so that affects us somatically. So even though we're doing EMDR, gestalt, somatic experiencing, it's super important to look at this imbalance that you create with your family system as well. Family constellation also looks at traumas that happen to your ancestors if there's a murder or they're victims of war, or if somebody was excluded, right? Let's say the black sheep of the family, somebody who was a drug addict or something was never talked about, or an adopted child who was given away, never included. Your system will feel it. And somebody, either you or a sibling or somebody in the family system will start to represent that missing, excluded person, number one. Number two, if there's somebody who's been given away for adoption or somebody who was miscarried or aborted, your parents might feel a lot of of grief and they haven't talked about it.

(1:06:32) Dr. Ameet:

So you, when you're born, you will carry this grief without knowing it. So if you have unexplained anxiety or grief and sadness, it might not be yours. It might belong to a parent. So in family constellations, we use healing sentences such as, dear mom, yeah, this belongs to you. I respectfully give this back to you and acknowledge my feelings for this missing sibling. Okay? So these healing sentences actually create a visceral or somatic experiencing for the client as well. And you release a lot of entanglements. And that's really going to the root cause rather than using EFT or other therapies that say, even though I feel this anxiety and depression, et cetera, I deeply and completely love and accept myself. That's great. I find yes, it, it calms the nervous system down, but it doesn't release the entanglement, which is the source of the anxiety or depression.

(1:07:26) Dr. Ameet:

I hope that makes sense. We're going to the source. Also, if there is a miscarriage or a child before you and you believe you're the first child. If the, you are not really the first child, you go to family constellations therapy. That first child needs to be acknowledged. And your correct position. When you say, gosh, I feel myself and I recognize I'm in the second position. Okay, I belong in the second position of my family system. Multiple things happen. You're including a missing person, One. And a lot of people, what I find is they feel calmer because a lot of people who don't recognize the first child, they, they feel anxiety. They're, they feel over responsible 'cause they're making up for the life of that missing child. And they're trying to live the position of the first child, which is not their position. They're in the second position. And when you feel that, you really calm down. Okay. I hope that makes sense. And when you acknowledge the missing child also you can also feel that the family's more complete. So your nervous system actually calms down. So people will have a visceral experience for that as well. Okay. How much time do we have oami?

(1:08:43) Yami:

We're actually over time by two minutes, but we can probably go till 20 after. So maybe three minutes.


(1:08:50) Dr. Ameet:

Okay. Healing sentence. Let me give some examples of healing sentences. So, dear mom, I respectfully leave this with you. Or dear mom, I see what you carry and I honor you. I honor you are the big one and I'm the little one. Please bless me and look at me with love or please look at me in a friendly way as I leave this with you. Okay. Another one is you know, sometimes we resent our parents who they didn't give us enough. And you can often say, dear mom or dear dad, for what you could give. I thank you. So you really bow down respect for what you could give. I thank you. 'cause they tried their best in most cases. So there's tons of books online. I can't recommend, I don't know, I can't remember the names of all the books, but there's tons of books and videos of family constellations. Another one, if, if you have lost a child through miscarriage or abortion, I also find it helpful to acknowledge that child, you know, dear child of mine, I see you. I love you very much. Thank you for being there. Even though it was for a short time.

(1:10:08) Dr. Ameet:

I acknowledge this fate. I respect your fate. I'm sorry you couldn't stay. I give you a place in my heart. There's different version of these sentences depending on the energy of the field and of the person. So including people who are missing, including children who have been miscarried, aborted one I talked about hierarchy, right? So being imbalance in the system and also the balance of giving and receiving, right? Parents usually give to the children versus children giving to the parent. So making sure there's balance. Also in relationships, if one person gives too much and 'cause they're in a codependent relationship and they're giving too much, the other partner might collapse into resentment or reject the person 'cause they haven't had a chance to give back. And so a balance of giving and receiving those are so important. I really apologize for going over time and not covering enough family constellations here. But hopefully people got a lot out of the homeopathy, the gut liver connection. And maybe in the next, next session we'll do constellations sometime.

(1:11:19) Yami:

Thank you. You got little waves and claps and gratitude pouring in through the chat. I knew the family constellations talk was gonna get me. I get a little emotional every time this comes up. But thank you Ameet. That was, yeah, that was a very powerful session. I did a lot of screenshots 'cause I really want to utilize all the remedies that you mentioned.





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