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Natural Remedies for Anxiety and Depression

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Natural Remedies for Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression are some of the most common mental health issues across the globe. If you’ve ever experienced them, you know how unpleasant it can be. Sometimes anxiety and depression will go away on their own, but it’s important to take action with natural treatments to relieve symptoms. Taking care of yourself should be your number one priority. 

Research has shown that around half of people suffering from anxiety and depression use some kind of holistic therapy to help relieve their symptoms, including natural anxiety medication. Part of the reason people are attracted to natural treatments for depression and anxiety is that a holistic approach means not taking any intense medications. 

In this article, we’re going to look at some of the best natural supplements for anxiety and depression and natural treatments for anxiety and depression. Our free holistic medicine online courses go into more detail to help you get started!


Herbal Remedies for Anxiety and Depression

One of the most common natural treatments for anxiety and depression is to take supplements. The supplement market has a lot of options which can be overwhelming. Here are a few natural supplements to help ease anxiety and depression symptoms holistically. Before taking any of these supplements, make sure to consult with your doctor, especially if you’re already taking medications for mental health issues. 

St. John’s Wort 

St John’s Wort is also known as hypericum perforatum, and is known as an effective natural treatment for anxiety and depression. This herb has been a staple in natural treatments for mental health issues for hundreds of years. Studies have shown that it may work just as well as antidepressant medications. 


Not only does lavender smell nice, it’s a great herbal remedy for anxiety and depression. Research suggests that lavender can reduce anxiety and have a calming effect on the body. It can be taken as a supplement, brewed in tea or used in aromatherapy. 


Chamomile is known to be effective in reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression. Sip on some in a cup of hot tea to help calm down your mind and improve your sleep. 

Lemon Balm 

Research has shown that lemon balm is another effective natural treatment for anxiety. It has a calming effect on the mind to soothe racing thoughts and excitability. 


Kava root is an effective natural treatment for anxiety and depression. Sometimes, it can have a similar effect to alcohol on the body which results in feeling relaxed. The interesting thing is that while kava may act like alcohol, it doesn't seem to have the addictive quality of alcohol. Kava also doesn’t seem to cause hangovers like alcohol does. 


Rhodiola is also known as arctic or golden root. This herbal remedy is considered an adaptogenic herb, which means it’s going to help your body and adrenal glands deal with stress. This is helpful when treating anxiety and depression as a natural anxiety relief. You can read more about natural treatments for adrenal fatigue and mental health here

Homeopathy & Bach Flower Remedies for Anxiety and Depression

Homeopathic remedies and Bach flower remedies make a huge difference for people struggling with anxiety and depression. You can read more about specific homeopathic remedies and Bach flower remedies for anxiety and depression here

Trauma Therapy for Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

Trauma-informed therapy is a holistic remedy for those who have had Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). It is patient-centered care that focuses on collaborating with the person to build trust. This type of holistic therapy also focuses on avoiding retraumatization along the way. 

If you’d like to learn more, check out our holistic trauma remedies blog here

Family Constellations Therapy For Ancestral or Generational Trauma

Another natural treatment that can be used for anxiety and depression is family constellation therapy. Participants can work through trauma to relieve anxiety and depression in a safe space as a holistic treatment of anxiety. This type of therapy utilizes role play and helps to improve dysfunctional patterns in relationships.  


Along with taking herbs as supplements for a natural treatment, you can also try aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is when you smell soothing scents in the form of essential oils to ease depression and anxiety symptoms. You can experiment with scents to find what works best for you, or connect with one of our naturopathic doctors for an appointment here


Putting pen to paper is one of the best natural treatments for depression and anxiety. Sometimes all we need to do is physically get the thoughts out of our head to realize that we have no reason to be anxious or sad about something. 

Setting aside time for yourself everyday to journal can be therapeutic. Find yourself a nice spot outside, brew a cup of herbal tea and get it all out of your head. 


Mindfulness is defined as the basic human ability to be present in the current moment. Practicing mindfulness is key on any holistic healing journey. Whether you’re dealing with trauma, anxiety, or depression, mindfulness can help. 

When we’re talking about natural treatments for anxiety and depression, it’s important to understand that life can be overwhelming for anyone. It’s totally normal to experience anxiety, and practicing mindfulness exercises can help you to not be as reactive when something stressful is happening. There are many mindfulness practices you can try such as:

  • Breathing exercises 
  • Yoga
  • Meditation



When you’re feeling anxious, exercise is a great way to get rid of the nervous energy. Exercise also releases endorphins, which are going to make you feel good. If you’re dealing with a stressful situation, one of the best things you can do for yourself is work up a sweat to calm down. It should also help you clear your mind to focus when you’re feeling overwhelmed with work or whatever else life is bringing your way. 


Treating yourself to a massage is another great natural treatment for stress, anxiety and depression. Research suggests that massage can help lower depression levels and act as a natural anxiety relief. It can also increase dopamine and serotonin levels to help boost your mood. 

In fact, a study showed that massage is one of the most popular natural treatments for anxiety. Every person examined in the study showed an improved mood after getting a massage. Massage can also relieve the physical symptoms of anxiety such as muscle tension. 


After your massage, head on over to an acupuncture clinic. Acupuncture is a proven holistic treatment for anxiety and depression that uses small needles to relieve pain in pressure points. You’ll be left feeling relaxed, and making it a regular practice could relieve you of anxiety and depression altogether. It’s important to combine acupuncture with other natural treatments, which I cover in our online holistic medicine course

Spend Time With Your Pets 

There’s nothing better than spending time with our fur babies. Not only do we get to enjoy petting and playing with them, but research has confirmed that pets are beneficial to people with mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. 

When we think of pets, we usually assume dogs and cats. Well, when it comes to anxiety and depression many other animals are capable of providing you with support to relieve symptoms. It’s not only getting to pet them that is beneficial, it’s caring for another living being. 

A study done showed that caring for pet insects such as crickets improved the mental health of elderly people. Spending time with animals not only eases stress and anxiety, but can help people healing from trauma, as well. 


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Dealing with anxiety and depression is never fun. What’s important to understand is that you’re not alone, and you don’t have to go down the road of being heavily medicated to treat it. Sign up for our free holistic medicine online courses today to learn how to begin your healing journey. 

Together we will go over natural treatments for anxiety and depression and start your path to becoming the best you that you can be. 


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