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8 ways chemicals harm your body adrenal fatigue endocrine system liver toxicity nervos system May 10, 2021

Ways Everyday Chemicals Harm Your Body

Bizarre and unexplained health symptoms can be extremely frustrating. If you’ve been trying to get to the bottom of a medical mystery, there’s a...

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What flame retardants could do to your breasts breast cancer endocrine system May 09, 2021

Flame Retardants and Breast Health

Flame retardants might create changes in breast health that increase the risk of breast cancer. Let’s break down what the recent research shows and look at...

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ways to protect yourself from harmful fragrances endocrine system immune system metabolism Apr 07, 2021

Watch Out for Fragrance!

Let’s talk about fragrances. Those lovely smells in shampoo, face lotion, soap, and laundry detergent….may not be so lovely after all.

The reason is that...

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