What flame retardants could do to your breasts

Flame Retardants and Breast Health

Flame retardants might create changes in breast health that increase the risk of breast cancer. Let’s break down what the recent research shows and look at why it might matter to you...

Flame retardants are used in everything from carpets to furniture to baby clothes. They aren’t directly bound to the material, and the molecules escape easily. That means flame retardant chemicals end up in our air, food, and house dust.

Why does it matter? Because flame retardant chemicals can mimic hormones in our bodies. They are considered endocrine disruptors, or hormone disruptors.

Breast tissue is especially sensitive to the effects of flame retardant chemicals because breast development is regulated by hormones. The effects could be especially worrisome when exposure to the chemicals happens during a sensitive period, like in utero, puberty, or pregnancy.

The newest research on flame retardants showed that flame retardant chemicals created early breast development (before puberty) and disrupted cellular communication in breast tissue. Both of those things increased breast cancer risk. The study was in rats, but the researchers believe the findings likely translate to humans.

Other risks posed by flame retardants?

➡️ Fertility problems

➡️ Thyroid dysfunction

➡️ Lower IQ

➡️ Neurodevelopmental problems

Part of the solution is to minimize exposure to flame retardants. That means opting for natural rather than synthetic products (like bedding, towels, pillows, and clothes) and reducing plastics. Because flame retardants circulate in home air and house dust, keep good ventilation and vacuum often.

It also helps to do everything within your power to support your body’s own natural detoxification systems! Exercise, drink plenty of water, and get good nutrition. If you think I say these things all the time, it’s because I do! Healthy lifestyle choices will go a long way in keeping you happy and healthy for years to come.

Want to know more specific ways to detox your body? Watch my posts because I’ll be sharing some tips soon. 

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