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Embark on a transformative journey towards holistic well-being with our comprehensive guide to holistic brain training for optimal physical and emotional health. Explore a wealth of techniques and exercises designed to enhance cognitive function, promote emotional resilience, and foster a deeper mind-body connection. Dive into the fascinating world of neuroplasticity and discover how mindfulness practices, liver detox, cognitive exercises, and holistic approaches for gut health can positively impact brain health and emotional wellness.

Uncover the powerful synergy between physical fitness and holistic brain training as we delve into integrative methods for improving overall well-being. From neuroplasticity-enhancing activities to stress-reducing techniques, our blog explores the multifaceted benefits of holistic brain training for holistic living.

Learn how to harness the transformative power of holistic brain training to unlock wellness and elevate every aspect of your life. Whether you're seeking cognitive enhancement, stress management strategies, or emotional balance, our blog offers practical insights and actionable tips to help you achieve your wellness goals.

Join us on this empowering journey towards optimal physical and emotional health as we explore the intersection of mind and body, and discover the profound impact of holistic brain training on overall well-being.


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Ryan Wohlfert:

All right. I have a special, special brain training session for you today. With me is my friend, Dr. Ameet Aggarwal. And he's a brilliant guy. He's well known. He's voted one of the top 43 naturopathic doctors worldwide. That's pretty amazing. So, Ameet, thank you so much for joining me. I know you're going to give just amazing brain training and retraining advice. Not just advice, but recommendations and practical solutions. And like I said, what I love the most about you and your approach is the mind-body approach. Because you've helped thousands of people around the world heal from trauma, anxiety, depression, and chronic disease. And what you do that I love is you combine holistic medicine. I love the word holistic. I live my life by that myself. The psychotherapy, homeopathy, and emotional healing, which we're going to dive deep into today. So, Ameet, thank you so much for joining me.

Dr. Ameet Aggarwal:

A pleasure, Ryan. And hi, everyone. We're really going to dive deep into healing emotional trauma and how trauma affects your brain. We're also going to look at the most important organ in your body, the liver, which is often ignored, and how the liver and gut health affect anxiety, depression, and brain health.

I'm going to cover some homeopathic remedies to release trauma and why homeopathy is important for emotions. And then we'll look at family constellations, therapy, how to heal ancestral trauma that we carry from our grandparents, from our parents, from abortions, miscarriages, secrets, and victims of war. Now, we are all carrying that information energetically, so hopefully, there is time to go into that at the end. And then I'll point you to some a free video course, an e-book as well, that will help you put all this stuff together, healing the gut, the brain, the liver, and your emotions. So, let's get started.

Ryan Wohlfert:



Oh, yes. I love the summary. Because I know you talk a lot and you teach a lot about the gut and the liver. Like you said, the liver is a hugely missed organ. And that's why I'm doing the brain training event to piece all that together for everybody. And I think the brain is forgotten as well. It sounds weird, but we have these internal organs, like the liver, like the gut, like our brain, and they're on the inside of us and people forget how important they actually are until we bring it to their attention. So, I'd love you to go more into ... Because I know you talk about it and teach about it in your online courses, about how the gut and the liver play with emotions and play with the mind and play with brain health.

Dr. Ameet Aggarwal:

Okay. Thanks, Ryan. So, we're going to start with how the gut and the liver affect the brain. But we have to go into also how to heal emotional trauma.

And we'll do some exercise as well on how to release those traumas energetically so that also the mind also heals the brain. So, let's go into how the body affects the brain. So, you have your stomach and you have your intestines. Your intestines are like a nice tube, a nice line, kept healthy by good bacteria and good food. Over time with antibiotic use, poor diet, etc. the lining gets damaged, the good bacteria get killed off, then we get holes in the intestine. That's called leaky gut syndrome. With that, toxins float into the bloodstream and cause inflammation everywhere in the body. That's the leading cause for asthma, eczema, arthritis, and a lot of chronic conditions. And that also causes brain inflammation. The inflammation also throws off your cortisol levels, right? So, then cortisol becomes imbalanced, and then when cortisol becomes imbalanced, your brain, chemicals, serotonin, dopamine, melatonin, and GABA, all start dropping. And that leads to anxiety and depression.

And now, the liver, super important, we often forget about that. The liver now is involved because with chronic inflammation and toxins leaking into your bloodstream, the liver becomes inflamed, number one.

Number two, the liver has to deal with toxins that you ingest. Number three, the inflammation in your body creates more toxins. So, your liver has to deal with those toxins as well. I call it autotoxicity. So, your liver becomes stagnant. When it becomes stagnant, you detoxify your blood less, so you have more toxin buildup, more chronic inflammation and more brain damage, and more anxiety, depression, insomnia, etc... Also, what happens is your liver produces bile. This beautiful juice that helps with digestion. This bile also keeps your microbiome healthy. The good bacteria are healthy. So, if your liver is toxic and overburdened, you produce less bile. With less bile being produced, you'll have more gas, bloating, heartburn, constipation.



Constipation is often a lack of bile flow, not a laxative deficiency. Most people think it's a laxative deficiency. No. When you have constipation, always look at liver health. So, we got this lack of bile flow so you get poor digestion, a worsening of your microbiome health. We call that dysbiosis, the imbalance of gut flora. When that happens, then you get more damage to your intestines. Remember I said your intestines are like a nice tube, kept healthy by good bacteria? So, now if the environment in there is not good, the good bacteria don't proliferate as well, and the bad bacteria and fungi become more numerous, and therefore they will damage your intestines more causing more leaky gut and more chronic inflammation. So, it's a vicious cycle. And very important to remember is most of our neurotransmitters, serotonin, GABA, etc. are produced in the gut by those healthy bacteria.

So, if you don't have a healthy microbiome, your serotonin, your GABA levels are going to be low, so you'll have more anxiety and depression. And what happens is ... Now let's connect this to the stress response. And we're going to go into the mind and healing trauma. Basically, when you have chronic inflammation and toxicity, you stress your body. It's a stressor. So, your body has to produce more cortisol. Who produces cortisol? Your adrenal glands. And your adrenal glands also help you respond to stress with the fight, flight, or freeze response. Your adrenal glands make adrenaline. And so, imagine your adrenal glands are tired already from chronic life stress, financial issues, relationship issues, late-night work stress, etc... One. Number two, unhealed trauma, which we're going to talk about. Unhealed trauma gets stored in your nervous system.

I'm going to teach you how to release that just now. It gets stored in your nervous system and keeps on driving your adrenal glands into exhaustion.

And the third thing that's driving your adrenal glands into exhaustion is this chronic inflammation and toxicity. So, you can see how traumatic events from your past, life stresses, as well as your inflammation from your biology, are all exhausting your nervous system through your adrenal glands, and therefore you go into cortisol imbalance. And a cortisol imbalance, then you suppress serotonin, dopamine, GABA melatonin, and then you suffer from anxiety, depression, insomnia, OCD, suicidal thoughts, etc... And so, that's why it's important to heal the body, the biology, through probiotics, gut healing herbs, which I cover in the course, liver healing herbs, and homeopathic, which I cover in the course. Some of them include the bitter foods like rocket, arugula, artichoke leaf, peppermint is excellent, cruciferous vegetables, Brussels sprouts, cabbage.



It's not coming right away in my head, but the cruciferous vegetables, they're all liver detoxifying. They are super important. Then I use herbs like milk thistle, dandelion, and other homeopathic that I cover in the course. Because the liver is really the seed of health. Also, when the liver is stagnant, you go into hormonal imbalance, usually a progesterone deficiency or an estrogen excess.

And that also causes PMS symptoms, breast tenderness, gas, bloating, cramping, anxiety, depression, sadness, cheerfulness, insomnia.

Because when progesterone is low, then GABA, the antianxiety neurotransmitter doesn't work so well in the brain. And so, if it doesn't work well in the brain, you'll feel more anxious because low progesterone is affecting the ability for GABA to work well in the brain. Also, let's stick to a bit more biology. When you have a cortisol imbalance.

Your conversion of inactive thyroid hormone to active thyroid hormone, which is D3, becomes suppressed as well. And when your thyroid hormone is suppressed or you don't have enough active D3, then all your organs start malfunctioning, your hormones go out of balance. Your brain produces less serotonin because we need thyroid hormone to produce serotonin. And the repair mechanisms in your brain and the rest of your body also suffer, so you age faster. So, we've talked about how the biology affects the brain, and we were touching upon the adrenal stress response and the trauma. So, let's look into that and how to use homeopathy, family constellations and trauma release to now heal the energetic influences in our life, the emotions that affect the brain health as well.

So, imagine in childhood, you know, you have a trauma. Either your parents are fighting or they're shouting at you or there is significant abuse, or there's a separation from your mom, there's financial stress going on. All of these things will trigger your nervous system into a fight, flight, or freeze response. You develop negative beliefs about yourself. You feel unsafe. You overcompensate your behavior. Maybe you try and please dad for approval more or you rescue mom because dad was abusive. You have all these compensations that go on. They affect your self-esteem, your sense of safety, just the way you operate in life. So, in a way, these compensations are also stressful compensations, stressful reactions. And most people have these unhealed. These traumas are not healed in people, and so these tendencies carry on into adulthood.

So, you as an adult are not fully confident, rested, at peace in your life, based on these childhood traumas. And so, your nervous system is in a fight, flight, or freeze response from childhood to adulthood.

And that is also driving up your cortisol levels, messing up your brain chemicals, and exhausting your nervous system. And now, as an adult, when you experience stress, let's say your boss is angry, your childhood traumas get triggered, you suddenly feel like a failure, bot good enough. Because in a way, you project your father maybe onto the boss. Or you go through a relationship breakup and you feel abandoned and hurt and raw and terrible. It could be triggering a feeling of missing your mother or not feeling connected to your mother or your parents. Our nervous system gets wired a program from 0 to 7, and often anything that happens after that just retriggers the wounds that happen from 0 to 7.

So, now unhealed trauma creates a higher stress response for an adult when they're faced with normal daily stresses. So, again, that exhausts your nervous system and your adrenal glands, throwing off your cortisol levels, throwing off your Vagus nerve. The Vagus nerve is this beautiful nerve that affects your liver, your heart, your breathing, and your intestines. So, if your Vagus nerve is upset, it's going to signal, send basically different kinds of signals to your gut, your liver, your heart, your breathing, and therefore your biology will change. You won't detoxify as well. You won't digest as well. So, you'll have more inflammation, more toxicity, more brain damage, more mental health issues. So, it's super important to heal this trauma. And I use EMDR, Gestalt, Psychotherapy, Family Constellations Therapy, which we're going to talk about. I also use homeopathy.

Homeopathy is this beautiful, energetic form of medicine that basically is made from diluting substances in nature. There are multiple times. The dilution happens multiple times. So, you're using almost the vibrational information of a substance. And so, homeopathy has the power to release trauma and shift emotions. We heal energetically with homeopathy, so it really releases the painful emotions out of the body rather than suppressing them. And because you're doing an energetic release, your body then gets disentangled from the traumatic inflammation and can recover more fully. Some of the remedies I cover in the online course include, for example, Ignatia. Ignatia Amara, a great homeopathic remedy. If you've been betrayed, you have a lump in your throat, you want to cry, you have this anxious feeling sense of safety.

Ryan Wohlfert:

Can you spell that for me?

Dr. Ameet Aggarwal:

It's I-G-N-A-T-I-A, Ignatia Amara. All of these are in the course. My other favorite is Natrum Muriaticum Homeopathic Salt, great for relationship breakups or the loss of a loved one where you go more into withdrawal or depression, a resentment, a sadness, a loneliness. And maybe you have headaches as well. Natrum Muriaticum is great when you have relationship issues with your mother as well. And I cover the details in the course. Or Metallicum, another great one where somebody has suicidal thoughts perhaps, a sense of failure, strong depression. Of course. If you have suicidal thoughts, make sure you call 911 or emergency services because homeopathy alone might not cure that. And I don't want you to depend only on homeopathy. You need professional help. But this is the power of homeopathy because it individualizes your symptoms. Each person is unique in their anxiety and depression.

And when we look at your unique presentation, whether you have a fear of being robbed or fear of being harmed, or fear of poverty, or OCD symptoms.

OCD could be cleaning a lot, fear of germs or putting things in the right places, or checking the oven multiple times. There are different flavors of OCD. So, each kind of OCD needs a different kind of remedy. And I also cover herbs and supplements to heal anxiety, depression, OCD, as well in the course. For example, gut healing protocols include probiotics and vitamin D, and other amino acids that I use to heal the gut. And then we need the liver detox herbs that I mentioned to really flush out the system and stabilize inflammation. Then, because the adrenal glands have burnt out for most people, we need to nourish them. That's where herbs like Ashwagandha or Rho Diola come in, depending on each person's unique symptoms.

And some of these herbs, of course, you cannot take if you have cancer because it stimulates hormone production. So, of course, do this with a qualified practitioner. So, that's really a summary of how to use herbs, supplements, and homeopathy, to heal the body and the mind together. And of course, the psychotherapy to release the emotional trauma. This brings us almost to the end to talk about ancestral trauma and how to heal our family constellations.

Ryan Wohlfert:

Let me jump in just really quick. I love the description. Beautiful summary of how the mind and body work together, how biology and also trauma interplays with our overall health and brain health, and liver health, and how it all goes together and it's interconnected. And it can be a beautiful cycle or a vicious cycle depending on what we do and how we feel. And a word for that is lifestyle. And that's what this event is about, is the lifestyle that we lead. Because it could be from 0 to 7 years old is when a lot of these traumas can take place that influence our biology, that influence our mental state. So, I'm so happy you went into that, the homeopathy.


And I love the homeopathy part too, because one thing that I'm against, I guess, is just blindly just taking medications thinking they're not a big deal. And then all of a sudden you get all these symptoms that you've already mentioned. And you go to your doctor and they don't check what you're already taking, and then all of a sudden, you're taking 15 to 20 different medications. And homeopathy can bridge that gap. So, it's just beautiful. So, thank you so much for sharing that.

Dr. Ameet Aggarwal:

A pleasure. The key point in all of this is to heal the root cause. If the root cause is your gut and your liver, you need to heal that. If the root cause is, of course, a trauma, the trauma needs to be healed with psychotherapy, homeopathy, etc... And then also, each person has a different constitutional homeopathic picture, for example, a tendency, a vulnerability. And so, we go deeper into the healing by looking at those remedies as well.

Ryan Wohlfert:

Now, have you found that typically there are root causes instead of just one root cause because one feeds into the other?

Dr. Ameet Aggarwal:

Yeah, multiple root causes. We're inundated with toxins. Everyone's liver needs a bit of healing. And that's why I include homeopathy in the online course for liver healing.

Because homeopathy takes liver detox to another level, which is different from just using herbs and supplements. I believe almost everyone's liver needs help. And then the pesticides were ingesting and the chemicals and the foods are destroying our gut as well. So, our probiotics, our microbiome is out of balance. So, that's a root cause. Those two root causes are happening for most people.

And then most of us have some sort of trauma during childhood, whether it's abandonment, whether it's an ancestral trauma, (which we're going to get into, I promise you) whether it's mom issues, dad issues, etc., we're carrying that information. And that is also affecting our nervous system, our mindset, our approach to life, our beliefs about mom, dad, reality, ourselves, our place in this world, and affect our confidence. So, there are multiple root causes going on, and the beauty is they can all be healed together. In this course, when you learn to heal the mind and body together.

Ryan Wohlfert:


Exactly. I love it. So, let's get into the ancestral trauma and what that is, what people can do about that. I'm a certified mindset specialist and I'm done a lot of mindset work. I'm having my mindset summits and things like that. I love how you said that, how we view, how our perception is of our reality in life. So, please get into that. Please talk more about the family constellation therapy that you do too.

Dr. Ameet Aggarwal:

Okay. So, we all inherit ancestral trauma. Epigenetics science shows that trauma is passed from generation to generation, and it affects our genes. And we don't know that we're carrying this unconsciously. I'll give you a simple example. 9-11, let's say a pregnant woman witnessed 9-11, so then she went through shock and trauma. Her physiology changes. That change in physiology will affect the physiology of her baby as well as the eggs in her ovaries. And so, now any babies born from this person will have an altered physiology. And this altered physiology might be more susceptible to loud noises, stress and trauma. And studies have shown that children born after 9-11 from victims of 9-11 seem to have more anxiety and mental health symptoms. That's a very small example.

And this change in physiology passes from generation to generation. Now, other examples of imbalances that we study in family constellations is loyalties.

So, for example, if mom is abused by dad, most likely you will be loyal and protective towards mom and you might even reject that or be angry with Dad. Or if mom is disappointed and complaining about that, you have an unconscious rejection towards that and a loyalty to rescuing mom. And so, suddenly you lose your innocent place in the family of just being an innocent child and loyal to both parents or equal to both parents. You have a certain sense of responsibility, of taking care of mom. And that sense of responsibility appears almost for some people, like a subtle depression, a sadness, an inability to live fully and thrive in life because you have this sense of duty that you don't know where you got it from.

Dr. Ameet Aggarwal:

And so, in family constellations, we have healing sentences. For example, "Dear Mom, I love you very much. Your sadness or disappointment with Dad, I've been carrying it with you, and I see that it's. It's not mine to carry alone. This belongs to you. Please bless me, Mom, if I look to Dad with love as my father, if I include him in my life as an equal parent or a parent who also  gave me life. Will you please give me that love and permission, Mom? Will you look at me with love? If I can bring back my father into my heart? And then people usually regain strength from that, and their immunity changes. OCD, chronic diseases all shift. I'm simplifying this.

And then another example is if there's a miscarriage or abortion in the family and you think you're the first child, but in actuality, you came after that missing child. So, if you don't know that and you think you're in the first child position, most clients of mine, they'll have the sense of unease, anxiety, overwhelmed, they have to do a lot in life. And then when I get them to say certain sentences, which I'll share just now, and get them to realize, "Hey, there's actually a child before me, I'm in the second or third position and I feel this is my correct position." Suddenly, the overwhelm, the burden of being the first child disappears, melts away, and the nervous system relaxes.

Dr. Ameet Aggarwal:

These are all unconscious traumas and burdens we're carrying without knowing it. So, I might get the client to say, "Dear Mom and Dad, thank you for giving me life. Dear sibling, I see you came before me. I give you a place as the first or second child. Dear Mom and Dad, please see me as the third child. Please look upon me with love in my real position. And let us include these two children or three children or one child who came before me." And then you really feel seen in your true authenticity. And that settles the nervous system as well, and peels away a lot of chronic mental health issues. Sometimes mental as well as physical health issues come from unhealed ancestral trauma.

So, I've done homeopathy, I've done the supplements, I've done the herbs, they bring some changes. But the real change happens when we heal the ancestral trauma through family constellation therapy and these healing sentences.

And that's really going to the root cause. And so, I combine healing the body, the gut, the liver, the adrenal system, with energetic release using homeopathy and trauma release, using the psychotherapy with family constellations to heal what's coming up from the top. So, every single layer, every single system is healed holistically and more completely for better health and more long-term wellbeing, rather than just bandaging symptoms with natural supplements and quick fixes. It doesn't work that way. You really need to go holistically, body, mind, and ancestral trauma.

Ryan Wohlfert:


Yeah. I don't know if you found this, but again, we were talking a little bit before just the journey that we've been on. When I was a kid and when I was growing up, probably up until my late twenties, early thirties, it was all about the body, and the mind part was the whole willpower. Like just go, go, no, the grindstone type things. And I look back and I wish I would have learned, but I know that's part of the whole journey, this whole mindset, and the thoughts and emotions. And I remember my mom saying, "You just got to think positive," which was funny because I would see how she wouldn't follow that same thing. But anyway, that's beside the point. But just realizing and treating patients and clients over the last 20-something years, mainly with physical type symptoms, pain, headaches, low energy, digestive issues, brain issues, the depression or anxiety type part of it.

And just looking at it and you're like when the physical things aren't really getting to the root cause, you can see it. And how powerful that emotional, that ancestral trauma as you stated, is just binding up their physiology. Again, being trained as a chiropractor, treating thousands and thousands of patients, putting my hands on them, it's, I say funny, but if I've adjusted them hundreds of times or how many times it was, and then all of a sudden it doesn't go that well, the next one, it just feels off. Many times, I'll say, "Are you stressed out today?" Just because it's a different level of energy that they have. So, that's amazing.

Now, the family constellation therapy is a lot of that the sentences, or that's one aspect of it? Are there any other simple practical things that people can do with that that you can share with them? Because that was beautiful. It's almost like a forgiveness part of it. It's an acceptance part of it. So, as you say, it's unconscious. We don't know it's there. So, how can people bring that into their awareness? Because that's a huge part of it. Because we can't really change it if we're not aware of what's happening.

Dr. Ameet Aggarwal:

Yeah. Good question.

So, on my website, there's a free video on Family Constellations, and I give a few questions you can ask your family. And some trainings as well on family constellations healing sentences.

Some things you can ask your family, have they been any miscarriages or abortions? And if it's safe to ask that right, of course. Are there any previous love affairs of your parents? Also honoring your parents. I know some of our parents are super abusive. And there are delicate ways to include them in our hearts and say, "Dear Dad, for what you could give me, I thank you."



Meaning we're in the narrative that they didn't give us enough or they really traumatized us. But for what you could give me, I thank you. Or "Dear Mom, for What you could provide." So, it's a way of honoring and bowing down to the ancestors and the ones before you. And that relaxes the nervous system for some people. With some people, for severe trauma. They're not ready for those sentences. And I respect that and I honor that. And so, there are different healing sentences I use. So, there's no cookie-cutter recipe for everyone. I channel the information in the moment, depending on vibration of the person. Yeah,

It's super important to be sensitive enough to the emotional needs of an individual to work with them in a deeper way. But there are other questions you can say. Was there a murder in the family? Are there any family secrets? Has there been an outcast in the family, somebody who's not spoken about or forgotten about? Were there family members involved in the war? Did any of our ancestors murder other people in the war? Were they on the "not so good side"? Was there alcoholism, drugs, crime, etc.? A lot of children of people who have committed crimes will have OCD, mental health symptoms, alcoholism, different dysfunctional behaviors because in a way they're carrying the legacy or the penalty of their ancestors. And we see that every day.

I also see physiological changes happen; physical symptoms happen in people who have ancestral trauma.

And so, by healing the trauma with sentences, the physical symptoms also go away and you need less supplements over time. So, I've summarized the approach of gut, liver, adrenals. And there's an amazing emotional healing exercise actually, that's out there. It's all free. The free videos are there. Then there's a full paid course as well, but there's free videos on healing, the gut, the liver, etc. And the emotional healing exercise will help you overcome negative beliefs about your own emotions. So, you think, oh, I shouldn't feel jealous or I shouldn't feel angry. I shouldn't feel this way or think that way. And this emotional healing exercise will give you permission, really, to experience the full length or depth of your emotional richness and reduce the shame around certain emotions so you can complete what you need to complete, and hold in integrity your true self and your needs.

Because underneath what we call dysfunctional emotions, is a need. Behind jealousy, there is "I need to be seen as well. I need to be recognized. I need to be loved." Behind anger there is, "I need my boundaries, I need space, I need a chance to speak as well." But we shame these emotions, which is not healthy for our nervous system because we stifle them or contract them or block them. And then we go into a cycle or spin of suppression, and that creates chronic disease



as well. So, there's an emotional healing exercise you can do that will help peel away some of these negative beliefs around yourself.

Ryan Wohlfert:

Yeah. The emotional healing exercise, like you said, is we have these "bad emotions." We think, 'Man, I shouldn't be thinking like that." but it's there for a reason. It's not bad. It's almost like a protective mechanism. As you said, it's a need that people have that our brain automatically ... Because it is an automatic response until you retrain it with these types of emotional healing exercises, with these mindset practices that I've taught before. Like doing journaling.

And that leads me to one question I have. With the sentences going back to the family constellation therapy ... Because this is one question I have. Do you have to actually physically say it to your parents or family or can it be introspective? And the follow up to that is I love how you said you have to feel safe enough to ask that question because it can be traumatic. That can be traumatic or you feel that sense of anxiety or whatever that feeling is. So, you have to phrase the question or be comfortable with the questions that you're asking, or else it can just create more of that survival response.

Dr. Ameet Aggarwal:

Exactly. So, the healing sentences don't have to be said in front of the people. You can say them introspectively, as you're saying.

You can say them out loud. In family constellations, sometimes we have assistants who represent our family members, and so we can say those sentences to those representatives and we get some feedback, and we feel a visceral nervous system shift. And that shift is an untangling of tension. So, it's not temporary. It's more like a permanent resolution. And that's what we're looking for in any therapy is resolution rather than suppression. So, a good question. Thank you for that.

Ryan Wohlfert:

All right. Good. Because. Because I know there are certain questions that I would still feel uncomfortable asking my mom, especially if I was ... But I do think actually saying them, like how you said, to you or an assistant or representative and not the family member, because that leads to more of that healing response rather than just bottling it all up in our mind.

Dr. Ameet Aggarwal:



Absolutely. And sometimes representatives give you information that is kind of a secret in the family. But representatives have the ability to tap into certain energies that give you more information and give you an idea of where the healing needs to go.

Ryan Wohlfert:

This has been great, doc. You mentioned your courses. You've mentioned the different videos that you have. Please tell people where they can get those. Because we know that it's not just a one-time thing, it's a lifestyle that we're creating. So, I'm so happy that you can provide this.

Dr. Ameet Aggarwal:

Thank you. So, all the free videos and the courses are on And there's a free e-book there as well. And then the full course goes more into detail on the exact homeopathic remedies, the herbs, the supplements, the emotional healing exercises I use, how to heal the gut, the liver, the emotions, adrenal system, very important, some amino acids for your brain. And there's a lot of juicy stuff coming up in there all the time. So, thank you.

Ryan Wohlfert:

Thank you, doc. And I appreciate you being here because I want to make sure people have not just the information, but the implementation that they need to live a long, healthy life, heal their brain, heal their body, heal their mind. So, thank you so much. I can't tell you how much I appreciate this.

Dr. Ameet Aggarwal:

Thank you as well, Ryan. And lots of love, everyone. Have a good one.



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Natural remedies for anxiety, depression, leaky gut syndrome, liver detox, adrenal fatigue, mental health, trauma, hormones, ancestral trauma & chronic disease

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Natural remedies for anxiety, depression, leaky gut syndrome, liver detox, adrenal fatigue, mental health, trauma, hormones, ancestral trauma & chronic disease

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