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Gut Health and Vagus Nerve Function for Chronic pain healing

chronic inflammation good gut health with homeopathy how to heal emotional trauma naturopathic doctor and iridologist near me vagus nerve function Feb 24, 2024

Dive into the intricate connection between gut health, vagus nerve function, and chronic pain healing with our latest blog post titled "Gut Health and Vagus Nerve Function for Chronic Pain Healing". Explore the fascinating interplay between these vital systems as we uncover natural approaches to alleviate chronic pain and promote overall well-being.

In this comprehensive article, we delve deep into the role of gut health and vagus nerve function in chronic pain management. Gain valuable insights into how optimizing gut health can positively impact vagus nerve function, leading to effective pain relief and improved quality of life.

Discover evidence-based strategies for nurturing gut health and enhancing vagus nerve function to address chronic pain at its root. From dietary modifications to stress management techniques, we provide practical tips and holistic solutions for long-term pain management and healing.

Join us as we explore the synergistic relationship between gut health and vagus nerve function in the context of chronic pain. Experience the transformative power of integrative approaches to pain management that prioritize holistic well-being and natural healing.

Read today to delve into "Gut Health and Vagus Nerve Function for Chronic Pain Healing" and embark on a journey to reclaiming a pain-free life. Unlock the secrets to sustainable pain relief through the optimization of gut health and vagus nerve function.

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Kelly: Welcome back to The Chronic Pain & Fascia Rescue Summit. And I am so excited to introduce you to Dr. Ameet Aggarwal from Kenya, who is here to join us and explain so many great things that he does. He does EMDR. He does constellation therapy. He's a naturopath and a homeopath, and truly, a heart-centered, authentic person. I am so excited for you all to meet my new friend and colleague, Ameet, as we talk fascia. Welcome, Ameet.

Dr. Aggarwal: Thanks. Thanks, Kelly. I'm really super excited to help people untangle negative beliefs, using homeopathy, constellation work, releasing trauma as well, that sets in these deep beliefs that contracts our fascia. Homeopathy is amazing medicine that's going to help people release trauma and trapped emotions. We'll talk about the different remedies that we can use for specific kinds of trauma. And yeah, let's just get started and dive in.

Kelly: Awesome. Awesome. So emotions and fascia, I think this is a connection, like people maybe are like, "Why are we talking about emotions because I have chronic pain in my shoulder?" or, "chronic pain in my hip," or, "I injured my elbow, and now I have tennis elbow."

So in the work that you do, because you work with clients long distance, right? They don't have to live in Kenya to work with you. So how do you address fascia and emotions? How do you see that show up in your practice? Dr. Aggarwal: So the important thing to remember is that fascia is not only about pain and injuries. Fascia surrounds every single organ. And fascia communicates with the nervous system, and the nervous system communicates with fascia.

So there's a symbiotic relationship, a love relationship between energy and the physical manifestation of energy or matter. And so what happens to fascia then affects your gut, your body, your pain receptors, the different organs, and the liver.

We're going to talk about liver detox and why liver is super important to almost every single disease out there. Fascia also communicates with the vagus nerve, this beautiful big nerve that affects and regulates your parasympathetic nervous system.

So if you have anxiety, depression, menstrual issues, PMS, migraines, it could all be related to how your nervous system is being regulated by past emotions, emotional trauma, ancestral trauma; we're going to talk about how to heal ancestral trauma using family constellation therapy.

So how to free your nervous system, as well as your vagus nerve, so that the way the vagus nerve affects your gut, your fascia, your liver, your heart, your brain function, your jaw, starts to shift to a healthier vibration, to a healthier existence.

So you start to exist at a healthier vibration and a healthier experience of life. When you have a healthier experience of life, your whole nervous system self- regulates. Your hormones come more into balance. Your muscles and your fascia starts to let go of tension.

So pain reduces, hormones come more into balance. Your liver starts detoxifying and releasing bile more fluidly, so your digestion improves. Then your gut motility improves, so you release more toxins from your body. You have less inflammation then because when you have toxins in your gut and your motility is affected, and you have stress hormones in your gut, you go into leaky gut and you get these inflammatory diseases and autoimmune conditions.

So when you experience being more completely in this world in a healthier way, liver flows better, gut releases more, cortisol levels come more into balance, you're releasing toxins, your body lets go. Less pain, less inflammation, more sense of safety in your body. So less self-attack by autoimmune conditions as well, and you flow through life better. We're going to talk about how to detoxify your liver, release emotional trauma, and really tone down inflammation as well, along with, of course, healing fascia.

Kelly: So flow is my word. I don't know if you know that but as being known as the liver queen, I love flow state, but what you just explained was so beautiful. I really think we could spend the next 30 minutes just kind of unpacking everything you said.

I want to go back to the vagus nerve. I don't think we've given enough conversation in the summit to the vagal nerve. And given all that you just said, I want everybody listening to understand why you were able to make all those connections, justfrom the vagal nerve.

So let's talk about the vagal nerve a little bit, if you could. Why does it affect? How is the sympathetic nervous system, the vagal nerve, and parasympathetic related together? And then secondarily, how is the vagus nerve then contributing to the gut health? There you are. I set up your T ball. There you go. You're ready. Go ahead. Knock it out the park for me.

Dr. Aggarwal: Okay, I'm just channeling what needs to be said here for those who are connected. So your heart is the center of emotions or your emotionalyeah, I'm just going to say that, but your whole system is really at the center of your emotions.

And the vagus nerve is directly connected to your heart and your feelings, and your experience of life. So when you get emotional trauma or when you have a loyalty to a suffering mother or an abusive father or a suffering father, or when there's ancestral trauma, your heart is connected to those ancestral traumas.

So your vagus nerve responds to those connections, to those loyalties, and to those experiences. It responds by contracting or releasing, or also secreting certain cytokines, certain chemical messengers, to your gut, to your liver, to your heart, to your entire nervous system. So that affects the way you poop, the way your heart beats, the way your liver detoxifies, and the health of your microbiome, what cytokines, chemicals are released in your microbiome.

Therefore, that alters really, first of all, the health of the lining of the gut. So you can have good tight junctions that prevent toxins from going into your bloodstream. Or you can have weaker junctions, cell junctions, and flaccid intestines, which maintains toxicity in these pockets of toxicity. Then more toxins leak into the gut, into the bloodstream, causing inflammatory conditions. So let's go back to the heart center and the effect on the vagus nerve.

Kelly: The vagal nerve links up with the heart. And if there's all this past trauma from our ancestors that's causing information to the vagus nerve, then the vagus nerve is going to kind of stimulate, essentially, and create a cytokine kind of experience, creating inflammation, which is then going to loosen the structures of the junctions between in the intestinal wall, which is going to create more of a leaking of the particles we're eating, out into our bloodstream, which is going to create obviously, leaky gut, which is going to create more inflammation. So inflammation creates inflammation is basically what I am summarizing of what you just said.

Dr. Aggarwal: Yes, inflammation also causes leaky gut. So if you're eating inflammatory foods and all that and you have lots of antibiotics, you will destroy the gut lining, causing the leaky gut. But also, the trauma also affects the health of your gut lining. So the vagus nerve also affects the liver. So then you have less bile flowing into your gut.

And with less bile, you have less lubrication, so more stickiness, and more toxin buildup and more damage to the gut, and more inflammation and chronic disease. And of course, more inflammation also affects your cortisol levels and neurotransmitter levels. So you get more anxiety and depression.

Now, going back to this vagus nerve, it's affected by ancestral trauma, as well as childhood trauma, also known as adverse childhood experiences. So people sit there taking medications. They take probiotics. Or they take supplements all the time, but they don't heal the energetic experiences in their life.

Kelly: Can you repeat that? Dr. Ameet, can you please repeat what you just said, please? I really want everybody to understand the importance of what you just said.

Dr. Aggarwal: So the vagus nerve, as well as the entire nervous system affects your physiology. It affects your fight or flight response, your adrenal glands, your liver secretions, your gut mobility, health, your heart rate, tension in your jaw, and therefore, also your pituitary gland and the hormones that it secretes. Those are controlled and affected by emotions. And those emotions, of course, are affected by childhood trauma, as well as ancestral trauma.

So when you ignore the effect of traumaancestral and childhood and life traumasand you pop supplements and medicines all the time, you are basically blocking the healing process in a way, sometimes. You're managing your body and keeping your body healthy, yes. But those emotions sink deeper and deeper and get lodged into your fascia, into your nervous system, making your body weaker.

So your body then forgets how to release this. It just sets in deeper and suddenly, your body starts giving up on releasing it. So disease sets in. So then supplements will stop working over time. And you'll feel more flaccid, exhausted, burnt out, unable, really, to heal energetically.


Kelly: And I would say this is probably responsible for what you and I have seen in our client base, where they've seen other practitioners. They've gotten better for a short amount of time, by taking the supplements, healing the gut up a little bit, doing a liver flush, whatever the case may be. But then it comes back and gets them.

If they haven't handled the emotional components, is what you're saying, is that the supplements alone aren't going to heal the causative nature of what the inflammation is about because the traumas from childhood, ancestral, or living, are a constant source to the nervous system, which is creating an inflammatory experience regardless of what they're eating, regardless of their supplements, that has to be overcome in order for there to be a true healing event in the body.

Dr. Aggarwal: Yes. I'm going to explain that a bit more scientifically for those who need that scientific explanation. When you go through trauma or you have loyalties to parents who are fighting or loyalty to one mother, rejecting your father, etc., that creates an inner tension in you. Even though you think you're saving a parent or you're protecting yourself, there's an inner tension. That's the fight or flight response.

The fight or flight response engages your adrenal glands to make adrenaline and cortisol, your survival hormones. Then unhealed trauma basically leaves your adrenal glands in this unconscious or subconscious fight or flight state, so they don't rest and digest.

And so they're constantly producing or are prone to being stimulated to produce cortisol and adrenaline with the slightest amount of stress because they're wired that way now, because they're preparing for another insult that is basically connected with the childhood trauma. And so over time, your adrenal glands get burnt out and you go into cortisol imbalance.

If this is confusing for everyone, I have free videos on my website where you can learn how to heal the gut, the liver, the adrenal system and emotions together. I'm going to explain this right now but if you get lost, just look at those free videos.

So now you have this cortisol imbalance and adrenal burnout. What happens is when you have a cortisol imbalance, your thyroid hormones, your conversion of inactive thyroid hormone to active thyroid hormone goes wonky.

And so you don't have enough activity T3. When you don't have enough active T3, all your cells need T3. So your gut lining doesn't have enough T3 basically, to be strong. So that's usually why constant trauma weakens your gut lining, as well. That's one cause.

Alongside, of course, when you eat too many antibiotics, you have poor diet, too many inflammatory foods, that also kills off your good bacteria and damages the lining. Then that damaged lining also contributes to leaky gut syndrome.

So you have inflammatory foods, overmedication, too much alcohol, etc. damage the gut lining, as well as an imbalance of hormones, cortisol levels from emotional trauma affecting your thyroid hormone, which also keeps the junctions tight.

Kelly: So it's interesting because so many people say it's adrenals. But I've said for years, it's the thyroid, that the adrenals are overworking to compensate for what the thyroid can't do and manage in regards to the emotions. And then people's adrenals get overstimulated, and everybody's like, "Oh, we need to boost your adrenals."

And I'm like, "No, you actually need to calm the adrenals down. They've been in sympathetic overload for like, ever. And we need to like, rest them and allow the thyroid to come on and the kidneys to create the energy and the life-force in the body," not the adrenaline and the cortisol from being in stress mode all the time. We need to let the adrenals calm down and support the thyroid and the kidneys. Do you see that the same way?

Dr. Aggarwal: Yeah, so what happens is people make the mistake of only taking adrenal herbs, without calming the adrenal system down. And the best way to calm the adrenal system down is to take it out of fight or flight. And for me, acupuncture, energy medicine, psychotherapy, especially the ones that have somatic experience, like somatic oriented. So I use EMDR. I use Gestalt therapy. I use family constellation therapy, somatic experiencing, and I use homeopathy.

All of those can energetically release trauma and emotions that are stimulating the adrenal glands to be in unrest or fight or flight. When you release those and the adrenal glands have a chance to calm down, and then that's where I add now, the adrenal nourishing herbs. Ashwagandha, rhodiola, all of those are good to add while you're calming the adrenal system down so that you're not overstimulating it, number one.

Another big mistake people make is adding adrenal herbs when their livers are toxic. You don't want to do that. That adds too much heat in the system. So you've got to flush out the liver. And that's where homeopathic remedies and liver herbs come in. So I use homeopathic remedies to drain the liver cells at a deeper level, and I cover that in the online course. And then herbs of course, to drain the liver cells at a physical level, both need to happen together for optimal liver detox.

Kelly: And castor oil packs, which I think we have somebody talking about castor oil packs at some point, is great.

Dr. Aggarwal: Castor oil packs are excellent.
Kelly: Can you explain why the liver has to function well in order to get the

adrenal to calm down?

Dr. Aggarwal: That's not the reason I do the detox, but it's important to detoxify the body because most people are toxic. And when you add adrenal herbs, it's too much heat in the system, and everything just flares up.

Kelly: What does it mean? Like, those of us who aren't trained in acupuncture, what does too much heat in the system mean? Because they're thinking temperature, perhaps. And I want to get them into understanding what this acupuncture theory of heat and dampness is in the body.

Dr. Aggarwal: So basically, when the adrenal glands are wired, they're stressed out. And then people's tendency is to give adrenal herbs, which is fine. Yeah, some of them actually have a calming effect, especially regulating cortisol, rhodiola ashwagandha. But now remember, these herbs are adding to the body, adding. But if your liver is stagnant or toxic, in Chinese medicine, we say you're stagnant or full. It's a full pitcher. And now when you're adding heating or nourishing herbs to a full system, your liver cannot process this in some cases.

Also, the adding on a full system generates more heat, more aggravation. So you might feel anxious with certain herbs, or you might break out into pimples, etcetera because that's creating heat, and the liver hasn't flushed out enough toxins yet. So it's an aggravation.

But of course, we feel this all energetically, some people are so empty that they need the adrenal herbs to help detoxify, even though they're still toxic because remember, your kidneys are part of the detoxification process and your kidneys need your adrenal glands to be healthy to detoxify better.

So it's a fine balance. I'll often have liver detox herbs as well as homeopathics, alongside with adrenal support. And I'll often use homeopathic remedies such as phosphoric acid or ignatian or natrum muriaticum, or aurum. These are all emotionally healing, homeopathic remedies that take people out of stress, trauma, breakups, withdrawal, suicidal thoughts, a sense of failure, and I cover all those in more detail.

So when you heal them energetically with homeopathy, your whole nervous system calms down. So we're doing homeopathy and psychotherapy for the emotions, and then we're doing herbs and homeopathy for liver drainage. And then we bring in the adrenal herbs to nourish the adrenal glands back into regulation, and then everything calms down. The mind gets more centered, the nervous system comes out of fight or flight, your confidence returns. Your body starts detoxifying better. Your immune system picks up without being hyper.

So what I'm trying to get people to understand is the importance of settling the body down, detoxifying while calming everything down, through psychotherapy, through homeopathy, and then bringing in the nourishment and other healing herbs that you need. People make the mistake of taking symptom-based herbs. Chamomile tea, for example, to help with sleep, but sometimes people's sleep are due to an aggravation of the adrenal system, or liver toxicity.

If you have too many toxins, basically, you have a cortisol imbalance and cortisol imbalances suppress melatonin. So if you're only taking chamomile or phosphatidylserine, or GABA for helping you sleep, without releasing or calming down your nervous system, as well as detoxifying your liver, you're going to be on supplements for a very long time. And you're going to feel awful when you stop the supplements. So you've got to treat the root cause.

Kelly: Then they become dependents instead of supplements is what I would like to say. The thing that you're speaking such truth and volumes about truth is that the fascia pain, the chronic pain, the fascia injury, even though it may be like, "Oh, I was playing tennis and I hurt my shoulder. Dr. Ameet, how does that have to do with my childhood?"

Dr. Aggarwal: Yes, let's talk about it. Yeah.

Kelly: Let's make that connection because I think what you've already explained is beautiful, like, "Hey, you want to get rid of your pain, you've got to handle your this, that." But how is that if I injured it?


Like I dropped a massage table on my toe three weeks ago and broke my toe, and my metatarsal. I know why I did it. I know there was an emotional component to all of why I dropped that massage table. But can you help them understand that connection? Which is a huge ask.

Dr. Aggarwal: I will connect with what I'm able to, to speak. So pain and inflammation comes from basic... Okay, if you have chronic inflammation, of course, from a leaky gut and a toxic liver, then when you're injured, you'll have more inflammation, and you'll be in more pain. Your inflammatory response will be heightened, one.

Number two, if you have beliefs of unsafety, of threat, when you experience pain, those beliefs and those fears will be triggered, as well. Your interpretation of what's happening will be heightened. So you're going to feel more pain than other people. And because of the vulnerability that you had in childhood, you'll go into unsafety very fast.

So by healing childhood trauma, using the homeopathy, using the psychotherapy, then your sense of safety returns, and you'll be less triggered. You'll go less into fight or flight or the adrenal response when you are injured. So you'll be calmer during pain. And when you're calmer during pain, of course, then the experience of pain will be less.

The other thing that happens is, let's talk about family constellations and ancestral trauma. When your parents are suffering or have experienced some sort of trauma, our heart goes out to them, of course, naturally. And sometimes we become loyal to our parents' suffering, we carry it with them or for them, or we reject one parent over the other because one parent injured the other. So we have certain loyalties and tendencies.

These loyalties and tendencies, of course, are emotions that create a physical change in our body, whether it's a tightening of the jaw, whether it's heartburn, you'll see a lot of people with stress get heartburn. So emotions do create physiological changes. And there'll be tension in our muscles. Or I know a lot of people with loyalty issues. They'll have a bit of a scoliosis going on. It's being pulled in different directions.

So of course, these muscle tensions will create physical imbalances in your body. So when you're playing tennis and your hips are not in line, you're going to injure one side more than the other. You might be more prone to this disc bulge on that side, based on your posture. Or your knees might be weak, because you have this fear of going forward and letting go of the problems of your parents, like you're loyal to this suffering in the past, or to the fear. And so your knees become weak because what happens is your energy is not flowing, number one. Your psoas muscle is really tight because your psoas muscles connect to your adrenal glands.

Kelly: Psoas, he's saying psoas, which is in the front of your hip. And we talk about that in the pelvic floor a lot. I think we have somebody talking about pelvic floor, as well. But the psoas muscle is key, toI want to make sure people got that. It's P-S, by the way, P-S-O-A-S; psoas, in case you're looking it up. Go ahead.

Dr. Aggarwal: My pronunciation for multi-culture living. Anyways

Kelly: I mean, I've interviewed people from Switzerland. And I'm like trying to interpret for everybody because this is a global summit, as far as I'm concerned. I want every single person on the universe to know about fascia, to help them understand where their pain is coming from and help them alleviate pain because we don't need to live in pain. None of us have to live in pain.

I don't live in pain anymore. We want you to understand you do not have to live in pain anymore. And you can be free of it for 20 years and get better and healthier and more flexible by what Ameet is saying. I know Dr. Ameet and I just met, ha-ha, today, but this has been a communion that's been waiting to happen for some time.

And I understand why. I understand why Shivan wanted him and I to meet because our work is so similar. And it's because it's the truth, it's because of where the body is laying these down. So go back to constellation therapy, and I'll shut up.

Dr. Aggarwal: So we have these fear response and these loyalties, so we're holding back. And the psoas muscle is doing many things. Your psoas muscle collapses or holds back and tenses in fear. It holds back because you're afraid of leaving something. There's certain beliefs that affect the way your muscles work, of course, and how you live your life.

And so when the psoas muscle starts compensating, you might get a collapsed pelvis or your knees might become weaker, and your lower back might start hurting or the hamstrings or even the IT band will start hurting more.

Everything goes out of balance, so you're more prone to injuries. And also, when you are injured, of course, your muscle will not release easy, so more tension happens.

And it's just harder for you to come out of an injury and heal because of one, the physical tension created by the injury but also, the emotional tension that's residing in your muscle system. So that's why you've got to heal emotions, whether it's childhood trauma or ancestral trauma, or loyalties, using family constellation therapy. Yes, that's what I was going to talk about.

So family constellation therapy is this amazing therapy that we use to really heal entanglements we have with our ancestors, our parents, our siblings, as well as unborn children. What do I mean by unborn children? Miscarriages, abortions, that either you've had, or your parents have had, this is very important.

Kelly: Men and women, correct?
Dr. Aggarwal: Absolutely. Men and women.

Kelly: Men and women. It's not just the woman that got pregnant, but also the man. If he was with somebody that got pregnant or if his sibling or his mother had a miscarriage or something, I just think a lot of people put too much emphasis on women there. So I just wanted to throw that out.

Dr. Aggarwal: So if your parents have lost a child, and you believe you are the first child in the system, or the second, but there's a child before you, your energy body knows that and your parentsgrief or disappointment or something is there in the family system, untalked about, unacknowledged. You will pick that up without realizing that you're picking it up. So your nervous system will be responding to that missing child.

Often, what I see in clinic is that if you think you're the first or second child, you will feel overwhelmed with your responsibilities. You'll be doing a lot of work. And when you recognize that there's a child before you, you can give the place of the first child back to that first child and be witnessed by your parents as being the second child, feeling your real place. You will have less burden on you. Your shoulders will relax.

The fascia in your shoulders actually relax because you'll be like, "Ah, I don't have to do so much," or, "I don't have to live the life of the missing child of two people." Or if you can acknowledge the grief of your parents, saying, "Dear mom, this sadness is you lost a child, you parents, you lost a child; this is your grief. I hand this back to where it belongs. I also miss the sibling, I acknowledge that I've been missing this child, but I don't have to have as much sadness as you did for losing your child. So I can see what is yours and what is authentically mine."

Then I see myself growing up and as an adult. I see my parents as separate people, and I find my path again. I see my own authentic self. And that availability of or awareness of my authentic self, what are my emotions, gives me the permission to become an adult and receive life-force energy, receive communication from other people as an authentic adult, which often disappears when we are entangled or connected with grief that doesn't belong to us, grief of our parents or our ancestors.

So I use healing sentences in family constellation therapy, I get people to say certain sentences, online or in person, that disentangles this entanglement, so they can feel their authentic nervous system. And this goes on not only for trauma that happened to our parents, but also ancestral trauma, if there's murders.

I treat a lot of people whose parents were in the war, people whose grandparents were affected by the Nazis or also people who had grandparents who were Nazis or perpetrators. They're carrying some guilt, some rage, some effects of those experiences. All this is healable. And we do it in a very respectful way to the victims as well as the perpetrators, where it's necessary. And that's the power of family constellation therapy.

Kelly: And wow, I'm sure for so many peoplebecause I remember the first time I heard about family constellation therapy, I have to be honest, I was like, "What are you talking about? Why do my ancestors have anything to do with me right now, in this person?" This was 24 years ago or something when I was first exposed to family constellation therapy.

But what Dr. Ameet has brought to everybody's attention today is that there's really three things that when people are looking at pain, fascia, chronic pain, fascia issues, then instead of looking at it from the perspective of the physical, that perhaps we should look at it from a homeopathy perspective, a psychotherapy perspective, and then a rebuild-and-support perspective.


For the fascia to heal, we've got to release the emotions and heal then the causative factors, psychotherapy wise. We use the homeopathy to drain it from the system in a safe way, that's safe, allowing the safety to return to the body and allowing that system to then reduce its sympathetic tone, which creates the inflammation, the tension in the fascia, allowing the rebuild and the regeneration, and allowing that fascia to heal by removing past ancestral or childhood traumas that are no longer effective.

They're affecting us but not currently running in our system. But they're still held on, like old software that's no longer helping my computer perform. We need to defragment the computer, get rid of the old software, and allow the new software to run the program that we are conscious of and aware of and can move forward in our lives. If you can give us one sentence that you know in your constellation therapy that is helpful to so many people.

Because I think, honestly, in the last two years, there has been a belief system that has plagued our entire species and brought fear into people's whole entire systems. That really, the pandemic, as far as I'm concerned, is the fear and the sympathetic overtone, that even today, right now, in this country, we have a no-mask situation. But I see plenty of people wearing masks because they are fearful of what they were previously told. Even though new information has been out that says, "That old information is no longer accurate. Here's the new information."

But that fear has caused them to not hold on to the new information. This is exactly what you're talking about in constellation work, that fears that are no longer appropriate to our system need to be released.

So is there a sentence or something? I know he's downloading from source right now, he's accessing greater information than he, because we all have access to it but he's very good at this. And he's going to tell us exactly what the sentence is, and I can't wait to hear it.

Dr. Aggarwal: So a lot of the fear is based on losing connection with the crowd, with the community, with the tribe. And so we become loyal to the connection of the tribe. If the tribe is fearful, we are loyal to that and we swallow that fear. And we imbibe that fear, because a sense of belonging, as well as believing in the fear itself.

So what I feel like saying right now, whether it's true for most people or some people, is, dear uncles, aunts, community, fathers, mothers, brothers, and sisters, please look at me and upon me with love and friendliness. As I release these thoughts, these fears and find my own way, strength, a new way, and the old way of love, and the old way of connecting to the hearts of people is lessening, look at me in a friendly way with love as I find my heart again.

And I love you, with trust. And trust that and believe that my immune system and my vital force and myself can overcome these dangers that were presented to us. And please bless me and look at me with love and friendliness as I trust in my own nervous system and my own energy field, and my love for myself, my body and for nature, and take in the goodness of nature to nourish me so that I can overcome whatever people are afraid of, or whatever virus triggered this paranoia in the community.

Please love and respect me as I find my strength again and my love for nature, for humanity, and something about myself and my own heart. So when I begin to trust myself, I'm not betraying the crowd or the community anymore.

Kelly: The definition of authority is from self, and the only authority that we need to listen to is from self. And when we link into that we know that our immune system has got this, and it has got your pain and your chronic inflammation because it's been protecting you from those emotions. But now, you know you can handle it, you've got tools, you've got access points; that you know you can help yourself through that and allow your system to let go of that baggage that is not yours. And free your body up to allow you to live a pain-free, flexible life full of love and joy, and abundance.

Dr. Aggarwal: Absolutely. And I want to just clarify something, when I say, "Please bless me and look at me in a friendly way," it's not necessarily a spiritual woo-woo sentence. It's really asking for still to be acknowledged by the community, not to be abandoned and isolated and rejected. "As I reconnect to my authentic life-force," so it's including the love of people as I grow and come back, and reconnect with what nature gave me.

Kelly: That's beautiful. And the connection and community, I mean, that's how we started this conversation off camera, was that we love connecting. Like, that's our thing, both of us, we love networking; we love meeting people, because there's so much wisdom and beauty and love when we truly authentically connect. So thank you, Dr. Ameet, for all your gifts today and all your perspective in regards to helping people understand their perspective of pain and fascia.

And maybe have a different lens again, to look through this. To go, "Okay, there's other tools to relieve my pain." And there may be another reason that I dropped that massage table, and I'll tell you why. Because I was so up in the sky helping so many women at that retreat with female frequency upgrade that I needed to remind myself to stay grounded. So I dropped the thing on my foot, so I could go back into my life.

It was literally 11 o'clock at night after it was all over with, we were leaving the next morning. And I was like, "Yeah, I just needed to stay grounded because otherwise I would just be up here all the time, and not be down here. And I needed to be down here." There's more to it, about my shoulder, we're going to talk about that when Shivan interviews me. But fascia is so key, and you have made the keys to fascia so easy to unlock the doors. So thank you so much for spending your time with us and embarking your knowledge and your wisdom, and your access. Thank you.

Dr. Aggarwal: Thank you. Lots of love everyone and just remember, homeopathy is out there for you. Emotional release is out there for you. Use psychotherapy that is somatic oriented or body oriented. And have compassion for yourself on your healing journey. Don't criticize yourself for not getting it. Be patient because patients will really open the door for information that's more useful for you, rather than striving to get it right.

Kelly: Awesome. Thank you so much. Have a blessed day, everybody. And we will talk to you all at the next module on your Fascia and Chronic Pain Rescue Summit.

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