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A Natural Approach to Multiple Sclerosis

auto immune multiple sclerosis nervos system May 18, 2021
multiple sclerosis natural treatment

New Study: Multiple Sclerosis & Oleic Acid

If you or anybody you know has been diagnosed with MS, please read this post. MS is an autoimmune disease that attacks the central nervous system and leads to pain, lack of coordination, dizziness, loss of vision, and other debilitating symptoms.

✨ A new study from Yale Medical School found that dietary fats might affect immune function in Multiple Sclerosis (MS) ✨

Here’s how it works and what the researchers found:

👉 T regulatory cells (T regs) control the immune response and prevent autoimmunity.

👉 T regs don’t function properly in MS.

👉 T regs burn fats to function.

👉 T regs from healthy people appear to rely more on oleic acid.

👉 T regs from people with MS appear to rely more on arachidonic acid.

👉 Lab experiment showed that oleic acid restored healthy function of T regs in tissue from patients with MS.

Basically, the researchers at Yale found that oleic acid might play an important role in regulating inflammatory signals in people with MS. Oleic acid is most commonly found in…

🌱 Olive oil

🌱 Avocados

🌱 Nuts

Of course, there are many different variables that influence the severity of MS. The disease is influenced by genetics, environment, lifestyle, and more. The point of this study is that we cannot ignore the role of diet.

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