Asthma - Natural Therapies and Nutrition

Asthma is a condition in which breathing is laboured. Common symptoms include frequent coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath and tightness, pain or pressure in the chest. The patient must seek medical attention fast because asthma can kill. (WebMd, 2018).

Asthma is characterized by inflammation of the lining of the bronchi, and tightening of the muscles around bronchi, both making breathing difficult. Asthma is mostly caused by allergies. However, for some people the inflammation may be linked to leaky gut syndrome and liver toxicity while the tightening of the bronchial muscles may be linked to shock or stress.

How is the liver is related to asthma? A toxic liver cannot properly detoxify the body and the toxins circulating in the body cause inflammation. Get Dr. Ameet’s course for more information on inflammation, liver health and leaky gut syndrome.

For effective long-term management and reversal of asthma, look for natural remedies which heal the gut, remove allergens, detoxify the liver and generally reduce inflammation.

Once the gut is healthy and the liver is clean, the inflammation will subside and asthma (and other diseases) will reduce. Natural remedies are particularly beneficial for children because some drugs affect their genes and stunt growth.

Natural steps for asthma:

  1. Reduce allergy exposure. Get tested to identify allergens, including food allergies, and then reduce exposure to airborne and food allergens.
  2. Heal the gut, first by removing foods that cause irritation and inflammation such as coffee, sugar, dairy and gluten-rich foods and then by eating a lot of fresh fruits, vegetables and probiotic-rich foods. Also make sure your liver is clean and healthy so it can remove more inflammatory toxins from your body. Dr. Ameet’s online course has more details on healing your gut and your liver. My liver health video also shows you how to keep healthy by healing your liver.
  3. Reduce inflammation. Eating foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, such as oily fish which will balance the allergic/inflammatory pathways in the body.
  4. Vitamin C, B6 and B12 and selenium have been show to help with symptoms of asthma.
  5. Herbs such as valerian, kava and lemon balm are antispasmodic and relaxing and they help especially at night. Garlic and ginger are anti-inflammatory, they clear mucus and support respiratory health. Astragalus, slippery elm and lobelia relieve asthma in different ways.
  6. Homeopathic remedies are excellent for asthma. Here are a few. Book an online consultation with me or my team to find more specific remedies for your asthma.
  • Blatta orientalis benefits people whose condition gets worse in mouldy, damp environments or when they exert themselves or ascend stairs.
  • Ipecacuanha helps people whose asthma is accompanied by nausea, vomiting, coughing gaggling, heavy sweating, and rattling of the chest.
  • Lobelia inflata is useful for people who feel a constriction sensation (or lump) in the chest and therefore panic and become hysterical during an asthma attack.
  • Antimonium tartaricum helps people whose asthma is linked to an infection and a lot of mucus in the passageways.
  • Sambucus benefits patients who wake up at night with a frightening sensation of suffocation, severe spasms of the respiratory airways and may be blue in the face.
  1. Practise yoga because it teaches you breathing techniques that will relax you and help you to breathe better.

To benefit from a holistic approach, book a session with my team. We can help decide what combination of remedies suits the nature of your asthma. For more information on leaky gut, inflammation and liver detoxification, take my course on or get my book  Heal the Body, Cure Your MindFor supplements, please visit my online shop.


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