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Homeopathy, health and healing for trauma

emotional healing homeopathy homeopathy for trauma Jun 28, 2023

Disclaimer: The contents of this interview are for informational purposes only and are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical or psychological advice, diagnosis, or treatment. This interview does not provide medical or psychological advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical or psychological condition.


Welcome to this interview. I'm Meagen Gibson, co-host of the Trauma Super Conference. Today I'm speaking with Dr Ameet Aggarwal. Voted one of the top 43 Naturopathic doctors worldwide.

Dr Ameet has helped thousands of people around the world heal from trauma, anxiety, depression, and chronic stress and disease by combining Naturopathic and functional medicine, Gestalt therapy, and family constellations therapy in addition to EMDR and homeopathy. Dr Ameet Aggarwal, thank you so much for being with us today.

Dr Ameet Aggarwal

A pleasure, Meagen, really excited to show everyone how ancestral trauma is also affecting their mindset and what we can use in terms of homeopathic remedies and some other therapies to heal both childhood trauma as well as ancestral trauma today.


Fantastic. So let's start kind of with the connection of the mind and the body. How are these interconnected in your perspective when it comes to treating trauma?

Dr Ameet Aggarwal

So a lot of people are focusing on just therapy if they have anxiety or depression. What happens is during trauma, the body goes into a fight, flight or freeze response. And when that happens, your nervous system and your adrenal system, they start going into overdrive or a freeze response. But then they start secreting hormones like cortisol, adrenaline and all these other hormonal imbalances start happening. Because we're using up our resources in our body. We use the magnesium, we use the zinc.So we go into nutritional deficiencies as well.

So we go into more muscle tightness, more jaw clenching, and then we go into digestive disturbances as well. When trauma happens, our entire nervous system is affected, not only our adrenal system. So the vagus nerve, this big, beautiful nerve as well, goes into overdrive or goes into what we call the compensated function.

And the vagus nerve affects the way your liver works, your gut works, your heart rate, your

breathing works. So if you're traumatized or you have unhealed trauma from childhood or even ancestral trauma, then your vagus nerve is dysregulated. And so that's going to dysregulate your digestive system, your digestion, your liver detox mechanisms.

And we're going to talk about liver detox and inflammation at the end of this lecture or this interview and how that affects your mind. Your heart rate, your breathing, everything is affected. And then when you go to cortisol imbalance, then you get a hormonal imbalance. So you go into maybe PMS symptoms, early menopause, et cetera because of trauma. Or you can also go into more anxiety or depression because cortisol imbalances then suppress GABA, serotonin, dopamine, melatonin, all your brain chemicals, sending you again into anxiety, depression, OCD, or insomnia.

So I'm going to teach about how to heal the adrenal system towards the end of this talk. But it's important to remember that only doing therapy is not enough. We got to support the adrenal system as well. And if you have insomnia, don't only take sleeping pills or chamomile tea or relaxants. Vice versa, you need to look at the trauma that could be treating the insomnia or the OCD. So body affects mind and mind affects body.


It's interesting because whenever I hear somebody start talking about adrenal system and we kind of throw out all these neurotransmitters and hormones and things like that. I always like to remind people that the way that we've been marketed to with supplements and things that we can take makes it seem like we're deficient in a lot of these things.

And what I love to remind people is that you have melatonin in your body that's being produced naturally, that's a sleep aid. You have GABA in your body that's being produced. You have cortisol in your body that's being produced. So in a regulated system that is in healthy function and balance, all of those things are present and are raising and lowering as needed in order to wake you up and put you to sleep and to help you digest and rest; or be wakeful and responsive on a regular basis when regulated. This is not something that we should have to supplement or suppress.

Dr Ameet Aggarwal

Exactly, the reason why we need to supplement is one, is of course, nutritional deficiencies in our foods. A lot of chemicals and pesticides are basically slamming our liver. And then we have a history of antibiotic use or lots of medications that's destroyed our gut health. When our gut gets destroyed, basically we get holes in the intestines. It's known as leaky gut syndrome. Then toxins leak into the bloodstream, cause inflammation everywhere in the body.

And that inflammation causes asthma, eczema, arthritis, a lot of chronic conditions. As well as it disrupts our cortisol levels, leading to anxiety and depression. And then the liver gets stuck. Liver gets stagnated from the toxins as well as from inflammation. And when the liver is stagnant, then everything else goes wrong in the body.

My online course, I talk about the importance of the liver and all the remedies, but I'll share a few here. The liver produces bile number one. So people trying to heal leaky gut syndrome and forgetting their liver, are doing a great disservice to themselves because the liver is the master organ highly responsible for gut health. When the bile flows, then the good bacteria grow, they flourish more; you basically break down the foods better, so they irritate your gut lining less. And you also help improve the digestive function of your entire gut system.

Then liver hormones or liver health is important for hormone health and for reducing inflammation. And when that happens, of course, you get a more steady cortisol release and more cortisol balance. So that if you go through trauma, your adrenal glands... If your body is healthy, if you've healed your gut and you've healed your liver and you have less inflammation and therefore less stress on your adrenal system. If you go through trauma, you'll bounce back easier because you're not wiping out your adrenal system biologically through the toxicity and the inflammation.

And vice versa is true, if you've been through lots of trauma when your adrenal glands are dysregulated, your cortisol levels are off, your vagus nerve is off, so then your liver and gut function and your thyroid function is all compromised. So chronic trauma or strong trauma or adverse childhood experiences break down the body, they break down their biological systems.

So you're more prone to diseases and just nervous breakdown and health issues. And that's why people might need supplements as well. One is the nutritional deficiencies. Two is the toxicity. But three is obviously the trauma that's broken down the body and uses up your nutrients.


Right, and I'm sure, you know, if you're out of balance because of trauma exposure and chronic or complex trauma, getting supplements into your body and restoring... Giving your body a sense of safety and calm and restoring, like lowering cortisol levels so that your body is not always in a stress response, can give you kind of the base level to even begin working on the root causes of all of that stuff.

Because I imagine if you're trying to address your trauma but your body is in this heightened sense of response all the time, that can feel pretty violent to yourself and pretty unsafe.

Dr Ameet Aggarwal

Absolutely. And sometimes what happens is if you're over inflamed and your cortisol levels are out of balance, what happens is your brain cannot make new connections through neuroplasticity. So every time you heal trauma through a therapy, whether it's Gestalt therapy, family constellations therapy, EMDR and homeopathy, which we're going to talk about just now. Every time you heal trauma, your brain makes new connections because it's like a new safety experience in an integration of information.

But if your cortisol levels are out and your thyroid levels are down because of the cortisol imbalance and you're over inflamed, then neuroplasticity doesn't work as well and the brain connections don't develop. So it's harder to heal from trauma if you are inflamed or nervous or easily triggered. You don't integrate the information as well. So it's super important to heal both the body and the mind together. Heal your gut, your liver and your adrenal system while healing the emotions as well.


That's a really great point, I'm so glad that you named it like that. Because who hasn't had the experience of trying to do some healing work and you're doing the best you can, and then you go home to see family, and then your nervous system gets completely dysregulated, and all of a sudden you're a child again, and your stomach hurts like all of this, and you're like, I thought I was doing so great.

But that integration piece is critical to that. Not so that you become unaffected and apathetic, but so that you can, when dislodged from your pace of safety can restore the sense of safety and calm and regulation much quicker. And that kind of gets quicker and quicker as you do more and more work.

Dr Ameet Aggarwal

Absolutely. The more work you do, the more emotional resilience you build, which is what I teach in the course. And the more supported your adrenal system is, the easier it is for you to process trauma.

The easier it is for you to sit with those feelings that come up without the shame, without the labeling, without the judgment about them. And let those feelings pass through your system so you can process them to completion and create a healthy identity for who you are and really be forgiving for those emotions.

Part of the healing work I do is really getting people to be patient and forgiving with the emotions that come up, rather than try and fight them or fix them and say, oh, I'm neurotic or I'm narcissistic, and I got to fix this and that, and that. That creates a secondary trauma to people's mind. So people are traumatized, one, then they're labeled, and therefore they're using their mind and their energy to kind of avoid being a certain label, which takes up more energy, and they're never happy with themselves. They don't go into self acceptance.

When you go into self acceptance, then you go deeper into the pain and the depth of where these behaviors are coming from, and you look at it with love and compassion and you're like, okay, I needed my mom to look at me when I was five years old because she was so busy with utensils or something. I don't know. And...I don't know, I felt like...missing love.

And when I acknowledge that need in a pure form, I have less shame about it. And the moment I feel I can acknowledge this vulnerable place to me without the shame, there's an integration that happens. And then I start growing up from that place of abandonment. The maturity starts kicking in. And then I'll be less neurotic or less engaged in those, what we call dysfunctional behaviors, because it's a healing that's taking place.


Yeah and I remember we've done several interviews together, I always enjoy them. And I took several notes that I've referenced many times in our last interview, because you contextualize some of these things so well. I think there was one where you said something about a phrase about right now. Especially in relationship with other people. It's something to the lines of, I'm sorry that we're not meeting each other well right now.

Dr Ameet Aggarwal

Lovely. Yes. A forgiveness exercise.


Yeah, right. And you said something earlier about we get these kind of, like, diagnosis or labels, and we try to avoid them. And the other thing that I see a lot is that people, they get a validation and acknowledgement through labels, and they identify with them sometimes. That's the other expression of it is either I'm going to totally deny this, like diagnosis and label or it's going to become my entire identity and then I get stuck there for a while. It's like a new place of being stuck.

And because there's a lot of validation in someone outside of yourself saying everything about you that you struggle with makes sense, and here's why. So I have a ton of empathy for that kind of identification. But in looking at the whole system as you would in family constellations therapy. I'd love if you talked about that for a minute, of if we're looking at the whole system and without any kind of labels associated with it, just understanding like this is where you are in a part of a whole and why this makes sense and then how to kind of heal and move on from that.

Dr Ameet Aggarwal

Okay, perfect Meagen, I love that. So, yes, label is important. Sometimes it gives people comfort and makes them realize, oh, gosh, I'm not crazy, I have a reason, a diagnosis. The problem with modern psychology is that sometimes it stops at the diagnosis or the label, and they don't go deeper to find the root cause. The root cause could be a gluten sensitivity, liver toxicity or ancestral trauma.What do I mean by ancestral trauma? And the therapy related to it is family constellations therapy.

So we all belong to a system, and in that system, there's certain orders that are more natural. Meaning...What does that mean? So parents come first, then the children are born after. So there's an element of respect. Often what happens is if there's an abusive father, for example, and a victim mother, the child will take the side of the mother and become like a parent to the mother and reject the father. So there we step out of order. And it's natural for all of us, we all have these loyalties, these blind loyalties to different parents.

And so by becoming the parent to a mother, then we kind of give up our child innocent role. And then we have this sense of like, maybe the sadness or pain or depression of the mom, one. We are also not free to live our lives fully because we have this responsibility now and we don't take in the joy from life.

Also, what I see often is people get liver problems when they reject the father or they have a low immune system because the father is half your life force. No matter what he's done, he is half your life force. He's giving you that life force energy. So when we go against these parental figures, we kind of suppress our own energy system, leading to illness. And in family constellations therapy, we do certain healing sentences.

For example, dear Mom, I'm sorry I cannot carry this for you any longer. I love you very much. Please forgive me if I also look at dad as a parent, as an equal parent, or as a parent once again. He is my father. It doesn't mean that you're agreeing with the behavior of the father necessarily. But you're beginning to let go of this blind loyalty and over responsibility for a parent. And you can say, please, mom, look at me as a child again.

I need to be a child to take in life. And then you suddenly feel a shift of energy and dear Dad, I'm sorry this happened in the family, this is the forgiveness sentence we sometimes do. I'm sorry this has happened between you and us and me.

Let's say he abused you. I'm sorry this happened between you and I. You're still my father. I give you a place as my father. I take my place as a child, and I respectfully leave this pain with you. Or I don't need to carry this abuse my whole life out of loyalty to our relationship. That's one scenario.

Another one is miscarriages and abortions. If you have had a miscarriage or abortion or your parents have had a miscarriage or abortion and you think you're the first child in the family, you're actually the next child after the aborted or miscarried child. And I see tons of people with chronic anxiety, unexplained depression, when these missing children are not acknowledged in the right way. So we do healing sentences for these. We can say, dear sibling, I've missed you very much. I am the second child or the third child. Dear mom and dad, please look at me as this third child. And I acknowledge the children before me.

And people feel so good when they feel their correct position in the system because they were unconsciously thinking their the first child carrying this pressure that doesn't belong to their position, their real position. So we do healing sentences for that. We do healing sentences for people who are not talked about or excluded from the family.

So in family constellations, we look at, one is the order, so parents, the birth order, and making sure that's respected. Number two, not taking responsibility off the one above you. Number three, also including those who are missing. Whether it's victims of war, the black sheep of the family, the alcoholics, the drug addicts, people who have committed a crime. And they're not talked about, the secrets.

Because those secrets or those excluded people, their energy is represented in the children downstream; whether it's through OCD, whether it's through aggression, whether it's through gambling, or violent behavior. It shows up again in the system. Until we re-include those people through these healing sentences. Give them a place in the system, honor their role. It doesn't mean necessarily say it's okay what you did, but honor their place.

And there's a deep relaxation that happens in the entire system. So I combine this with homeopathy, which we're going to talk about next in healing trauma. So using family constellations, Gestalt, EMDR, and also somatic experiencing, which are all great because they include the body in releasing emotions and trauma. And family constellation is super important because it goes to the root cause of people's problems. Then there's homeopathy, which I talk a lot in the online course about.

Homeopathy is an energetic form of medicine where we take substances from nature diluted multiple times so that we capture the frequency, the energy frequency of that substance. Now, emotions and trauma are also energy. They exist energetically as vibration. And so to heal these more deeply, we need medicine that's energetic in nature. So the psychotherapy, the family constellations is energetic, it's psychotherapy, it's talking, it's using emotions and love to transform awareness and perception.

Homeopathy has that ability as well because it's energetic in nature, it goes to that frequency level and basically to simplify, it dilutes the intensity of the energy of the trauma or the strong emotions.

And so some examples of remedies I use. Let's say there's a breakup, a relationship breakup, a sense of betrayal. And you have this lump in the throat, anxiety, nervousness, falling apart. The typical remedy used there is ignatia amara. And that's the beauty of homeopathy is we look at the individual symptoms of a person and decide the remedy that best fits them.

Another person might be betrayed, gone through a relationship breakup or lost a loved one and they go more into a withdrawal, a resentment, a lack of trust in the world. You can see that picture is different. And so the beauty of homeopathy is we use a different remedy for that individual picture. That picture is typically natrum muriaticum.

Otherwise there's other people who go through financial loss or even breakups or losses, other emotional losses. They go through suicidal thoughts, sense of guilt, a sense of failure. That picture is very different. So it needs a different energetic remedy. And that remedy is typically aurum metallicum or homeopathic gold.

So I cover all these different remedies for different kinds of trauma in the course. And the beauty is also the kind of trauma, not only the picture, how you're representing, but the kind of trauma also determines what remedy to use.

Another beautiful example, I had a person with mild seizures after massive trauma and so we did some somatic experiencing, but we also use homeopathic opium, which was indicated for this feeling of like, completely stunned, not knowing what to do. And then the homeopathic picture, the symptoms, how do I say this?

In homeopathy we have the symptoms of the remedy. So one of the symptoms of opium is seizures after a trauma. And so we gave her homeopathic opium to heal the trauma and also the seizures resolved much faster. Which is very different from giving just a homeopathic remedy for seizures alone. You got to take into account the emotional trauma that comes with the symptoms that are present in your body now.


Absolutely, such an intricate weaving and taking into account of all of these different factors, which is also why somebody should definitely work with a qualified professional like yourself instead of just taking something someone on the Internet told them was good for something. Because there are so many factors involved in making these recommendations, and they're also carefully considered.

Dr Ameet Aggarwal

Yeah, thank you for saying that.


Perhaps I'm wrong. You're like, no, I've talked about this in every conversation we've ever had, Meagen, but I don't think I've ever had anybody, or at least I didn't hear anybody ever convey the energetics of homeopathy before. That really hit me. And instead of just being extractions from nature that we use as a modality of treatment, it's the actual energetic transference that's been kind of sucked out of these elements. And that feels different when I think about it that way.

Dr Ameet Aggarwal

Yeah, thank you for that. Because it's also when we get a body feeling, when somebody says something, it means it's resonating with an element of truth. When our body resonates either with information, explanation, or even a therapist, we always look for what feels truthful.

Otherwise, it's just intellectual and you're obliged to agree, but it doesn't connect with the body. And that's why homeopathy is so powerful, because it's energetic in nature and because it's individualized, it goes much deeper to that individual's trauma and therefore creates more long term healing than using therapy alone.


Which definitely is an important factor, therapy. But also there's a lot that's going on in your body as well. And you touched on the liver and the gut. You talked a little bit about leaky gut, but let's touch just a little bit more on also kind of the absorption. Because if we're taking a bunch of supplements and we haven't addressed liver and gut issues and leaky gut and things like that, then we can't absorb what we're actually taking. So it's all kind of connected.

Dr Ameet Aggarwal

Absolutely. Okay, so let's go through a quick biology lesson. Okay, so we have your stomach, we have the intestines. The intestines are like a nice tube, a nice lining, kept healthy by good bacteria and good food. Over time with antibiotic use, a poor diet, too much alcohol, too much sugar, too many medications, et cetera. The good bacteria get killed off, the lining gets damaged. So we get holes in there, and that's called leaky gut.

And what happens is toxins leak into the bloodstream, and that causes inflammation everywhere, leading causes for asthma, eczema, arthritis, a lot of chronic conditions. The liver also becomes inflamed. And when the liver becomes inflamed... Remember, the liver is also dealing with toxins from inflammation as well as from pesticides, from environment, from all the chemicals in the water, et cetera.

So the liver becomes stagnant. And in Chinese medicine, the liver is the master organ for every function in the body. Vitamin storage, hormone regulation, amino acid production, digestion, bile production, et cetera. And like I said before, when the liver gets stagnant, it produces less bile. So with less bile, you get more gas, bloating, constipation is a big one from liver deficiency. Most people are taking laxatives without healing their liver, which is a big mistake.

And also what happens is you get a worsening of leaky gut because the bile is not flowing and creating a good environment for all the bacteria in your gut. And with the worsening of leaky gut, more inflammation. And inflammation uses up nutrients in your body, it stresses your adrenal system to make more cortisol and that causes suppression of serotonin, GABA, dopamine, melatonin. So you need more nutrients to make up for those, basically imbalances.

And the inflammation is a stressor in your body. Your body actually goes through a stress response, with too much inflammation. And during stress you use up more magnesium, more zinc and other nutrients. Even your B vitamins get depleted. So suddenly you're going into chronic fatigue, you're going through insomnia, you're going through hormonal imbalance because the liver also controls hormones. And when the liver is stagnant, actually, usually we see like a progesterone deficiency or an estrogen excess, then you'll get those PMS symptoms. Like the breast tenderness, gas, bloating, cramping. And also progesterone helps GABA work better in the brain. GABA is the anti-anxiety neurotransmitter.

So when progesterone is low, people will get more insomnia and anxiety. And suddenly they're taking only GABA or only an anti-anxiety medication without healing the liver and the progesterone balance.

So it's important to heal the gut through using probiotics, vitamin D and other supplements I mentioned in the course healing the liver using bitter foods. I use turmeric, I use milk thistle, dandelion and I use the homeopathic remedies as well, super important. Because homeopathy helps the liver heal deeper, of course, better than just using herbs alone.

When all those are flowing, then the body is more resilient. And then if somebody's completely burnt out from too much stress and trauma when you heal the inflammation and the toxicity, then you go in there and build up the adrenal system. With herbs like ashwagandha, rhodiola, depending of course, on your constitution.

And of course, if you have a history of cancer or bipolar or any other strong conditions, then you have to be careful with a lot of these herbs because they can aggravate some of the symptoms.


I'm glad you named that because there are factors to consider in the safety of homeopathy and how we should best use it. And it's interesting too that you mentioned kind of the order in which you would typically take things. Because the inflammation that you mentioned, inflammation adds to everything and you've got inflammation in your... There's microglial cells in your brain that add to inflammation up there.

And we've got an immune system all over our body and inflammation is going to feel different in each person's body. But can show up in a whole host and variety of different ways and we now know that inflammation is directly exacerbative. I just made that word up, you saw it here. To all mental health disorders and can really worsen those conditions as well. So getting that inflammation under control, healing your gut, all of those things really have positive influences and changes on your mental health.

Dr Ameet Aggarwal

Absolutely. When you heal your body and mind together, you need less medication and supplements over time.



Dr Ameet Aggarwal

And also looking to heal the root cause rather than just taking probiotics only and ignoring the liver or taking adrenal support only without healing the digestive system. Work in layers if you really want to get better.


Yeah, absolutely. And as somebody who is on a gut health journey right now, it can be overwhelming. I remember I had to order a pill organizer. It was like this deep and had seven days of the week because I was just like... But then I staged it out. You can take it in stages so that it's not quite so overwhelming.

So I worked with my practitioner to get something that didn't feel overwhelming and that felt sustainable and you take it in stages. But that brings me to my next and last question, which is if somebody doesn't have the resources yet to invest in this kind of assistance in their trauma healing journey, what are some of the basic principles that they can start right now that will get them on their way so that when they can start investing in getting more expensive support, they've got a great start?

Dr Ameet Aggarwal

So, I have a free online course as well people can start where there's a beautiful emotional healing exercises in there. And it helps you feel safe with certain emotions, whether it's anxiety, whether it's depression, whether it's irritation. So it's called the Permission to Heal Exercise.

And then that same free online course has a few tips on healing your gut, your liver and your adrenal system altogether. And then I go through some tips on family constellations and that's on Then the other things I like is tapping, Emotional Freedom Technique. I also have that in the course, but people can easily find those resources as well.

Reducing inflammatory foods is a great step. So avoiding typically excessive sugar, if you're sensitive to gluten and dairy. Those are great beginnings as well. And then just eating more green foods, I think, for some people. Because bitter foods stimulate bile flow and they're healthy for the liver.

And so making sure, just doing the basics for your gut and your liver. And then doing this emotional healing exercise on the website will really stabilize parts of your nervous system and will help you harmonize. And then when you're feeling safer with your emotions and less judgmental... so the exercise goes something like, it's safe for me to feel distressed from time to time, or it's safe for me to relax and let go from time to time.

I use certain key sentences that touch your nervous system. And the words from time to time give your body really the gateway into letting go of judgments. So it's very different from affirmations. I'm not saying it's safe for me to feel happy or safe, for me to feel irritated and leave it like that.

From time to time. That gateway, really, you start letting go of the intensity of judgments, and you just watch how your nervous system responds. You go more into self acceptance, and then you go deeper into finding the root cause of what triggered these feelings. You give yourself, really, permission to go deeper.

So that, I think, would be a great start for people, to just go through those resources and then from there explore the different therapies I mentioned in the course to see if those therapies resonate with you more. And then there's your healing journey, the beginning of it.


I love all of that, that's great. So many great resources that you name there. And also that phrase from time to time was another one of the ones that I wrote down when we last spoke.

And it's amazing using that phrase with yourself. We've talked several times about getting to the root cause of things. And when you use that phrase with yourself and tell yourself that whatever you're feeling right now is okay from time to time. What's amazing is that after a little while, other things, your nervous system is like, oh, okay, you're accepting that I can feel like this from time to time, I have something else to share with you.

Dr Ameet Aggarwal

Yes. That's a deeper layer coming up now.


Yes. Which might sound scary to some people, but what I'm telling you is that if you want to get to that root cause, you've got to allow yourself to feel some tough things from time to time. Because those root causes won't bubble up until you do.

Dr Ameet Aggarwal

Absolutely, I'm getting chills all over. It's so nice to hear that you've actually done the exercise. I can tell you you've done the exercise because yes, when you give that permission from time to time, then your body relaxes, like, okay, I don't have to control things that are buried deeply. Are you okay if I start feeling this as well from time to time? The little part of you comes up, and that part needs acknowledgement, love, nourishment, compassion. So, thank you for explaining that so beautifully.


Thank you for giving me the exercise to do. The best part of my job is I get to take these little nuggets, and I really apply them in my life because you're all so wonderful and so talented, and it's the greatest gift of my life to be able to speak with you and people just like you all the time, all day long.

 Dr Ameet Aggarwal

You're lucky. You're lucky.


I am. Dr Ameet, how can people find out more about you specifically and your work?

Dr Ameet Aggarwal

So my website is There's free videos and then there's a full online course as well that has all my protocols, turbo protocols, homeopathic protocols for gut, liver, trauma, et cetera. And of course the adrenal herbs and emotional healing exercises. Very strong emotional healing exercises.

I'm going to be doing retreats as well. I'm in Africa at the moment, so people are welcome to come for safaris, beach, bush and very deep transformational experiences. Some people are inviting me in different countries as well. So if you have a group that really wants some deep transformation, I'm happy to fly over and facilitate an experiential journey. Five to seven days, whatever is needed.

And then, of course, there's one to one sessions as well that are available. They get booked up quite a lot. So I like doing the retreats and those are more fun and more experiential, of course. And I have a wonderful naturopath working with me as well, who I've trained. She does a lot of emotional work as well, so it's all there on


Fantastic. Dr Ameet, thank you so much for being with us today.

Dr Ameet Aggarwal

Pleasure. Lots of love, everyone. Enjoy your healing journey.


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