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Previous Generations' Trauma Affects Health, Anxiety and Depression

anxiety depression family constellations therapy trauma Sep 25, 2017

Your illness doesn't belong to you all the time. A lot of anxiety, depression, etc, is passed on from generation to generation. The generation that first passed it on was suffering from an event that no longer exists in your life. However, because the primary generation coped with the event, they developed behaviours as a result of the event.

These behaviours became normal family traits, that your parents and grandparents were brought up with, even though they were no longer relevant to them either.

Unknowingly, you have been brought up in this mindset as well, not knowing that you can have a different mindset and set of beliefs that might be more empowering or less inundated with anxiety or depression.

You have the possibility of having thoughts and feelings of self love and courage if you did not carry the trauma of your ancestors. It's time to give it back.

Take a session or 2 on health.drameet.com/p/therapy so you can give back that which is no longer relevant to your full expression of a healthy life. Take back what belongs to you and let go of sabotaging thoughts, beliefs, behaviours and feelings. Live life as if your ancestors were healthy and empowered as well, so you don't carry their grief, disappointments, sorrow or pain. Love yourself tomorrow and forever, so that your children also will not carry the burden of previous generations...

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