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What is the best diet for fatty liver?

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healthy liver

“Liver is responsible for a wide range of important functions, including the production of proteins, cholesterol, and bile, as well as the storage of vitamins, minerals, and even carbohydrates.”

The liver is an extremely powerful organ. It also eliminates pollutants such as alcohol, drugs, and metabolic wastes. Keeping your liver in good shape is essential for overall health.

With the onslaught of chemicals and pollutants we encounter every day, our liver can always use more love. We know the liver relies on many different nutrients and antioxidants to function, but what’s the best diet to support the liver? It may be more than just any one diet.


·        WATER

Maintaining a healthy weight is one of the best things you can do for your liver. Make it a habit to consume water instead of sweetened beverages such as sodas or drink mixes. You'd be surprised how many calories you'd save each day.

·        Coffee

Coffee is one of the most beneficial beverages for liver health.

Coffee use has been reported in several studies to protect the liver from disease, even in those who already have issues with this organ. For example, researchers have consistently shown that drinking coffee helps decrease the risk of cirrhosis, or permanent liver damage, in people with chronic liver disease.

Coffee use may also help reduce the risk of developing a prevalent type of liver cancer, as well as having beneficial effects on liver disease and inflammation.

It's even linked to a lower risk of death in those with chronic liver disease, with those who consume at least three cups per day gaining the most advantages.

·        TEA

Tea is usually thought to be beneficial to health, but research suggests that it may be especially beneficial to the liver. Drinking 10 cups of green tea per day was associated with better blood markers of liver health.

A smaller study involving people with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) discovered that consuming antioxidant-rich green tea for 12 weeks improved liver enzyme levels and could also help reduce oxidative stress and fat deposits in the liver.

Another study discovered that individuals who drank green tea were less likely to develop liver cancer. People who drank four or more cups of coffee per day had the lowest risk.

·        OATMEAL

Fiber-rich foods can help your liver function efficiently. Want one that'll get your day started right? Try it with oatmeal. According to research, it can help you lose some extra lbs. and abdominal fat, which is a healthy method to avoid liver disease.

·        Broccoli

If you want to maintain your liver healthy, eat a lot of vegetables. Broccoli can be included in this strategy. According to certain research, this crunchy meal may help prevent you from non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. If steamed broccoli sounds boring, shred it into a slaw with chopped almonds, dried cranberries, and a tangy vinaigrette. Roasted with garlic and a touch of balsamic vinegar, it's also wonderful.


Grapefruit antioxidants protect the liver by decreasing inflammation and strengthening its protective mechanisms. Grapefruit's preventive benefits are known to occur in two ways: through lowering inflammation and protecting cells.

These antioxidants have also been proven in studies to help prevent the development of hepatic fibrosis, a dangerous condition in which excessive connective tissue grows up in the liver. This is usually the outcome of chronic inflammation.


The Mediterranean diet comprises the traditional healthy living habits of people from Mediterranean Sea-bordering nations such as France, Greece, Italy, and Spain.

Since the Mediterranean diet differs by country and location, there are numerous definitions. However, it is rich in vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts, beans, cereals, grains, fish, and unsaturated fats like olive oil. It is typically associated with a limited diet of meat and dairy products.

What are the benefits of the Mediterranean diet?

The Mediterranean diet has been linked to improved health, including a stronger heart. A Mediterranean diet rich in greens may lower the risk of fatty liver disease.

A Mediterranean diet that includes more green plant matter may cut the risk of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in half.

The green Mediterranean diet, that comprises daily intake of green tea and Mankai, both of which contain beneficial components known as polyphenols, was also proven to lower liver fat more than any other diet.

A new study about Mediterranean diet

A recent clinical trial, called ‘Direct PLUS,’ found that a modified Mediterranean diet had impressive effects on markers of liver health. The study compared 3 different diets for 18 months:

➡️ ‘Healthy’ Diet

➡️ Mediterranean Diet

➡️ ‘Green’ Mediterranean Diet

The standard Mediterranean Diet was rich in vegetables, poultry, fish, and included ¼ cup of walnuts per day. The Green Mediterranean Diet was the same except that it also included 3-4 cups of green tea and a green superfood powder (called Mankai) every day. 

The Green Mediterranean Diet performed the best! In fact, it reduced the percentage of people who had nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) at the beginning of the study by half (from 62% to 31%).

The takeaway message is this: diet matters, and there are ways that we can boost the already excellent benefits of a healthy diet. In this study, they did that with green tea and a green superfood powder. It’s similar to the approach I take with my patients every day—except that I choose the supplements to match the individual.

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