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Healing Trauma & Abuse with Psychotherapy and Naturopathic Medicine

adult abuse childhood trauma emotional healing emotional trauma shock trauma signs of repressed childhood trauma in adults stress management trauma affecting liver trauma and physical health trauma effects trauma therapy trauma treatment Nov 26, 2021

Many of us experience trauma and abuse in our lives, whether from bullying in school, abuse in a relationship, or drugs.  Such experiences affect us mentally and harm our physical health as well.

Trauma destabilizes your core or gives you a different sense of who you are, brings in self-doubt, self-sabotage, and lowers your self-confidence, leading you to make wrong decisions for yourself. These include wrong decisions, decisions made in a rush, more complicated decisions, or choices that are not for your best because you are willing to settle for what's just good enough rather than what's best for you based on the trauma you are carrying.


But it's Possible to Heal and Live a Healthy, Happy Life.

Psychotherapy with Naturopathic medicine can help significantly and help transition to transformation after narcissistic abuse and heal your body, mind, and spirit to live a joyful, authentic life. Trauma and abuse cause a lot of anxiety, depression, and intrusive thoughts, among other damages, but psychotherapy can help peel away these traumas with he holistic trauma healing while holistic medicine supports the entire process and help heal your gut, liver and reduce inflammation in the body, along with herbs for anxiety and depression.

Holistic trauma therapy is a therapeutic way to release all the pain and give yourself permission to really unburden yourself and find a place of love in your heart so that the healing begins.

The article is about making powerful decisions to create transformational life changes for those who have experienced childhood trauma and narcissistic abuse so they can reclaim their happiness and personal power, with holistic trauma healing. The article offers valuable insights, tools, and inspiration for viewers to find the courage and motivation to change their lives.


How Trauma Affects the Brain and Your Life?

Psychological and emotional trauma triggers an adrenal response, the fight-or-flight response where you make adrenaline. If your trauma remains unresolved, your nervous system is always programmed to be on watch or careful or uneasy, and that stimulates your adrenal glands to continuously produce adrenaline and cortisol, never giving you a break. Over time, you start experiencing adrenal fatigue due to the trauma brain.

In simple words, unresolved trauma, life stresses, and daily life happenings burn out your adrenal glands, sending you into adrenal and cortisol imbalance. The emotional scars then affect your mind because adrenal imbalance and cortisol imbalance suppress serotonin, dopamine, melatonin, and GABA, all your brain chemicals, sending you to anxiety, depression and OCD. Emotional trauma also leads to abdominal trauma. That's why it might be important to get holistic trauma therapy.  

So it's super important to release this trauma that's stored in your nervous system as well as heal some foundational pillars of your health physically, like your liver and gut. Releasing trauma from your nervous system does the following things for you:

  • How to reverse adrenal fatigue naturally
  • Your brain chemicals come more into balance
  • You make better decisions for yourself, and you have more self-esteem, more belief in yourself, more confidence.
  • By healing trauma, you get into better relationships.

How To Heal? 

Here Is a Free Online Course To Help You Heal Your Gut, Your Liver, And Emotions.

The free e-book and the video course will walk you through healing your gut, your liver, emotional blockages, as well as how to detox adrenal glands, which get burnt out during trauma, and some great lifestyle tips. For more holistic medicine books and hut health books click here.

Read more about natural liver detox the role your liver and gut play in the biology of trauma.

 Now, how to heal from trauma? How to heal from narcissistic abuse?

1.  How to Heal from Trauma with Psychotherapy?

There are different ways psychotherapy heals different types of trauma, such as Gestalt psychotherapy, EMDR, and family constellations therapy to peel away the layers and give you back your emotional resilience. Most people who have experienced trauma are not connected to their bodies as they do not know that mind and body are one and operate as one.

Trauma is often stored in our bodies and cellular memory, not only in our minds like most people think. This is why using therapies that help you express your emotions and feel into your body more completely are more therapeutic than therapies that are more psychological and analytical.

For example, CBT, even though it works well for some people to help control their symptoms, is quite analytical or convinces your mind to think a different way. However, it doesn't take you into catharsis, letting go and emoting and expressing which is what EMDR, Gestalt therapy techniques, somatic experiencing and family constellations do. These trauma release exercises target the trauma core and work better for both trauma and recovery and are thus recommended for trauma and stressor-related disorders.

Here is a brief explanation of trauma healing therapies:

  • Gestalt psychotherapy is a holistic, humanistic, and person-centered form of psychotherapy that heals trauma.
  • EMDR is eye movement desensitization reprocessing; it's a brilliant way to release trauma. You can find more on EDMR in my other videos.
  • Family constellations therapy helps you heal ancestral trauma and give back respectfully to your ancestors all the pains and burdens that they carry and that you have been carrying on their behalf that don't serve you anymore.
  • Homeopathy is fantastic for healing trauma from the past. In addition to healing your current mental state, homeopathic remedies are also excellent for healing shock and trauma from the past. These traumas could include betrayals, abuse, the death of loved ones, seeing an accident, or even experiencing financial loss and stress. Homeopathy has the ability to heal past traumas because these traumas get stored in your energetic field and nervous system, and homeopathy has the ability to affect these parts of the human system. Some typical homeopathic remedies I use for shock and trauma include Ignatia, Aconite, and Gelsemium.

2.  What Is EMDR And How Does EDMR Help To Heal Trauma?

EMDR is an eye movement desensitization reprocessing technique that can be done live or online. In EMDR, a therapist will ask you to think of some of your memories and maybe the most painful one or something that you feel safe working with.

In that painful experience, people usually create negative thoughts about themselves, such as I'm not safe, I'm going to die, I'm not loved, I'm alone, I'm useless, etc. The trauma counseling expert asks you to find that negative thought and then asks you to explore what feeling comes up in that experience to really hone into the experience - is it sadness? Is it fear? Is it panic? Is it anger?

So you get a negative thought, the image of the experience, the feeling of sadness, whatever it is, and then there's the physical feeling. The trauma psychologist asks you to feel for the physical sensation in your body. It could be in your heart, your throat, your arms, anywhere.

Next, Bilateral Stimulation Takes Place

And when you are connected to those four stimuli - the picture, the negative thought, the feeling, and physical sensation - The therapist asks you to either follow his fingers, left, right, left, right with your eyes or tap left and right on your collarbones. This is known as bilateral stimulation, which helps the frontal cortex of your brain process trauma that is stored in your limbic system, or the more primitive part of your brain and nervous system.

And the magical thing about EMDR is that as you continue doing this, the volume and the magnitude of that memory start to diminish, the colors change, you feel more distant from it. You feel like you have grown up a bit, and that trauma looks smaller, which is especially important or healing from narcissistic abuse.

So you feel safer in your nervous system as well as your analytical mind. Because remember, even though you convince yourself logically that you are fine, your nervous system still responds to that memory.

EMDR helps to shift the emotional experience around the memory so that your entire body feels safer and you are less triggered into panic attacks, exhaustion, burnout and depression because you have truly overcome the experience rather than thinking your way out of it.

Trauma counseling works excellently for narcissistic abuse, sexual, domestic, and emotional abuse.


3.  What Is Ancestral Trauma and Family Constellations Therapy? 

Ancestral trauma, family, or generational trauma is exploding all over the world, especially in Europe. Childhood trauma in adults is way more common than people think. Family constellations therapy is a fantastic way to relieve family trauma.

In family constellations therapy, we notice that we as children are loyal to the pain and suffering of our parents, of our siblings, of our ancestors, and we kind of take on the energetic imbalances in our family system. When we take on these energetic imbalances, symptoms manifest - it could be OCD, it could be depression, it could be anxiety, it could be skin issues, it could be migraines, it could be sexual issues, etc. and it's great to know different natural remedies for anxiety and depression

Why do we take on this loyalty? It's because we have a need to belong. Human beings have a need to belong to some sense of family, some sense of structure, some sense of order.

Now, this taking on happens entirely unconsciously. For example, if your mom was abandoned by your dad when you were young, most children will take the mother's side, especially if she's been abused, so we take the side of the weaker one. If there's no father around then, we will again partner with the mother, like we will become closer to her, in a way becoming like a surrogate partner.

The bottom line is that we are no longer in that innocent child position now; we are loyal to the mother's needs, to suffering in the pain of the mother in many cases. The signs of repressed childhood trauma in adults make their lives difficult.
Here is what happens as a result:

  • It removes you from your childhood innocence. You have this heightened sense of over responsibility from a very young age which doesn't give you room for any joy or really living your own life because you are obliged subconsciously like you have a contract now with your mom.
  • The second thing that happens is that you become antagonistic,  angry, or arrogant towards your father figure. So in a way, you deny one source of your life because both parents give you life, and that rejection of one of your parents, no matter how sensible it seems, actually creates confusion in your own life and for your soul.

 Now, how to heal from childhood trauma?

4.  How does Family Constellations Therapy help To Heal Family Trauma?

In family constellations therapy, healing sentences are used to bring back balance.  By doing this trauma therapy, you will get your true position in the family. You will get a lot of energy resources from the field, from the energetic field around you because you're acknowledging what's really true in an energetic sense.

For example, these trauma release exercises will help you respectfully honor your mom's courage in her life without cutting off from your other source of life, which might be your father or vice versa. Now when you can really bring balance to your inner soul and honor both parents as equal, biologically, you suddenly sense a lot of peace and harmony in your own heart. You are more able to live your own life as your parents wanted you to with your own courage and with your own strength rather than your courage and strength disappearing because of being depressed for your mom.

The truth is, all of us are doing these subtle loyalties all the time without knowing it and wonder why life is not going well.

So if you have been through therapy, constant therapy, and it's not changing anything, it is highly advised to consider family constellations therapy as it gets to the root cause, the loyalties, and imbalances. Therefore, no matter how much trauma release you do, if you don't treat the root cause, you will be in therapy for a very long time. You can do family constellations therapy in a live session or even online.

5.  How Does Homeopathy Help Heal Trauma From The Past?

Homeopathic remedies can be used to heal trauma from the past. Aconite is fantastic for things that create a big shock in your system where there are lots of palpitations. Another remedy for trauma is Ignatia and Natrum Muriaticum, which is excellent when there is a sense of betrayal or a breakup with a loved one.

There are different remedies for different emotional states and different ones for different abuses or traumas, whether it's sexual abuse, an accident, your parents fighting, etc. They help stages of healing after narcissistic abuse. I cover most of them in my online program Heal Your Body Cure Your Mind.

Read more about rebalancing the gut-brain axis with homeopathy here.

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