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How to Get Rid of Consipation

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Constipation Relief

What causes Constipation?


In most cases, constipation is a bile flow issue. Bile, produced by the liver, is a lubricant for your poop. Most people make the mistake of taking laxatives for constipation, without resolving the underlying cause of lack of bile flow. This makes them laxative dependent and gives them “lazy bowel syndrome”.  The reason there’s a lack of bile flow is because most people have a “stagnant liver” due to toxins and inflammation. Liver stagnation is a Traditional Chinese medicine terminology. Check out my Free Holistic Medicine Courses Online for more information.


What helps with Constipation?


Remedies include liver friendly foods (cruciferous veggies), bitter foods to stimulate bile flow, liver herbs like milk thistle, dandelion, (I can add more details if you like), homeopathic remedies for liver health as well as homeopathy for constipation. Castor oil packs also improve bile flow and soften the stool so it can come out easily.  


Other causes of constipation:

  • Lack of fiber – this is where supplementing with fiber and laxatives can help, but also changing the diet to include more greens and fiber. Senna is a common herbal laxative.  
  • Inflammation and food sensitivities – often overlooked. Food sensitivities (typically wheat and dairy) can exacerbate gut issues, sometimes causing diarrhea, sometimes constipation. This is often termed as “IBS” by the conventional medical community because they are not sure what the cause is in most cases.  
  • Physical trauma – after a fall, some people have constipation due to “shock” 
  • Emotional issues – I’ve had several patients whose constipation has resolved after they “let go” of a certain emotion or “secret” that they had never told anyone.  
  • Peristalsis or gut motility issue – the gut is not moving as well as it should be – this is where massage, laxatives, castor oil packs and emotional healing help.  
  • Medication can also cause constipation because of its effect on gut motility as well as its effect on the liver and bile flow 
  • Lack of water or having too much caffeine / diuretic drinks that make you lose too much water. The resulting dehydration can also cause constipation.  
  • Low thyroid function also causes constipation. Thyroid hormones are needed by all cells of your body, including your gut muscles, gut lining (involved with secreting water into your gut) and your liver cells. When thyroid hormones are low, gut motility and liver bile flow reduce.  

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