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How to Get Rid of Parasites

breathing exercises emotional healing gaba gut microbiome healthy microbiome diet holistic medicine leaky gut leaky gut and depression liver detox liver health liver toxicity neurotransmitters and mood parasite pms trauma therapy vagus nerve stimulation Jul 07, 2022

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The liver is the seed of health in my opinion. Everyone focuses on the gut, but for me, the liver is the missing link. The liver produces bile, which helps to detoxify the body. Bile also helps to improve the microbiome within the gut. Many patients seek advice for having a leaky gut. They take probiotics and change their diet, but they forget to heal the liver and get that bile flowing. When bile is flowing correctly, the acids help to kill off bad bacteria, promote the growth of good bacteria and help to improve the overall environment of the gut. This balance leads to less damage to the intestines, and far fewer symptoms of SIBO and dysbiosis, like bloating and chronic inflammation. 

What I've noticed is that by healing the gut and liver together, patients feel better faster. They also stay well longer, because they are not overwhelmed by inflammation, toxins, hormonal imbalances, anxiety and depression all at the same time. 




Certain parasites will actually damage liver cells. Other parasites create a lot of what are called "endotoxins". These toxins get into the bloodstream and can result in oxidative damage to the liver, spleen, gut and other organs of the body. When this damage occurs, patients can start feeling exhaustion and experience brain fog.


We can also talk about liver hormones, since the liver also plays a huge role in hormone production, the damage caused by these toxins can lead to hormone imbalances. For instance, symptoms of PMS like gas, bloating, breast tenderness, cramping and clotting can be the result of parasitic endotoxins. When the liver is detoxified and inflammation is addressed, many patients will see huge improvements and experience relief very quickly. We can see even greater improvements on many levels, by adding homeopathy and emotional release. 


Once the liver is detoxified and bile is flowing freely, gut health improves also. A healthy gut supports and boosts a healthy immune system, which makes it easier to fight off parasites in the first place. So, it's a two-way street...a healthy gut and liver are needed to promote the immunity needed to kill off parasites, and also to filter out and drain toxins released when they die off. 




A toxic liver puts stress on all organs of the body, whether it is the thyroid, adrenals or the gut. When these systems are stressed, they don't work as well and the parasites thrive. They continue to release toxins and reproduce because they are safer in this weaker environment. All of this toxic overload can lead to symptoms like exhaustion, brain fog, anxiety and depression.

I've regularly observed that patients who feel unwell often have some sort of unresolved trauma in their lives. It could be their parents' divorce when they were very young, or maybe an experience of violence or sexual abuse. They could also be carrying a generational trauma passed down from their mother or other ancestors. Subconscious attachment to old trauma can bring about numerous physical maladies including digestive issues and chronic pain. When the body is dealing with these types of chronic symptoms, it struggles to also fight off infection. That's why it is important to heal emotions alongside the liver, because it really gives an advantage when battling parasites and chronic disease. I specialize in healing childhood and ancestral trauma using Family Constellations Therapy. On top of that I will also mention liver cleansing herbs and how to improve liver health on a general base. 




When the liver is toxic, it can not rid the body of bad bacteria and the microbial microbiome of the gut becomes disrupted. Good bacteria in the gut can not thrive as it should and this creates dysbiosis. What many people don't know, is that many of our neurotransmitters, like serotonin and GABA, are actually produced in the gut..not so much in the brain. This means that when the gut is not healthy, neurotransmitter production can be suboptimal, and symptoms of anxiety, depression and irritability can appear. In fact, there are studies showing that low serotonin actually contributes to aggression. That low serotonin is most likely because of a dysbiosis that begins with liver stagnation. 

The other thing that causes an imbalance of neurotransmitters is a cortisol imbalance. Cortisol is released from the adrenal glands as a response to stress and inflammation. If stress is chronic, perhaps even from trauma as a child, the nervous system is in a state of "fight or flight " all of the time. This leads to burn out of the adrenal glands. When that happens, cortisol production becomes imbalanced, and leads to a drop in serotonin, dopamine, GABA and thyroid hormones.

Inflammation also pushes the adrenal glands to produce more cortisol. This causes the same type of neurotransmitter imbalance that leads to anxiety, depression, aggression, insomnia,  chronic fatigue, PMS name it.

This is how liver toxicity is related to emotional stress.




The intestines are like a nice tube. The lining of this tube is kept healthy by good bacteria and good food. The use of antibiotics, poor diet, too many toxins, pesticides and parasites can all damage this lining and lead to permeability. When the gut is more permeable, more toxins leak into the bloodstream and aggravate the immune cells that line the gut. This promotes inflammation. 

This inflammation, along with other things like pesticides, air pollution, excessive alcohol or drug use, etc. lead to liver toxicity. When the liver is toxic, it produces less bile and bile acids. Without enough of these two things, food is less effectively broken down and it enters the intestines undigested. That is going to irritate the lining and cause even more permeability.

Certain bile acids actually kill off bad bacteria, so it is important to have proper bile flow to maintain a healthy balance of good bacteria in the gut. Those good bacteria need fatty acids and other nutrients to survive and thrive. Good bile flow helps to assure the breakdown of fats that we eat into fatty acids, droplets and other absorbable nutrients. If bile is not flowing, this important step in digestion does not take place and there will be an imbalance in good gut bacteria, as well as other nutrients that need to be absorbed. In the end, healing leaky gut really needs to start with healing the liver, and getting that bile flowing.




I offer a variety of free videos on my website that explain the basics of how to heal the gut, liver and emotions. What herbs are good for the liver? I will share about liver support supplements as well.

A lot of people use milk thistle and dandelion to heal the liver, which are great, but I think it's important to mention the role of antioxidants also. Vitamins A, C, and E, along with alpha lipoic acid, play a big role in protecting the liver. Bitter foods like bitter gourd and arugula, along with some nice healing herbs also go a long way in protecting the liver and stimulating bile production and flow. Homeopathic remedies work beautifully to create a flushing effect, kill parasites and help repair the oxidative damage caused by toxicity. Combining energetics, herbs, nutritional supplements and foods is an effective way to detox and heal the liver. I explain this more in my Free Holistic Medicine Courses Online.




When the liver and gut are unhealthy, inflammation contributes to an imbalance in brain chemicals. When stress is high, most people will adopt a pattern of shallow breathing without even realizing it. This leads to a stuck liver, because the diaphragm is not moving up and down like it should with long deep breaths. Tight shoulders are a sign that breathing is shallow, because only the upper part of the lung is being used most of the time. Stress also produces a cortisol imbalance, which further stagnates the liver.

People who live with unresolved trauma, perhaps from adverse childhood experiences or entanglements with ancestral trauma, will have nervous systems that are primed to respond in a stressful way, based on that prior programming. For instance, if as children one experiences abandonment, authority issues, feeling threatened or unsafe, they may have hyper responses when confronted with certain stressful situations later in life. As adults, facing a deadline, dealing with an aggressive boss, going through a painful breakup or being cheated on, can all trigger the nervous system into a fight or flight response based on that childhood programming.

These adults are more prone to anxiety and depression because now, the chronic stress burns out the adrenal glands and wipes them out. High, sustained levels of cortisol alter brain chemicals and disrupt neurotransmitters which leads to anxiety and depression.




When embarking on any journey of healing, we must first identify the root cause of the problem. Many times it is a combination of childhood and adult trauma, leaky gut and an unhealthy liver. Healing the mind and body together is the way to seeing real results. If we only focus on supplements and the body, but ignore the emotional state of the person, it's simply like putting a bandage over the problem. Once the person is guided to discharge trauma they can heal from aggression and regain the ability to say no, set boundaries, and find internal forgiveness and innocence. Helping people feel okay with their vulnerability helps them release their defenses and armor and things flow better in the body. When this happens, the body relaxes, the cells relax and most importantly, the vagus nerve relaxes. This is important because the vagus nerve, one of the body's largest nerves, sends signals to the liver, the gut, the heart and then back to the brain. These organs all function better when emotional stress is released and the vagus nerve is relaxed. 

Many times, I will see a patient's bowel movements improve after admitting that they had been abused as a child. Even when they had been constipated for 30 years, releasing emotionally brought about a physical release as well. This is partially due to the overall relaxation of the liver and the consequent improvement of bile flow. When bile is flowing smoothly it can provide adequate lubrication to the stool and a laxative is not necessary to resolve constipation.

I've also witnessed vast improvements in patients with chronic heartburn after aiding in emotional release. Chronic heartburn is often due to liver stagnation, combined with stomach acid imbalance. In this particular case, the patient had been insulted by his partner and didn't know how to express back. When he was able to express his rage and really speak from his truth, without fear of abandonment, he was able to get the cathartic language going. Boom! That was the best thing that helped his stomach ulcers and stagnation. We had been using homeopathy, herbs, supplements...but the pain would always come back. When we did the emotional release, he needed less of all of these remedies.




Although it might seem scary, good therapy is not hard to go through. The right therapist will know how to hold space with you so you feel safe, you feel seen, and you don't have to rip open your heart or revisit trauma to see results. I use Gestalt Therapy, Family Constellations and EMDR. I'm also learning Somatic Experiencing. I like these modalities because they help the body to really emote and release. 

I also use homeopathy to heal emotional trauma. Remedies like aconite and ignatia can be used for shock and fear which would otherwise result in crying, palpitations and depression. 

I encourage people to find a good homeopath and try homeopathy, because it really helps the body to alleviate energetic stress, detoxify and release heavy metals. 


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I invite you to check out my Free Holistic Medicine Courses Online where I explain homeopathy, and share my protocols on how to heal the gut, liver, and adrenals. I also go deeper into emotional healing and include a special emotional healing exercise. 

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