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How to Improve Gut Health

adrenal glands anxiety bile flow depression digestive system emotional healing emotional issues emotional trauma gallbladder gut health herbs for liver holistic medicine hormonal imbalance improve liver function leaky gut supplements Jul 13, 2022

Hi. It's Dr. Ameet. And thanks for joining me on this video. I really want to demystify anxiety and depression for you today, so I'm going to teach you how different things emotional experiences as well as food and diet and your whole body affects your mind. 


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So a lot of people are taking a lot of medications and supplements to feel good - St. John's wort, adrenal supplements, probiotics and all that - but they're not resolving emotions from the past - emotional trauma, belief systems, abuse from their parents, abuse from their spouses, girlfriend, boyfriend, breakups, divorce, financial issues - all that stuff also affects the mind, right? And I'm going to show you how to combine both mind and body, mind work, mind energetic healing as well as healing your body holistically. 


So that brings me to the next point - a lot of people will go for counseling and personal development and NLP, EMDR, all these different things, Gestalt psychotherapy, whatever, you name it, but they don't heal their bodies fully, right? And if their bodies aren't healthy, of course, their mind will be unhealthy. So you need to heal both the body as well as release emotions from the past in order to feel optimally well. 


So the entire Free Holistic Medicine Courses Online and holistic medicine books that you can get is really, really comprehensive and it was approved in Canada, North America basically, for continuing medical education in some of the highest categories because it covers what affects your emotions and how to heal your digestive system, liver, adrenal glands. And I talked about different brain chemicals and so you can understand based on your symptoms what brain chemicals are out of balance. And I teach you how to use nutrition herbs like natural herbs for anxiety and depression, supplements, amino acids to heal these brain chemicals in the right way. I also cover homeopathy and Bach Flower remedies so that you can release trauma from the past and restore emotional balance holistically. And of course, I teach you certain techniques which you can use to release emotions from the past, I call that energy psychology. 


How to get to the root of Emotional issues 


Awesome, so what affects your emotions? Number one is life experiences, stress, traumatic memory, abuse, beliefs - all that will affect your mind and contribute to anxiety and depression. The other thing what you got to realize that's affecting your emotions is diet and nutrition, so poor diet, eating too many inflammatory foods and I'll talk about that next, environmental toxins, blood sugar imbalance with eating too many carbs and just binge eating, you're going to go through ups and downs in your blood sugar levels which will give you anxiety and depression, and I'll tell you why. Hormonal imbalance medications can actually make you feel more depressed, certain ones. Food allergies, I'll talk about that. Your lifestyle - are you exercising enough? Are you having a lot of late nights? Do you socialize with the right people or you're in a really dark depressing environment? So look at all these factors when addressing your mental health, right? And I'm going to talk ... in the course and in the gut health book I cover all these different organs. Today I want to talk about your digestive system, how to heal it using the right foods and supplements and also how to heal your liver


So this is your digestive system, right? Here's your stomach and your intestines and your intestines are like a nice tube, nice lining. And inside your intestines you have a lot of good bacteria, bad bacteria, they're not considered bad anymore per se because they all balance each other out. Anyways, the fact is that in your intestines you have a lot of brain chemicals being produced there as well, so people used to think GABA and serotonin were produce mainly in the brain but they're also produced in your intestines. So your intestinal health is really, really important for your emotions. 


So this picture here, I don't know if you can see that, it looks like a lining, right? It's all the cells lined up off your intestines and you have the inside on the outside. So this lining has to be kept healthy because if it's damaged by too much alcohol, antibiotics, a lot of medications you get holes in this lining. And I'll show you the next slide when you get holes in lining a lot of food and toxins and undigested food really get exposed to your bloodstream and your immune cells and that creates inflammation throughout your body. And when you have inflammation throughout your body you can have a lot of like what I'll call negative or bad chemical reactions in every system, and that's why inflammation coming from poor digestion and bad gut health is the leading cause for asthma, eczema, arthritis and a lot of chronic health issues. And I'll show you why this also affects anxiety and depression and the natural herbs for anxiety and depression.


Gut health and mental health 


So again, we have your stomach, your intestines here, this is a blow-up of your intestines right here. Now it might not show too well in the video, basically I've shown the same cells that you saw before and the lining of your intestines is kept healthy by good bacteria. Now over time with antibiotic use, poor diet and all that, including the birth control pill, excessive alcohol and certain foods that you might be sensitive to including wheat, dairy, sugar, soy, eggs, alcohol and beef, depends on each person this lining is damaged and the good bacteria get killed off. And when the good bacteria get killed off the line gets even more damaged, right? Because there's nothing repairing it anymore. And so you get these holes in your intestines. And when you have these holes in your inter signs you have toxins leaked into your bloodstream, and that creates the inflammation that I was talking about which creates damage throughout your body and affects your mood. 


So let's go through it step by step. So we set the toxins and poorly digested food causes inflammation throughout your body and that, of course, will affect your brain chemicals as well as your hormones. Now progesterone, estrogen and testosterone are very directly related to anxiety and depression, right? Low levels of testosterone has been connected to depression and low levels of progesterone has been connected to anxiety. 


Now because your intestines are damaged you're producing less enzymes, so there's poor digestion going on. When you have poor digestion you have nutrients being absorbed, all the good food, right? Less of the good stuff being absorbed into your body and, therefore, you're less good stuff making brain chemicals, so you won't have enough good brain chemicals going on. 


When you damage your intestines, of course, less serotonin, less GABA is produced as well because all those good bacteria that produce these good brain chemicals are gone. And now, when you have inflammation in your body because of all the toxicity and all the immune response to the exposed food particles your body says, "I've got to produce cortisol to manage this inflammation." And the organ that produces cortisol is your adrenal system. Now your adrenal glands are already fatigued from chronic stress and lifestyle issues and trauma from the past, imagine now they have to work extra hard to produce even more cortisol. They're going to go totally wiped out, and that's adrenal fatigue. 


 Natural Remedies for Adrenal fatigue


And then with adrenal fatigue or adrenal imbalances you get cortisol imbalance which causes an imbalance in melatonin and serotonin, GABA and dopamine - those are your brain chemicals that help with anxiety, depression and sleep - like herbs for anxiety and depression could also do. So you can see how it's all interconnected. I hope I'm not going too fast here but how to reverse adrenal fatigue naturally? 


Now remember you have a lot of toxins because your intestines are damaged, so you have a lot of toxins going into your bloodstream, right? Those toxins will interfere with every single organ in your body including your adrenal glands, your thyroid and your brain. And all these are related to emotions, right? So by healing your gut, if you reduce toxicity and inflammation you protect all your organs and reduce mental illness. 


So speaking of healing you've gut, how are we going to do it? Remedies for leaky gut - how to heal leaky gut in 2 weeks. The first thing is reduce inflammatory foods. The typical ones I see are wheat and dairy, some people are sensitive to soy and eggs. I also get people to remove coffee, excessive coffee as well because there is some damage to the intestines with coffee. Then too much sugar, of course, sugars are no-no, get rid of sugar completely. Excessive alcohol. And beef is very high in arachidonic acid so it will create inflammation. 


Then what I do is I get some probiotics, that's the good bacteria, because you got to replenish the good bacteria back into the system. And I also use glutamine; it's an amino acid that repairs the gut lining. Now glutamine is like, how do I say it? It's like the fuel, it's like the fuel for your intestinal cells and they need a lot of this to repair themselves again, right? There are some studies that are showing that glutamine is not recommended for people who have cancer because glutamine also feeds the cancer cells, so please check with your doctor when using any of this information. 


Herbs for Gut health and Remedies for Leaky gut 


Some people do need some digestive enzymes especially because if they have a lot of damage and their stomach acid is low then the enzymes that break down food are in reduced amounts and they cannot break down food well enough and it causes continuous damage to the intestines so they might need some digestive enzymes. The other thing I use is vitamin D because vitamin D basically, number one, vitamin D is great for your immune system and prevents cancer, but your vitamin D is very important for mood, people with low levels of vitamin D have more depression. Vitamin D is also very important to reduce inflammation and it helps this valve between your large and small intestine, there's a valve there called the ileocecal valve, that valve needs to be functioning really well to keep the environment in your small intestine different from the environment of your large intestine, because if these environments and the juices mix up then the bacteria get mixed up and then you have the wrong bacteria in the wrong places in your body and that just causes a lot of havoc, right? So get this valve working really well. 


Some more remedies for leaky gut - how to heal leaky gut in 2 weeks: The other thing I use is omega-3s and omega-6s, these are your fish oils and nuts and seeds oils, because they reduce inflammation. So when you're trying to repair your gut you have to reduce inflammation so the repair process happens much faster because inflammation is just causing more damage in some cases. I also use certain foods such as turmeric. Turmeric is great because it's anti-inflammatory, so just add that to your cooking. 


Then the other supplements that can be helpful for gut repair are vitamin A, vitamin B5, selenium and zinc. And selenium and zinc are great for immune system as well immunity. So if you're having frequent colds and infections and stuff like that repair your gut and you'll see your immune system improved because your intestine lining has a lot of immune cells there as well, in fact, most of your immune cells are probably sitting in your intestines. 


This is just an example of a supplement, a nutritional supplement; I don't want to give the name because I don't want to promote any specific company right now. This particular supplement has glutamine in there, it has licorice in there, it has aloe vera extract - all these are like nice soothing, soothing, soothing supplements or herbs that reduce aggravation, right? And it helps the repair process go much faster, so look at those ingredients when you're thinking of buying supplements, find something that works synergistically with your body. 


Liver Support Supplements & Herbs to detox liver


Awesome. Now my favorite topic, the liver. The liver is one of my favorite organs because it's the master organ. So your liver is located on the right side of your body, just into your right ribcage, below your right breast area and it's opposite the stomach. Your liver is very important because it produces bile and bile has a lot of functions, and I'll cover that. Bile is also used to help digest your food. So in Chinese medicine we call the liver the master of organ, and I love it because it controls every single function of your body and it's really important to keep it healthy and it's often ignored in normal medicine. 


So why is your liver important? Because it helps with blood purification, detoxification - detoxification of drugs, medications and even the toxins that your body produces when it's trying to process your foods and other chemical reactions in your body, your liver also produces bile which is basically it helps detoxify your body so it produces this juice and it releases that juice into your intestines. Bile is very, very, very important for digestion as well - it helps break down fats and other nutrients. So remember that certain vitamins require fat to be absorbed. If you cannot break down your fat really well then you're also not absorbing these important vitamins, so that's going to affect your brain chemicals. So bile is needed for digestion. 


Bile also lubricates your intestines, right? It's like a lubrication. So if there's not enough bile because your liver is sluggish and toxic then you're going to get less lubrication which means constipation. So with more constipation, of course, you have more damage to your intestines. So constipation, a lot of people make the mistake and take a lot of laxatives for constipation but constipation is usually a leaky liver issue, so always think about treating your liver when you have constipation. There are other things that can cause constipation like a tumor or growth, but check with your doctor when you have constipation, ask them to really think about helping your liver function well. 


Now your liver is also important for blood sugar storage and regulation and, of course, your sugar balance in your body will affect your levels of anxiety and depression. Your liver is important for immune cell activation as well as storage of vitamins and iron. 


So what's going on here? Here's your liver, here's your stomach, here's your intestines, right? So your liver is going to basically release bile into your intestines and if your liver is not working well it's sluggish, it is going to produce less bile. So that means less bile will go into your intestines. And you see this little black thing, this is like stool, this is your feces, poo. And with less bile your poo is going to get stuck in your intestines here. And when it gets stuck here, of course, there's going to be more inflammation, more damage going on here and that means more leaky gut as well, right? So more toxins going into your bloodstream and making more inflammation. 


How to heal gallbladder sludge 


So let's go that step by step, right? Less bile means less lubrication which means more constipation, that means more intestinal damage, more inflammation. More inflammation requires more cortisol from your adrenal glands which we just talked about and then your adrenal glands go more into fatigue. So you can see how your liver can actually contribute to adrenal fatigue. Now with poor bile production you have less digestion and as we know when you digest food less you absorb nutrients less, right? You have less of the good stuff so you make less good brain chemicals. 


And so if you're ever wondering why the Chinese in Chinese medicine we always focus on the liver, the Chinese have a saying where when the energy is stuck, in the liver it's called liver Qi stagnation, people are more prone to depression, insomnia, anxiety, gas, bloating, constipation and hormonal imbalance. Now you can see why, right? You can see how everything is interconnected here. 


Briefly I want to talk about something called lactate. Now lactate is produced when you have food and you have sugars that's broken down because your cells need glucose to function well, now when they use up the glucose they produce something called lactic acid or lactate. The liver actually takes this lactate and converts it back into glucose, it recycles it. If your liver's not working well this lactic acid builds up in your body, right? And that creates damage as well as anxiety. 


So how to reverse adrenal fatigue naturally? People who have a lot of sugar and coffee and feel anxious with it, it's because their lactate levels are increasing and that means their leaky liver is not functioning well. So you got to reduce your coffee, your sugar and your alcohol intake to protect your leaky liver and help reduce lactate levels, because, of course, when you have too much coffee, coffee like makes adrenaline, right? Coffee gets your adrenal glands to work harder and produce more adrenaline. When adrenaline is released in your body it stimulates your body to release also sugar and then there's too much sugar floating around in your body. When there's too much sugar floating around your body, of course, number one, you'll be more prone to diabetes and, number two, the sugar is used up by your cells a lot producing more lactic acid and, of course, contributing to anxiety. 


Liver cleansing herbs & best herbs for liver repair 


So what damages your liver, right? You're wondering. Well, a lot of drugs, of course, will do that. Too much alcohol, a lot of toxins, smoking as well. Infections, chronic infections will harm your liver cells. Food allergies, so if you're sensitive to wheat and dairy and soy and eggs and stuff like that you got to reduce these or remove them from your diet because all this inflammation that they create will damage your liver cells. 


Of course, low thyroid function will ... so your thyroid is this gland on your throat here, right? And it produces the hormone called T3 and T4. Now the thyroid hormone helps every single cell in your body function much better. So imagine if you have low thyroid function, your liver cells are not going to function too well, right? So it's going to produce less bile. Now that's why people with low thyroid function have more constipation because they're producing less bile and their liver is not working too well and, of course, they'll get low metabolism, gas and bloating. 


The other really interesting thing I found out is that deep breathing actually massages your liver, because you have something called the diaphragm, it's this big muscle, underneath your lungs. And when we take a deep breath this muscle goes down, massages your liver, and when you breathe out this thing goes up again. So people who are stressed they don't breathe deeply, right? They go shallow breathing. So they only use the upper muscles to breathe. And when they do that they get tight shoulders because they're only using these muscles, right? These muscles tense up. And so that's why stress people actually have poor liver function, they're more prone to irritability, gas, bloating, heartburn - that's all coming from an impaired liver function. So remember, stress will affect your liver. And we also see that in Chinese medicine by the way. We always treat the liver and stress when we see chronic conditions such as depression, gas and bloating. 


So how are we going to treat the liver? I love using herbs, some of the best herbs for liver repair out there are milk thistle, dandelion, artichoke leaf - these are great for basically detoxifying your liver and also repairing liver cells. I often use bitter foods in the diet because the bitter taste gets your liver to, how I say it? Release bile, right? So really bitter foods are great for your liver. The other foods that you can use are beetroot. Beetroot is high in glutathione that helps repair damaged liver cells. And turmeric as well, turmeric is great for your liver. 


The berries, remember, so your liver is exposed to a lot of toxins because it's doing all this detoxification so you need antioxidants to repair damaged cells because, how do I say it? Oxidative stress or oxidative damage is what happens to your cells that are exposed to toxins, so we need antioxidants such as blueberries, raspberries, vitamin A, C, E, alpha lipoic acid - all these are great, great, great supplements and vitamins that help reduce damage to your liver cells. I also use CoQ10 as well, it will help protect your liver cells. 


Now one of my favorite things to use is homeopathic remedies, and I cover a lot of homeopathic remedies in my Free Holistic Medicine Courses Online and holistic medicine books, and there's some great remedies for your liver and make sure you see a homeopathic, you take the Free Holistic Medicine Courses Online to understand a bit more about homeopathic remedies. Nux vomica, phosphorus, China, Lycopodium, Caledonian - these are fantastic, fantastic remedies that really go in there and just help release stress from your liver, help you liver detoxify better, just create a whole overall healing synergistic effect. So look into homeopathy, it is one of the best remedies out there. 


How to treat Hormonal Imbalance  


So before we end I'm going to just cover ... talk about Mary, a sample patient so you understand how all this fits together, right? So Mary was 33 years old and she has insomnia, migraines, depression, PMS, constipation and as a child she felt like her mom abandoned her. Now so if she went to a normal doctor for insomnia she'd be given a sleeping pill, migraines - painkiller, which also damaged the liver, for depression and antidepressant which doesn't necessarily heal the root cause, and for PMS she's going to probably be put on the birth control pill or something else, right? And for constipation maybe laxatives. The thing is it's a vicious cycle because all these medications will damage the liver and then contribute to more constipation. 


So what we do is, of course, remove inflammatory foods, discover remedies for leaky gut, repair the gut using the probiotics glutamine, fish oils. And also what did I say there? Sorry, repairing the liver as well using the best herbs for liver repair such as milk thistle and dandelion. And I use some homeopathics as well. And so when you heal the liver and the gut, of course, her hormones will come into balance reducing PMS and the migraines and then her insomnia reduces as well as the depression because the neurotransmitters come into balance. Of course, constipation will resolve because the bile is flowing now. 


And then I used another homeopathic remedy which I haven't talked about yet, I talked about that in the Free Holistic Medicine Courses Online, it's called natrum muriaticum. It's a fantastic remedy for emotional issues especially sense of abandonment and mother, issues to do with the mother. Just listen out for it in the Free Holistic Medicine Courses Online when you do take it. And I did use some body therapy, you can use acupuncture, Bowen therapy, reflexology. I use a lot of Bowen therapy in my practice because I love Bowen therapy because of the way it detoxifies the body and resets your adrenal system, so it takes you out of that stress mode, right? This is one of the ways of how to reverse adrenal fatigue naturally. 


Awesome, so I'll see you in the Free Holistic Medicine Courses Online. Make sure you take it; it covers a lot of goodies out there. And this Free Holistic Medicine Courses Online has been approved for continuing medical education by naturopathic boards in the States and in Canada in some of the highest degrees actually, in highest categories. So you learn a lot, you'll help your patients. And if you are watching this and you'd like help with mental health, anxiety, depression shoot me an email. The website has different, what I call it? Different modules of the Free Holistic Medicine Courses Online as well as counseling packages so you're welcome to Skype with me. Talk to you soon. See you.


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