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Natural Treatments for Anxiety and Depression

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5 Steps to Treat Depression & Anxiety Naturally


Dr. Ameet:  Yeah, okay. So thanks, Ande. Let's start with the basics, so mental health is a result of brain chemical imbalances or balances as well as perception changes due to trauma, Ande, and just different difficult experiences. So let's go to the brain chemical aspect. 


Holistic Medicine for Anxiety 


So we'll start with the gut, so you have a stomach and your intestines, and your intestines are like a nice tube, a nice lining, kept healthy by good bacteria in there and good food. And over time what happens when you have antibiotics and all that they go in and damage those good bacteria in this lining inside there and your lining is damaged and you get holes in your interesting, and that's called leaky gut syndrome. And with that toxins go through these holes and basically aggravate your immune system and more toxins go into your bloodstream and that causes inflammation everywhere in your body - leading cause for asthma, eczema, arthritis as well as mental health and I'll tell you why - number one, in your gut your bacteria actually produced serotonin and GABA, helping as natural remedies for anxiety. And so when you destroy your good bacteria with antibiotics and birth control pills and too much medication, too much alcohol and just certain food that you might be sensitive to, typically it's wheat and dairy, and I'll go through a whole list later, this lining gets damaged and then we get more toxin leakage and more chronic inflammation. 


And also what happens is this inflammation then causes a cortisol imbalance in the body. Cortisol is a hormone produced by your adrenal glands and chronic inflammation requires chronic cortisol stimulation or production, so your adrenal glands get tired over time and you get a cortisol imbalance and that suppresses melatonin, dopamine, serotonin and GABA - all your brain chemicals. So your food affects your mind directly through inflammation and, therefore, brain chemical imbalance, that's number one. 


Number two is when you have all this inflammation you get a lot of toxins in the body. These toxins then go to the liver and your liver takes a big hit. And your liver is meant to produce bile, this juice that goes into your intestines for digestion, but when your liver is stagnant according to Chinese medicine you get something called liver Qi, which is energy, liver Qi stagnation, stagnation of energy. And when that happened your liver produces less bile so you get more gas, bloating, constipation, indigestion, etcetera. So most people make a mistake of taking a laxative for chronic constipation instead of treating the liver, and I specialize in treating the liver. And the Free Holistic Medicine Courses Online has a lot of remedies on that. 


And now, in Chinese medicine delivers the master control of hormones as well, so when your liver is imbalanced you get typically progesterone deficiency or estrogen in excess and that also contributes to anxiety and depression, this hormonal balance, imbalance, and PMS symptoms. So a lot of people experience anxiety and depression during their menstrual cycle and it's because of this hormonal imbalance related to inflammation combined with leaky liver stagnation, okay? 


Ande:  Got it. 


Gut health and Depression


Dr. Ameet:  And then what happens is so all this ... imagine now you're getting worse digestion for liver stagnation and inflammation and that causes a worsening of leaky gut, right? There's more damage now going on in the intestines, you're maintaining or retaining more toxins in your blood because of the chronic constipation and your liver is not squeezing out the toxins, so things get worse in your blood and you get more inflammation and more demand for cortisol so you burn out your adrenal glands even more, right? Find how to reverse adrenal fatigue naturally.  Now creates more cortisol imbalance and, therefore, brain chemical imbalance and more anxiety and depression, requiring even more natural remedies for anxiety and depression. 


So some people make a mistake I'm going for counseling all the time without treating the root cause. So yes, counseling helps because you've got to change to heal the trauma and the belief systems that got you sick as well, but sometimes people's anxiety and depression is not related to trauma, it's related to inflammation and gut health and liver stagnation. 


Ande:  Got it, awesome. 


Dr. Ameet:  And when you heal the gut, and I'll show everyone how to heal the gut and the liver with best herbs for liver repair and best tea for liver repair, and I also want to talk about the effect of trauma on the adrenal system because we talked about inflammation stressing the adrenal system and causing adrenal fatigue, but trauma as well. So when you experience trauma, whether it's abuse, financial issues, etcetera, you get a fight-or-flight response, you make adrenaline using adrenal glands. And now all this trauma is stored in limbic brain, in your memory, and so your body doesn't forget, so this memory, this tension in your body is constantly working on your adrenal glands to keep them ready and vigilant and that burns out your adrenal glands, number one. 


Number two, when you are faced with stress in your current life, in the present time, the old trauma response is triggered actually. So you become hyper responsive to trauma. So children born, like how do I say this? People who have a history of trauma in childhood are more prone to anxiety and depression in the future, because it's all store in the brain and the limbic system. Here is where natural remedies for anxiety and depression might help.


Can leaky gut cause anxiety? How to heal leaky gut in 2 weeks?


And so the trauma itself as well as the stored memories of trauma exhausts adrenal system. Now that's combined with everyday stress - financial issues, divorces, relationship issues, deadlines, late nights, not sleeping well, all that also burns out the adrenal system. So anxiety and depression from people I've treated usually stems from adrenal fatigue combined with trauma combined with inflammation. So in addition to healing the gut, the liver and the adrenal system I always release trauma as a psychotherapist, and I use EMDR, tapping techniques, I've shared all these techniques in the Free Holistic Medicine Courses Online, how to release emotional pain basically from the past. 


And also shift belief system because sometimes you might not think you had a trauma but your belief about yourself and the world change based on what your mom or dad said or based on an experience you had as a child. And that shift in perspective and that change in identity of yourself actually contributes to subtle behaviors that might not be healthy to you and might exhaust your adrenal system, might affect your perception of yourself so you don't like yourself so much - all these perception changes contribute to a low mood and people mistake that low mood for an identity, their own identity, but it's not. 


I do certain exercises where you can give back beliefs to where they belong. It might belong to your ancestors or to your father or to your mother or your mother might not feel strong enough to withstand an abusive father, for example, so you might take on that dynamic that's ingrained in your family system. And so using family constellations therapy we help basically to give back burdens that belong to the parents or become more authentic to who you are minus the influences that are negative to your emotions. 


So that's all the holistic trauma healing for the trauma part. Then we're going to go into healing the gut soon. 


Ande:  Awesome. So quick question around beliefs, so for everyone watching, what are some of the most common beliefs you see people taking on that are disempowering them in their life that may have come from right a parent or a trauma or someone saying something to them when they were young, like what are the common ones you find? 


What is emotional trauma 


Dr. Ameet:  I love that question. One is I'm not good enough or I'm not worth it, I'm not strong enough or it's my fault. And so like I'll do certain exercises, of course, the Free Holistic Medicine Courses Online has those exercises, and one of the prayers I do myself sometimes is, "Please let me let go of any beliefs that interfere with my confidence and self-love." 


People are so focused on building confidence, getting stronger, but sometimes it's not about growing something, it's about actually removing obstacles to healing yourself. They are removing contributors to your low mood. And we don't recognize that we're actually carrying something that is harmful to us, information that is harmful to the spirit, to the innocent child. And so when you look at it rather than saying, "I need to become stronger," it's like, "I need to let go actually of sabotaging thoughts and behaviors that are not mine or belong to the bullies at school or to the girl in the other class that I want to work with my parents," whatever it is - practice letting go and then the emotional resilience and the confidence starts to develop as well from the other way, around. 


Ande:  Awesome, thank you. I appreciate you touching on that. So yes, let's dive into the gut and inflammation in the liver and all of that kind of stuff. I think this might be ... a lot of the topics we do here at Avaiya are primarily based in mental health so I'm super excited for people to understand the connection between what's going on in their physical body and then, obviously, what's going on in their mental body. So can we talk about that? 


Dr. Ameet:  Yeah, okay. So in my Free Holistic Medicine Courses Online I started with about healing the gut, well, you can do holistic trauma therapy for healing the mind as well and healing the gut concurrently. And there I talk about the foods that are inflammatory to the body, certain foods like of course wheat and dairy and there's other foods that I list, and you can also do food sensitivity tests. And it's always good to see you've got with probiotics. Vitamin D is super important for mental health, most people are low in vitamin D. Vitamin D helps reduce inflammation in your gut, it helps gut repair, it helps improve serotonin levels, it helps with enzyme function, it helps with so many things. 


And then I mention different amino acids that are important for repairing the gut lining, improving GABA function. Omega-3s, omega-6s help soothe the intestinal lining, right? That's super important. And in Africa we use a lot of aloe juice and there's other powders and products that are in the Free Holistic Medicine Courses Online that I mentioned I guess American equivalents to healing the gut like what we do here, but I'm sure you get aloe juice there as well, right? 


Ande:  Yeah. 


How to detox your liver Naturally 


Dr. Ameet:  And then, of course, while you're healing the gut you got to heal the liver as well because most people's livers is stagnant. And there is special herb, so you got to eat your bitter foods because the taste of bitter stimulates bile flow, it stimulates your leaky liver to detoxify, and that's super important. And then there's herbs like milk thistle and dandelion. And then I have a whole combination of different herbs and homeopathic remedies in the Free Holistic Medicine Courses Online as well as the book, most of the remedies are actually in the Free Holistic Medicine Courses Online so that will help - go in there and clean your liver out. And also go very deep and stimulate very deep cleansing of your liver. Turmeric is excellent, broccoli, cabbage although some sulfur containing vegetables are super important for certain phases of your liver detoxification. I use castor oil pack, so that's rubbing castor oil over your liver area which is underneath your right ribcage, but never do it during pregnancy or if you're menstruating or over broken skin. 


So I walk people through these step-by-step, how to do this properly. 


So now we've reduced inflammation, right? We've remove the inflammatory foods; we're repairing this wall, right? And we have to remove inflammatory foods because as we're repairing we don't want to put in foods that are going to damage the intestine again, that's very important. And now as we're doing that we're also helping the body detoxify faster. And when your liver is healthy it produces healthy amounts of bile and that's super important to improve digestion and keep the environment in your gut healthy for the good bacteria which then produces more serotonin and GABA and helps with brain function. Otherwise, you're struggling with positive thinking and like telling yourself, "Yes, I'm okay, I'm okay," or affirmations and yet your body's struggling to make the right neurotransmitters. So you can speed up your healing just by cleaning up your liver and you gut. 


Now once that's done, remember, your adrenal glands are likely wiped out from chronic inflammation and chronic stress and trauma from the past, so here now we start healing the emotions using the exercises - certain techniques, tapping techniques, journaling techniques, etcetera - to make sure that you build emotional resilience. As you're doing this it's super important also to nourish your adrenal system, and Western medicine doesn't do this, nourish your adrenal system with herbs and supplements and the right food. Because if you only hear your gut and release emotional trauma, yes, you'll feel better but you're burnt out, so you'll have trouble making the right neurotransmitters coming into balance in your mind. So we need that oomph, that resilience. 


Natural remedies for Adrenal fatigue  


And your adrenal glands also support thyroid function. And thyroid function is super important for mental health, it helps your brain to do serotonin, it keeps your gut lining healthy. Thyroid hormones are very important to improve liver function. So by supporting the adrenal glands you support your thyroid function. So which herbs? There's tons, there's tons of herbs. There's ashwagandha, there's rhodiola, there's ginseng, there's so many out there. I often use B-complex as well. And I mentioned how to use all of these in the Free Holistic Medicine Courses Online. 


And then what we want to do is make sure that we don't eat too many carbohydrates because carbohydrates create a sugar spike and insulin spike and a sugar drop, and it's up and down thing with sugar levels in your blood. And that actually stresses your adrenal glands because your adrenal glands then produce more adrenaline to release sugar when you're in a sugar low and you burn out faster. So you want to have a nice amount of protein and green veggies, of course - that stimulates a stable release of nutrients in your body so it prevents the up and down spiking of glucose. 


And then very important also to keep your liver healthy because your liver ... so there's something called lactic acid that your body produces, basically burning sugar. And now people who have a high carb diet create higher amounts of lactic acid, and lactic acid is very related to high levels of anxiety and lactic acids converted back into I think glucose or glycogen in your liver. Now if your liver is stagnant you're not going to convert very well so you're going to have high levels of lactic acid in your body, in your blood so you'll have higher levels of anxiety. Also if you have a high sugar diet or too much coffee, etcetera, too much alcohol, that's converted to lactic acid very fast, that will also contribute to anxiety. So you want to change the diet, minimize carbs, learn about natural anxiety remedies, minimize alcohol and also clean out the liver. 


Amino acids for depression 


Now I mentioned that the liver is super important for hormonal balance and most people don't know this but progesterone actually helps your brain have less anxiety because progesterone helps the neurotransmitter called GABA work better in your brain. Now GABA is the anti-anxiety neurotransmitter, like natural anxiety remedies. Now if you have low levels of progesterone GABA doesn't work as well in the brain, right? So most people think anti-anxiety medicines or chamomile tea or melatonin to sleep, etcetera, but they might have a progesterone deficiency caused by liver stagnation. So some people will now take progesterone creams and all that but still they're not treating the root cause, right? The root cause of course, is healing the liver, and the liver is imbalance because of chronic inflammation so you got to start with the gut and then flush the liver out with detoxifiers. 


Ande:  Got it. 


Dr. Ameet:  So everything is interconnected - your body, your mind, emotional trauma because emotional trauma stimulates and burns out your adrenal system, it changes your breathing. And the change in breath when you're tense affects your vagus nerve, this big nerve that goes into your gut, and the vagus nerve actually releases chemicals into your gut that affect your good bacteria, so if you're stressed you release the wrong chemicals in your gut and therefore you get more anxiety and depression also from that. 


Ande:  So for people watching right now who are may be like potentially a little overwhelmed by like all of this stuff as it relates to like the physical body, like, well, I'm just thinking if people are struggling with anxiety and depression and they want to do something like you're suggesting, to detox their liver, to decrease inflammation, to know natural remedies for depression, to heal their gut, all these things, how long does it take for them to do those things? Like, I mean, is it a few weeks, is it a few days, a few months, like how long would it take to heal someone's got to detoxify their liver so that they can start seeing benefits to their mental health? 


Dr. Ameet:  Okay, perfect. I love that question. So the good news is I've created some free videos for everyone that splits it up - the gut, the liver, the immune systems. So very simple they just go to my website and watch this Free Holistic Medicine Courses Online, right? 


My program is a five-week program, so I've seen great results in five weeks. Some people get the results in three weeks because they're doing everything like systemically, right? It depends how far back you are on the health scale. And if you have a lot of trauma, of course, there's exercise that helps you build up your emotional resilience. But healing the gut and the liver takes about two weeks. 


Ande:  Got it. 


Anti inflammation herbs 


Dr. Ameet:  I recommend healing inflammation first before healing ... like nourishing the adrenal system, because you want to be clean and detoxified before adding too much fire and support into your body, otherwise, you're going to get a clogged up system. 


Ande:  Okay, awesome. 


Dr. Ameet:  So watch the videos. I promise you it simplifies everything, it's like one video at a time - only a video on the guy, only a video on the liver, right? And then you get the Free Holistic Medicine Courses Online, the full program, which helps raise money for mobile clinics in Kenya for poor communities, you can get that later if you decide. But start with the free videos, it'll simplify everything and it will change your life. 


Ande:  Yeah, no, thank you. I appreciate that. 


Dr. Ameet:  And I apologize [unclear/cross talking 21:19] 


Ande:  No, no, that's great. I just want ... I want to make sure that everyone's feeling like, "Okay, this is something I can take on," and obviously you've created this amazing Free Holistic Medicine Courses Online. And everybody, there's a button below this video that leads you over to Ameet's website where you can look at his videos as well as this Free Holistic Medicine Courses Online and all that stuff. So if you want to take your journey to the next level as far as physical health goes then I highly recommend that. 


What about homeopathy? That's another thing I know you talked about in your Free Holistic Medicine Courses Online and in your work. What is homeopathy for those of us that don't know? And then also how can it help people with anxiety and depression? 


Homeopathy for Anxiety 


Dr. Ameet:  So homeopathy is one of my favorite medicines, created by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann from Germany. Homeopathy is recognized by the World Health Organization, it's got a lot of negative press because people think it's placebo but it's not. It's used by millions, millions of people around the world. It was created by the German doctor who found out that if you use a diluted amount of something, a very diluted amount of something, let's just say onion, that diluted amount can cure the symptoms of somebody who has had toxic amounts of that same substance. So if you've sniffed for raw onion you get watery eyes and a runny nose, so I'm simplifying here, so if somebody comes in with watery eyes and runny nose from an allergy I can use homeopathic onion, so a very super diluted version of it that comes in a pill or on a liquid, both, and that actually stimulates the body's vital force there to heal. 


So it's not using chemicals to suppress symptoms, it's really almost cancelling out the negative, the vibration. So when you're sick you're at a certain vibration of health, so homeopathy stimulates your vital force to overcome the disease on its own. 


And I love it because it's really individual. So for example, in my holistic medicine books I write about different remedies for different symptoms of anxiety, so on depression. So some people's depression has a lot of worthlessness, suicidal thoughts, guilt, etcetera, right? And that's one remedy. Other people who have symptoms of loneliness or feeling betrayed or sad or don't want to socialize, that's another flavor of depression. Some people's anxiety is more OCD like they're washing everything or afraid of touching things. Some people's anxiety is fear of the health of their loved ones or fear of robbers or getting hurt, other people's anxieties is fear of their own health or sense of unease within. That's why natural medicine for anxiety is important. 


So there's no one medicine for all of anxiety, and what I love about homeopathy is it really individualizes and understands the personality of the person that's using the remedy. So those of you listening, if you have your unique symptoms record them down, get curious, don't criticize your symptoms or yourself because your symptoms no matter how uncomfortable they are they're a gift. It's your body and your mind telling you that something is out of balance and we need to heal either past trauma, a belief system that's not working for you anymore or we got a remove a certain food and heal your gut. These symptoms are sometimes actually helping you on your journey to your true love, yourself love inside. 


Homeopathy for depression 


And homeopathy because it's an energetic medicine it works like energetically, it really peels away negative influences in the body and really goes to the root cause. Like a natural medicine for anxiety, or better said: anxiety natural remedies. I even use it to heal trauma in the past, like I've had people who have anxiety and depression because of a financial loss or a breakup with a loved one and I'll use a homeopathic remedy to heal that trauma from the past and they will recover so much faster than just doing psychotherapy or counseling, etcetera. 


Ande:  That's awesome. Thank you. Thank you for enlightening us about homeopathy and what that is. So I know obviously you are a doctor, I am not a doctor, do you find that people like let's say people watching right now some people might be on anti-anxiety medication, they might be on anti-depressants, and I know really nothing about this and I'm not recommending this to anybody, but I'm just curious, do you find people who come to you and do your programs can get off of those medications or decrease those amount of medications by doing your Free Holistic Medicine Courses Online, physical healing of the gut and inflammation and all that? 


Dr. Ameet:  So I've taken lots of people off their medication but in conjunction with their psychiatrist or prescribing doctor, because support has come from both sides and in certain states and provinces it's unethical to remove a client off your prescription medication if you're not in that field of medicine. So yes, when people take my Free Holistic Medicine Courses Online there's a warning in there that we might need less of your medication, so work closely with your psychiatrist to ask them if they can help manage the dosing. Because when you get better you need less of the medication. And especially when you treat the root cause and you feel more emotionally resilient then you'll just start feeling better and you feel the effects of the medication a bit stronger, you'd be like,' "Uh, this doesn't suit me well." 


Now most people ... see, most people make a mistake that they just stopped medication right away. You shouldn't do that, because you have to come off it slowly. Now because the medication actually changes your brain chemistry, now increase new ... we have something called neuroplasticity, the ability of the brain to make new connections, and like emotional experiences cause new brain connections, you're diet creates new brain connections, medication as well, prescription medication, psychiatric medication creates new brain connections. And so when people stop the medication your brain is wired in a certain way that's supported by the medication, suddenly you stop it, those connections cannot cope so you get a crisis, right? And then most doctors ... well, I shouldn't say most, but some doctors scare the patient's saying, "Oh, you see, you need this medicine, you're not good without it." And then they have this belief that they need the medication to live which is, ugh, it's such a painful untruth. I don't want to call it a lie because I don't know if it's done on purpose, maybe it's just miseducation, but it's an untruth. 


GABA for Anxiety and Depression 


So if you taper off, if you heal the cortisol levels, the GABA, the serotonin, etcetera, in a healthy way, in a holistic way and you taper off the medication slowly your brain has time to readjust so it doesn't go into a crisis when you remove the medications. And there's no harm ... I'm not against medicines, I mean, they save people's lives and I've had patients who cannot come off their medication or they need it for a bit longer, and so I'm okay with that. At the same time it's very important to heal holistically so that when you want to taper off the medications or you need less, because when you take less medicines you harm your liver less, you harm your gut less, you age better - all these things happen. 


So it's in your interest to ... I'm not asking to come off your medication but it's in your interest to heal your body completely, to remove all this inflammation and damage to your intestines, to your gut, to your brain. 


Ande:  Awesome. Thank you. I appreciate you touching on that. I imagine many people watching right now might be on medication so I just wanted to ... I want to make sure that they're supported in how to move forward on that, obviously also having a psychiatrist or another doctor that they're working with. 


So what about family constellations therapy? Could you tell me ...


Dr. Ameet:  Yeah, sorry, I just want to say there is a video in the Free Holistic Medicine Courses Online that's all about how I've taken people off medication by what I did to support them. And so the Free Holistic Medicine Courses Online has been approved for professional naturopaths and digestion nutritionists, so that's why I put the video in there to help them. And if you're not a professional and you take the Free Holistic Medicine Courses Online and it's open to everyone, of course, please do it with a doctor with your own medication. 


Ande:  Got it.


Dr. Ameet:  Family constellation. Sorry, what was your question again, Ande? 


Ande:  Just really what is that. I know you mentioned it a little bit ago closer to the beginning of our talk here, but what is family constellations therapy and how can that be applied to people suffering from anxiety and depression? Can those be anxiety natural remedies? Is this one of the natural ways to treat anxiety?


Dr. Ameet:  Okay, that's all day's lecture. 


Ande:  There you go.


What is Family Constellation Therapy 


Dr. Ameet:  So family constellations was basically created by a man called Bert Hellinger. He actually just passed away last week. And he studied with the Zulu people, so he was a missionary priest I think from Germany, and he went and did missionary work in South Africa. And learning the ways of the Zulu people he thought, "Oh, my God, these people," and he combined, of course, with his own training in psychotherapy he says, "Wow, these guys have a certain way of living and certain belief systems that are actually super healthy." So like, for example, in a family system if the father is absent or traveling a lot or went to the war, etcetera, the mom might create a bond with the child, a stronger bond, because of the absence of the father. But this bond even though you see it as natural it could be unnatural because it's different than if the parents were in a healthy relationship and together. So now this child develops a loyalty towards the mother, a preoccupation. And so in adult life unknowingly they won't be fully ready for a full committed relationship perhaps or they might be busy ... they're just not fully open or free. And that can create, of course, emotional disturbances. 


Family constellations looks and these imbalances, energetic imbalances, in a system using a very, very special technique and this sounds like voodoo but it's like really the fastest-growing psychotherapy in Europe right now, it's done all over the world. And what happens is I as the therapist would have representatives, people helping me out, and I can also do it psychically and energetically, what happens is I'll ask the client to pick somebody to represent the mother and the father or their emotional issue or an aborted child, a miscarried child, whatever it may be and/or somebody who abused them. And so I'll have like three or four people in a circle representing these elements of a person's life. Now these representatives actually channeling or connect with the information that belongs to who they represent them. I know it sounds out there but it's unbelievable, I mean, governments are using these techniques. I studied in England further and I don't want to say who but like some big names are now using it at the government level. 


So anyways, me as the therapist I watch the dynamics of these representatives, I can see, "Aha, you know what? Mom's looking away from the father and you're staring at the child, so there's too much of a preoccupation there," right? So the child is glued to the staring of the mother. And when you get the parents to face each other the child, like let's say the child is the client, so you're the child, when you see suddenly the parents facing each other you're like, "Oh, my God, mom has a partner," you take a deep breath kind of like you feel like, "Okay, now I feel a bit relaxed." So there's something happening in the background that we're not even aware of, right? And that's affecting our mental health big-time. 


I've had a lot of people who have had miscarriages and abortions and sometimes we're not taught about the importance of these aborted souls and so by, and I did this experiment myself, I held an aborted child like a representative and I connected to a deep loss, a deep, deep loss for myself and I cried. And so I don't think we're educated well enough on the importance of honoring a past on child, saying goodbye to it properly and thanking it for coming into our life even though it was very brief. 


I'm speaking of aborted or miscarried children, also not only if you're a parent of one but if you're a sibling of one, so if let's say you think your firstborn but there was a child before you who was aborted or miscarried and you don't know that, I've seen a lot of people with anxiety and depression because of that. And when I get them to recognize the child who was before them in their system and I get my client to actually feel their real position in the family system, so family constellations is about the orders of love, like making sure the parents are responsible for their own stuff and also being in the right position in your family system. 


How to heal emotional trauma


So when I get my client to feel that they're second in place in the family system not the first child they're like, "Oh, my God, this feels more correct for me somehow. I get in touch with the truth about myself," right? It's beautiful therapy; it's the best therapy that like in addition to heating the gut and all that, like I've done Gestalt psychotherapy but family constellations therapy just takes it to another level. It really treats the root cause because, I mean, every therapy helps and at the same time if your troubles are because of a missing child or because your mom put her sadness onto you, "Oh, dear child, look how bad dad is treating me," suddenly you feel burdened by that even though it's out of love. When your mom feels this belongs for me, your child does not belong to you, I can handle it, it's not your fault this happened. You almost get a permission to live your life. 


And if that's the root cause of your anxiety and depression, well, it's better to heal that root cause than try and invest only in positive thinking or trying to convince yourself not to think of those thoughts, because that's exhausting for your nervous system. It's like someone's changed which doesn't really change the internal mechanism of your soul. 


Ande:  That's a beautiful point. I've never thought about that before. You just brought something up for me because I almost never think of it, but my mom had a miscarriage before she had my brother who's my older brother so if she or he would have come to be then in theory she would have had my brother and probably not had me because they didn't want a third child. So I've never ever thought about that in that way, that's an interesting thing. 


Dr. Ameet:  Yeah. 


Ande:  Wow. So anyone watching ... 


Dr. Ameet:  [Unclear/cross talking 36:35] 


Ande:  Yeah, like if anyone watching right now is also kind of connecting those dots that's a very interesting thing too to kind of connect into the journey of anxiety and depression also, so I appreciate you mentioning that. That's really powerful. It's great to discover more natural ways to treat anxiety. 


Dr. Ameet:  And you can even say thank you to that child - because of you I live. 


Ande:  Right. 


Dr. Ameet:  Or something like that, right? Acknowledging that and then you're more connected to that child and you have more grace in your life after that sentence and that statement. 


Ande:  Yeah, that's beautiful. 


Dr. Ameet:  Does that make sense? Does that resonate? 


Ande:  Yeah, it's beautiful. I love that. 


Dr. Ameet:  [Unclear/cross talking 37:10] 


Ande:  Yeah, that's amazing. I've never ever really given that much thought, so that was a really amazing point, so amazing. So I mean, I want to make sure that everyone knows there's a couple buttons below this video that lead over to your website, you have Free Holistic Medicine Courses Online, you have a gut health book, you have all sorts of things, so can you share a little bit about all of that and how people can work more further with you? 


Free Holistic Medicine Courses Online


Dr. Ameet:  Yeah, okay. So I do online sessions, Skype sessions around the world. I have Free Holistic Medicine Courses Online that's raising funds for mobile clinics, so I came back to Kenya from Canada to do mobile clinics with poor community and that's my dream to go back there, and so I do that by selling the Free Holistic Medicine Courses Online and my book. My holistic medicine books have been a best-seller on Amazon about eight to ten times now because it helps heal the gut, brain, the liver, the mind and release emotional trauma. 


My Free Holistic Medicine Courses Online has been approved by naturopathic boards, CDR as well, that's the one that controls dietitians and nutritionists in the US. So it has a lot of good information in there. So I'd love your support to help me to continue my work and to share this knowledge and to further my training in constellations and emotional healing because I'm writing books on transforming the mind, and all this is possible when you buy the Free Holistic Medicine Courses Online and support me on my journey and also help communities, of course, in Africa. So I really appreciate it. 


Ande:  I love it. Thank you so much. And everyone, again, there's buttons and links and all sorts of things below where you can check out Ameet's work and learn further about that. So are there any last insights, anything else you want to touch on or leave people with before we wrap up? 


Dr. Ameet:  Get the book for sure please because it'll help with the Free Holistic Medicine Courses Online number one, number two is if you're overwhelmed with all this information just go and watch the free videos, it'll simplify everything. And really I'm sorry for like just going off on a tangent with everything. 


Ande:  No, I loved it. I mean ...


Dr. Ameet:  [Unclear/cross talking 39:12] 


Ande:  Yeah, no, we talked before this class about my backgrounds in nutrition so I know a lot of those terms. But for people who don't maybe know a lot of the lingo as it relates to gut health and adrenal glands and all these kinds of things, yeah, absolutely, go like watch those videos further to get a better understanding of all of that and the language and everything. So thank you so much for doing this, I really appreciate it. 


Dr. Ameet:  Good. And love is medicine, that's the other thing, self-love. So don't blame yourself for feeling anxious and depressed. Actually embrace your ... I know this is easy to say but it's difficult to do because I suffered a lot from anxiety, depression, breakups, suicidal thoughts, etcetera, is get curious about your symptoms and observe them rather than criticize them. Observe them, see where they're coming from - does this belong to an emotion in the past or how do I feel when I changed my diet? So you get closer to more pure balanced and more self-love. These are like home remedies for depression and anxiety I used.


Ande:  Awesome. Love is medicine. 


Dr. Ameet:  Lots of love. 


Ande:  Thank you. I appreciate this. And everyone, thank you so much for tuning into Ameet's class and we will see you on the next one, everybody. Take care. 


Hey, everyone. I just wrapped up another great class with Dr. Ameet Aggarwal. And he talked with us about the mind-body connection as it relates to anxiety and depression, natural anti anxiety remedies. So I really love this topic, mind-body connection is a big part of my life, a big passion of mine. And if you aren't familiar with how the body and the mind connect, I hope this was a really enlightening class for you today. And if maybe you're already interested in this topic, hopefully it helped you even more in your journey. 


So a couple of big take-home messages for me were really the last thing that Ameet talked about which is love is medicine, right? Self-love, self-compassion, being kind to yourself, all of that is medicine, it truly is. So he recommended that you get curious - write down the symptoms you're having, write down thoughts you're having, write down experiences and feel that you're having as it relates to anxiety if you have it, as it relates to depression if you have it or any other things that you're dealing with right now. And just recognize that it's your body's way of telling you something is imbalance. That's what it is, that's what those symptoms are. And don't ultimately judge yourself for those symptoms, just be kind to yourself, take a look at them really from an observer perspective instead of a judgment perspective and remember that love is medicine. Heal here now


Also just heal holistically. When he said that to me I was like, "Oh, yes, this is it, right?" We all need to heal holistically. Our bodies are connected to our minds, our minds are connected to our bodies so all of this whether you are sound in the science of nutrition like he was talking about, all sorts of different things, whether that's of interest to you or whether you know anything about it or not the body and the mind are connected - all of the ways that our body amazingly does the things it does for us are also connected to how we feel and how we feel is connected to how our body works. So if you're interested in pursuing these topics further I highly recommend you check out Ameet's work. 


And the last thing I wanted to say was what he said about this loss of a child as a sibling, so for example, I had shared with him that my mother had had a miscarriage before she had my brother. So I am child number two and my brother was the first child but he was saying I actually had another sibling that was before that that was a boy or a girl, I'm not sure, and that was the oldest child. So that just kind of struck me, I've never thought about that before as having an effect on the child order and what it might be like for my brother being the first child but really maybe the second child in that scenario and me having potentially had an older sibling that because that older sibling did not come to be I was born because my parents were not planning on having more than two kids. So I just thought that was really fascinating. 


So where in your life can you reconnect the dots to things in your life such as that that maybe you haven't explored? And how does that affect your life today? How are your emotions, your foods, your anxieties, things like that, how are those affected by things that happened as a child that you're still holding on to or maybe it's just something you have an examined like I haven't clearly in that scenario? So I just wanted to make a quick mention of that. 


I hope you enjoyed this latest class. And we will see you on the next one. Thanks, everybody. 


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