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What causes Depression in the Brain

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Wendy Myers: You live in Kenya. Tell us a little bit about your story and how you got interested in the health field and helping people with anxiety and depression.

Dr. Ameet Aggarwal: I was actually semi-depressed without knowing it. I had no idea it was going on
for me, actually. I joined the Naturopathic College in Canada and totally started
healing my gut, my liver and different things. I noticed my body and my mind
started healing together. That was very intriguing for me. Then I landed in
psychotherapy school without knowing what the heck I was getting into, to be
honest. My whole childhood got exposed, all those normal experiences, what I'd
normalized or thought, okay, this is part of life, got seen by a very caring
therapist. Suddenly my power and vulnerability started growing. My
vulnerability grew in a positive way. Suddenly I could speak my truth. I could ask
for what I wanted. I was more clear in my mind about communication with
others, other people's feelings, my own needs, my own vulnerability and my
own emotions. Slowly and surely the anxiety and depression started going away. This are some natural remedies for anxiety and depression

Dr. Ameet Aggarwal: I realized the importance of healing both the body and the mind together, which
we'll talk about today. You cannot do one or the other. A lot of people focus on
healing your body and ignoring emotional trauma from childhood, parental
issues, conflicts, beliefs, divorce, separation or financial stress, which all have a
huge impact on our mind, our nervous system and our adrenal glands. We'll get
into that today. I also focus on family constellations therapy, trauma in our
ancestors and how that's passed on through generations into us. We carry a lot
of weight and I don't want to call it nonsense, but just a lot of noise that affects
our mood, our ability to be happy, our energy and our immunity. Using family
constellation therapy, I also help people disentangle from ancestral trauma.

Dr. Ameet Aggarwal: The nervous system in their mind, their emotions and their energetic field is just
clear. Then when you do that work, the body heals much faster as well. The gut
heals faster, the leaky liver detox is better - herbs to detox liver. The adrenal glands get more into balance
faster because there's less emotional stress plummeting the nervous system,
exhausting the vagus nerve, stifling your liver and creating cortisol imbalances.
That's how I combine both body and mind therapies.

Wendy Myers: I love how you're approaching this. I suffered depression in all of my twenties
and I sought out a lot of different therapies, reading books - check out Dr Ameet best book on Gut health - and just trying
everything to feel better. I think one thing that we've learned is that experts in
trauma like professor van der Kolk say that yapping doesn't work. It's nice to
have some cognitive awareness of what's going on with you, why you're
behaving the way you do or interacting in relationships the way that you do but
ultimately these are trauma or intergenerational traumas in our energy field.
That's where it needs to be addressed. Correct?

Dr. Ameet Aggarwal: Right. You bring up a good point, Wendy. Talk therapy sometimes goes only so
far. You're cognitive of the issue, you're yapping about it but you're not going
deeper. You're not having a body experience about what you're talking about.


What is EMDR Therapy and Gestalt Therapy


What I do with my clients is get them to feel it in their body, what's going on.
That's where their vulnerability and healing starts to take place. Once you start
feeling the memory in your body, a somatic experience, your body starts
suddenly shifting and the memory starts changing. You come out of the
intensity, the loudness of that memory. Suddenly you come to terms with reality
a bit more clearly, your confidence starts returning, your body senses a new
reality because unconsciously your body was stuck in the old traumatic memory
and reality.


Dr. Ameet Aggarwal: I like to use more body-centered therapies like gestalt therapy, EMDR tapping
and family consultations of course. I combine it with gestalt therapy, so it is
more somatic. I'm also excited to be learning somatic experiencing therapy at
the moment, as well. I think people get a lot more out of therapy when they're
including their breath, their body sensation and their mind, to connect in a very
authentic and vulnerable way. I use the word vulnerability very purposefully
because that's our tenderness and that's where the healing takes place.

Wendy Myers: Can you talk about trauma a little more in-depth? How so many people have
trauma, how that affects their body and how that really needs to be addressed
at that root cause energetically in order for people to feel better. What does that
process look like?

Dr. Ameet Aggarwal: Trauma is not necessarily something that happens to us. It happens within us.
That's what Gabriel Matthew also says. It's what happens within us. We shut
down, we disassociate, we escape and we block off the memory. We make
adjustments in our psyche and as well as in our energy body. When trauma
happens, our body goes into fight or flight or freeze response. What happens
there, physiologically, is your adrenal glands start kicking in and you start making
excessive adrenaline and cortisol. How to reverse adrenal fatigue naturally? Unhealed trauma remains in the nervous
system. There've been studies done about childhood trauma, also known as
adverse childhood experiences or ACEs, where people with ACEs actually end up
with more heart disease, chronic illness, cancers, diabetes, et cetera. That's
because the nervous system is really damaged and affected. It's hyperresponsive
to life and to adult stresses. It's constantly affecting your gut, your leaky liver and your
adrenal glands until the trauma is resolved. This is one of the aspect of how to reverse adrenal fatigue naturally


Trauma and stress related disorders

Dr. Ameet Aggarwal: Most people walk around with burnt out adrenal glands because they've had
some experience in their childhood or adulthood they haven't resolved. It
doesn't have to necessarily be a car accident or a rape or a big trauma. It could
be your mom going on holiday for two months or two weeks or something like
that. There's an abandonment issue or you said something and everyone looked
away because they were focusing on your sick brother, for example. Suddenly
you felt, gosh, you weren't connecting and your voice is not important. You, as a
young child, automatically adjust in order to stay connected to that family or
that environment that you're experiencing life in. You might work harder for
more attention or to be seen, or you might be very careful with your words in
order to gain acceptance.


Dr. Ameet Aggarwal: If there is strong sexual abuse, you might block off a lot of feelings. Sometimes
with incest, I often see hypersexuality because that's your connection with
acceptance and love. We make many adjustments as children and as adults,
from childhood trauma. These behavioral adjustments are seen as behavioral,
but there are also physiological adjustments which are seen like ulcers,
headaches and skin issues. I often see skin issues when there's abandonment or
conflict with your parents, especially eczema. These adjustments happen from
childhood up to adulthood when stronger stresses come into our life because
our body's now being triggered, and those old memories are being triggered.
Your body, nervous system and physiology basically gets more hyperresponsive.
Wendy Myers: I like that you brought up that these emotional traumas, based on the ACEs
study which is a phenomenal study, can lead to physical health issues. I think
people don't realize that connection. They know they have a physical issue and
they start looking for a physical solution. Our physical health is very much tied to
our emotional state and our traumas. Can you talk about that a little bit more,
expand on that?

Dr. Ameet Aggarwal: I'd love to. What happens is, let's say now we've got this whole traumatized
nervous system that's hypervigilant and it's driving your adrenal system. Your
adrenal system then produces excessive cortisol and excessive adrenaline. Now
over time, your adrenal glands burn out and you get a cortisol imbalance. That’s
one cause. The other thing that causes a cortisol imbalance is chronic
inflammation. Where does chronic inflammation come from? It comes from the
foods we eat and leaky gut syndrome - heal leaky gut in 2 weeks. If you have excessive gluten, excessive
dairy, or foods that you're sensitive to, as well as excessive medications like the
birth control pill, excessive alcohol, et cetera, you kill off the good bacteria in
your gut and you damage the gut lining. When that lining gets damaged, we
have toxins leaking into the bloodstream causing inflammation everywhere in
the body. That inflammation is the leading cause for asthma, eczema, arthritis
and a lot of chronic conditions. That chronic inflammation requires cortisol from
adrenal glands. Basically your body releases cortisol to manage the

Dr. Ameet Aggarwal: Over time, unhealed trauma, which causes the cortisol response and the adrenal
response, as well as chronic inflammation causing a cortisol response, both of
those combined exhaust your nervous system. With cortisol imbalance we get
blood sugar issues and we get hormonal issues. Actually what happens is your
thyroid levels start dropping as well. When your thyroid levels start dropping,
the gut lining becomes weaker. You'll see that people have a worsening of leaky
gut with chronic stress. That's why people with eczema, with arthritis, with any
health condition, get worse with chronic stress. I believe it is because your
immune system drops and leaky gut gets worse as well, because of this
cortisol-adrenal connection with stress - heal leaky gut in 2 weeks. Also, what happens is when you have a
cortisol imbalance and excessive inflammation, you have more toxins in your
body. So how to reverse adrenal fatigue naturally?


How to improve liver health 

Dr. Ameet Aggarwal: Those toxins go in and slam every single organ in your body. They slam your liver,
your liver is inflamed with lots of toxins and your liver's the master organ. It
produces bile for digestion, it controls your hormones, vitamin storage and
blood sugar regulation. It does over 500 different functions in your body,
including immune cell activation. Suddenly you have got a stagnant leaky liver, like we
call it in Chinese medicine, that's not producing enough bile. You're going to get
poor digestion, more gas, bloating and constipation especially, which will worsen
leaky gut. Number one. Number two, you end up getting PMS symptoms,
estrogen dominance, progesterone deficiency usually, or basically a hormonal
imbalance. Now you have more toxicity in your body from a stagnant liver and a
hormonal imbalance. Beautiful recipe for certain types of cancers as well. With
the free radical damage and with estrogen excessive cancers, if you have
excessive estrogen, of course, there's more proliferation of the cells when your
liver's stagnant as well. Your liver detoxifies your lymph a lot.

Dr. Ameet Aggarwal: Suddenly when you have a stagnant leaky liver, your lymph is not getting cleaned up
really well so you have clogging in your lymphatic system. So make sure to take the best herbs for liver repair. That means your
immune system drops and detoxification from around your cells reduces so you
have more toxins surrounding your cells in the interstitial fluid, causing more
fluid radical damage. There’s more genetic mutations, more cancer susceptibility
and less mitochondrial function as well, which leads to lots of different diseases
as we know.

Dr. Ameet Aggarwal: When it comes to autoimmune disease, when trauma basically triggers all this
chronic inflammation and cortisol imbalance, and we have more leaky gut, then
our immune system in the gut is more exposed to food proteins and toxins that
we're ingesting. That creates a hyper-immune response in the body. Sometimes
the immune cells we create end up attacking our own body tissue. Theories are
because some of the food proteins mimic our own body's particles, but there's
no definite conclusion about that.



Wendy Myers: Let's talk about depression. You focus on depression, you have a program on
depression. Depression and anxiety go hand in hand, so you talk about both but
let's talk about how you approach depression and the things that people are
doing wrong. Why do they feel depressed? Why isn't what they are doing,
working? And what are some natural herbs for anxiety and depression?

Dr. Ameet Aggarwal: Depression has multiple causes. Number one is, of course, the cortisol
imbalance we talked about. When cortisol is imbalanced, serotonin, dopamine,
GABA and melatonin all start dropping. The first thing you gotta do is heal the
gut, reduce inflammation and detoxify the liver, which I talk about in the online
program, together with the best herb for liver repair. You support the adrenal glands usually only after you've addressed
inflammation. How to reverse adrenal fatigue naturally? A lot of people make the mistake of doing adrenal herbs and
supplements when they're still inflamed and toxic. Then they get skin rashes and
aggravations and anxiety from adrenal support because they haven't regulated
their detoxification pathways. My Free Holistic Medicine Courses Online goes into a lot of details about

detoxifying your leaky liver and healing your gut. That's number one. Once you do that
and you're supporting your adrenal glands, I also include homeopathy.
Homeopathy is super important for one releasing trauma and these specific
homeopathic remedies, which I also cover in the Free Holistic Medicine Courses Online, to address specific
symptoms of depression.

Dr. Ameet Aggarwal: There's different remedies for each type of depression. You might wonder, what
do you mean by each type of depression? Well, different people present with
different symptoms. Honestly you have got to treat them individually rather than
with a blanket drug. For example, some people with depression are more
withdrawn, resentful and they're just wary of the world. It could be post-trauma,
post-abandonment or betrayal. That needs a particular remedy, for example, it
could be Natrum Muriaticum homeopathic. Other people have more suicidal
thoughts. They feel guilty. Maybe they've lost a lot of wealth or been shamed
and fallen from this status that they felt. They feel, gosh, I'm not worth it
anymore, they’re worthlessness. With that we use homeopathic gold Aurum
Metallicum. These are just a few examples of the individuality and the beauty of
homeopathy. The individuality of homeopathy is what makes it work so much
better than a blanket drug, sometimes.

Dr. Ameet Aggarwal: I mean, I combine both, I don't take everyone off drugs. Sometimes drugs are
important to balance the nervous system while somebody's treating the root
cause. Drugs do save lives for a lot of people, especially in suicidal patients and
strong schizophrenia bipolar, but you have got to work on treating the root
cause, which brings me to my next point. Sometimes the root cause is trauma.
So as you're healing the gut, the liver and working on using homeopathy, I also
look at the history of a person. Based on that, what type of traumas, we do
emotional healing exercises or psychotherapy. The Free Holistic Medicine Courses Online has a lot of
those emotional healing exercises one can do, according to a timeline of their
life from birth to present. People get a lot of relief from that.


What is family constellation therapy 

Dr. Ameet Aggarwal: As we're doing that, some people are depressed because they are loyal to one of
their family members. This is now where family constellations therapy and
intergenerational trauma comes in. If your mom was suicidal or neglected by
your father, you will nurture her in your heart. You will most likely protect her.
That sense of responsibility towards mom and that protection, limits your ability
to thrive as an independent child. You're entangled in her trauma out of love,
out of responsibility. In a healthy system, in a healthy consolation therapy
session, what we'll do is we really bow to the bigness of our parents, to the
elderliness of our parents compared to us as their child. We bow with respect
and let them gently carry what happened in their life, so that we are allowed to
become the innocent child again, so that we can take life in a healthy way into
our energetic field, and trust that they carry their stuff with dignity.

Dr. Ameet Aggarwal: We have very special healing sentences in family constellations that enable this
transition from entanglement to freedom. I often see my practice, for example,
people who one of their parents is an alcoholic. They might end up with an

alcoholic partner as well, because strangely we sabotage our lives out of feeling
guilty. We don't know, we think abuse and alcoholism is normal in the family,
sometimes. That becomes a familiar connection and even a sense of love for
some people. Sometimes we even feel guilty like who am I to be happier than
what my mother had? Energetically, I cannot even open up to more happiness
because there's a betrayal of my family if I'm happier than them. These are all
loyalties we have subconsciously, that are going on, that limit our ability to
basically come out of depression.

Dr. Ameet Aggarwal: If there's a miscarriage or aborted child, and we don't acknowledge it, we don't
do certain healing sentences for that child, we remain entangled with that
missing and unacknowledged child. I see this all the time in therapy. By including
that missing child, giving it a place in our hearts, in our lives, in our parents'
lives, in our family system and saying, gosh, I don't have to live both of our lives.
I don't have to live your life for you and mine. You know, I see you had your place
and I need to find mine. That frees up people a lot in their minds, especially for
anxiety, actually. The other thing that happens when there is a missing child, for
example, there's a longing for death for some people and they can't explain why
they're suicidal or they're longing for death and they're tired of this world.
They're carrying their mom's grief for that child, and the mom is grieving that
child, she's not happy, so the mom is preoccupied. They're not fully available for
the second child.

Dr. Ameet Aggarwal: The other very interesting thing about miscarriages and abortions is that let's
say you are the “first child”. You think you're the first child, but there was a child
before you. Often, what I see is that the client is usually overwhelmed or stuck
until I ask them, okay, go ask your parents if there was a child before you.
They're like, "Wow, how did you know that?" Then I'll do a healing sentence with
them. I'll get them to feel that first child. Now this sounds a bit woo, woo but
trust me, it's one of the most exploding therapies out there in the world, family
constellation therapy. It works very deeply. When you recognize that you're not
the first child and you really sense, what does it feel like to be the second child
in the system or the third child? That there's another person out there that
needs to be loved and accepted and recognized? Your nervous system and your
body will feel a lot of relief. This burden will come off you suddenly. Then you'll
have more, you'll be able to thrive more and take in life more.

Dr. Ameet Aggarwal: We take in life energetically through our consciousness and our consciousness
sometimes doesn't take in life because it's preoccupied with sorrow, with misery,
with loyalties, now risking our mom, our dad, or victims of war from our
grandparents' time. Our soul, our consciousness and our subconsciousness are
trapped there through intergenerational trauma. If we don't take in life because
of these preoccupations, we don't thrive. Our immune system suffers, our mind
suffers, we remain depressed, anxious, carrying this weight of the world on our
shoulders. We don't go into healthy relationships, we sabotage our relationships
and we wonder why is everyone happier than I? Why can't I be happy as

everyone else is? We start comparing ourselves and are disappointed with
ourselves, it's a vicious cycle. We get hard on ourselves over time.

Wendy Myers: This is amazing, everything that you're talking about just resonates with me so
much. When I think about my father who had borderline personality disorder,
and then I end up getting a best friend who had the same disorder, you go
through a pattern until you learn the lesson. Then I was finally able to let her go,
because it was unhealthy. It is a really interesting process how people get into
romantic relationships where they need to work through their own family issues.


What causes Toxic relationships

Dr. Ameet Aggarwal: I want to say, it's not a lesson from the universe, it's not. I don't believe the
universe is testing us. That's saying, okay, when you get over this, you learn your
lesson. We're attracted to those relationships because of its familiarity, and our
connection to love for our parents. It's not that, gosh, you're not getting your
lesson and you're failing or anything. No, it's really, wow why am I tracking this?
What in my heart is so connected and loving this reality that I need to look at or
that I'm with that? The pain is really a signal that you're blocking the light. The
pain of a relationship is because you're not seeing the light. Once you start
seeing the light and healing within your own family, the person in your present
life, they just fall away naturally. You get less interested in them or they get less
attracted to you. Things happen, quantum physics-wise or energetically, things
just shift when we shift within.

Wendy Myers: I think a lot of people are afraid to do that. They want change in their life, but
yet on some level understand they're going to lose people that they care about
or even family members if they do this work and do those shifts. People can
have a lot of denial and resistance to doing that work.

Dr. Ameet Aggarwal: I think so. What I see in the world is a lot of shrewds, a lot of forceful therapy,
you have got to empower yourself, you have got to get over this, you have got to
have positive thinking and all that. That's hard work, Wendy. That doesn't feed
the soul or naturally heal our soul and nervous system, in the best way. Therapy
needs to be done with love, with attention and with caring. When somebody
finds the right energetic resonance with a therapist and they can open their
heart to that, doing the work doesn't seem as daunting because it feels like
another connection to love. It's reprogramming or reparenting without saying
that what you had was wrong, but they're really looking for a connection to
something that feels right before they're ready to let go of those patterns.
Wendy Myers: Are you working right now on capacity, working one on one with people, doing

all these different therapies with them?

Dr. Ameet Aggarwal: Yes, I work online. I see a lot of people using Zoom and we can feel energy
through Zoom, that's not a problem. What's going on in my heart right now is
actually I'm focusing on the online program because I want to focus more on
community work. In Kenya I'm treating these kids with disabilities and I want to
enhance holistic medicine in rural communities, bring it to another level through


Free Holistic Medicine Courses Online


the sale of the Free Holistic Medicine Courses Online my holistic medicine books and stuff like that. I do see people one
on one, and I'm hesitating to promote that because you'll get a lot from the
Free Holistic Medicine Courses Online, and I feel a bit obliged, not obliged, but a lot of love for
community work as well. I'm available for both, but start with the Free Holistic Medicine Courses Online

Wendy Myers: Well, let's talk about that. Tell us about your Free Holistic Medicine Courses Online. What's it called? It's

about depression, correct?

Dr. Ameet Aggarwal: It's on everything actually. It's on healing the gut, the liver, inflammation, chronic
disease as well as emotional trauma. Those are the pillars of health when you
heal your gut and your liver. A lot of people make a mistake of only healing the
gut and they get only so far. They don't heal the liver, but the liver's the master
organ. In all my talks, when I introduce the liver and people try healing the liver,
their results escalate in healing. My online program goes through healing the
gut, the liver and the adrenal system. It goes through a lot of homeopathic
remedies you can use for sharp trauma, anxiety and depression. These are part of the natural remedies for anxiety and depression that I use. It goes through
a whole bunch of Bach Flower remedies you can use for your own emotional
pictures. There's a questionnaire there you can do to find out the top five Bach
Flowers for you. Bach Flower remedies are like homeopathic remedies specific
for certain kinds of emotions.

Dr. Ameet Aggarwal: Then I have some beautiful, emotional healing exercises that I've created. Some
are a combination of my creation and things that are known in the world like
tapping, EMDR, journaling, but journaling in a very special way. When people do
the emotional healing in the Free Holistic Medicine Courses Online while healing the gut, the liver and the
adrenal system at the same time, I'll mention adrenal herbs, when's the right
time to take them, et cetera. Their health sustains itself in a much better way
compared to when you're just doing random supplements to mass symptoms or
you're going for random therapy sessions, but not in a sustainable way, if that
makes sense. The videos are available for life. You can replay them, you can
watch them at your own pace. You can really take your time in your healing
journey and digest, no pun intended, but digest the material really well.

Wendy Myers: If you guys want to learn more about Dr. Ameet's Free Holistic Medicine Courses Online, click here.
Why don't you give us some cliff-notes about what people can expect when they
take the Free Holistic Medicine Courses Online?

Dr. Ameet Aggarwal: First of all, you can start with some free videos. When you click the link below,
you'll be taken to a page that gives you some free videos on healing your gut,
your liver and your adrenal system. There's a beautiful, emotional healing
exercise I've given there as well where you can release emotional blocks, work
on your negative beliefs about yourself and your own feelings. The exercise gives
you permission to really feel what you need to feel without judgment. As you're
doing those free videos, you'll understand the importance of the work. You can
always buy the Free Holistic Medicine Courses Online, the full online program, which has all the exact specific
protocols I use, the whole list of different homeopathics, the explanations about

them, details about adrenal healing herbs, and even more emotional healing
exercises you can do on your own time in a very specific fashion. In the future,
we'll be opening up a coaching program as well so we can hold your hand
through the entire program, over five weeks, and you can get much deeper


How does anxiety affect the brain

Wendy Myers: Okay, fantastic. I just love this approach because I think it's so important. There's
so many people right now that are depressed, anxious, stressed, and people
need unconventional approaches. I mean, I think they're completely normal, the
energetics, homeopathy and Bach Flower remedies, it's another day for me. For
most people they're not aware of how many amazing therapies, that are very
simple and inexpensive, are available to them and they are very effective.
Dr. Ameet Aggarwal: The importance of these therapies, Wendy, is that they treat the root cause.
We're always going for the root cause rather than masking symptoms. That's the
beauty of holistic therapy and trauma healing, because the imbalances in the
trauma are usually the triggers for depression and anxiety. If you're struggling,
especially with medication that's not working, of course talk to your doctor or
work with a therapist who can help you manage the medication, but really talk
with your doctor or naturopathic therapist about healing the root cause, by also adding natural herbs for anxiety and depression. That is
super important because you get much better and faster results.

Wendy Myers: Okay, fantastic. Tell us your website and where we can learn more about you and

your work?

Dr. Ameet Aggarwal: The website is in the link below, it'll take you right there. That's where you can
start the free online program. There's lots of goodies there for you, some free
videos as well on other webinars and stuff like that. You can go much deeper in
your learning about your own mind, your emotions and how to put all the
information together in a very systematic way, in a sensible way so that you're
not wasting money on excessive supplements, excessive drugs or excessive
therapy. You're doing it in a very clean way. You're healing the pillars of your
health; gut, liver, adrenal system and emotions so that when these pillars are
healed, these foundations of your health are healed, many problems start
disappearing. You need less supplements to control things like insomnia,
hormones and weight issues because the pillars are really the foundation of
what's going on in your health, if that makes sense?

Wendy Myers: Yes. Now this is such good information for anyone out there if you are struggling
with stress, anxiety or depression. Definitely check out Dr. Ameet's course. I
think he's doing such important work. You can tell from the show, he is very
caring and very loving and thought a lot about this. He has years and years and
years of experience. Check that out if this resonates with you. Dr. Ameet, thanks
so much for coming on the show.

Dr. Ameet Aggarwal: Thanks a lot. Lots of love, everyone. Chao, chao.


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