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What Causes Thyroid Problems digestive system emotional healing endocrine system gut health inflammation leaky gut liver metabolism microbiome diets natural stress relief probiotics and gut health stress stress management thyroid trauma & adrenal burnout symptoms Jun 29, 2022

What does the thyroid do and where is it located?

Your thyroid gland is located just below your Adam’s apple, towards the bottom of your throat. Your thyroid gland helps to control your...

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Healing Trauma & Abuse with Psychotherapy and Naturopathic Medicine adult abuse childhood trauma emotional healing emotional trauma shock trauma signs of repressed childhood trauma in adults stress management trauma affecting liver trauma and physical health trauma effects trauma therapy trauma treatment Nov 26, 2021

Many of us experience trauma and abuse in our lives, whether from bullying in school, abuse in a relationship, or drugs.  Such experiences affect us mentally and harm our physical health as...

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How to Calm Anxiety adrenal fatigue anxiety depression emdr therapy emotional healing family constellations therapy gaba holistic medicine hormonal imbalance leaky gut liver detox mental health trauma Sep 24, 2020

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Amy Turner: It's time to transform your life now. So I'm your host, Amy Turner, and...

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